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November 6, 2008
Life savor.
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I had just recently bought my new justin boots had never warn pull on always lace-ups. I was out in my arena riding one of my horses and all of a sudden one of my dogs ended up underneath him and he paniced the dog yelped and all of a sudden the horse fell on his side and my feet still in the sturrips underneath him. It happened so suddenly I did not have time to react. I was able to get one foot out of the sturrips but the other was underneath I was all alone. The horse panicing trying to get up I could feel the my leg was ok, but I was scarred that my foot would get stuck and I would be dragged. I felt the boot slide out and I fell free grateful that I was wearing my justin riding boots that I had just gotton a few days before. The other boots I used to wear did not slide as easy. I don't know what would of happened if I would of been wearing any thing else. I have had these boots about 1 to 2 years now and I only use them and I keep them in a boot bag as soon as I take them off they stay under my kitchen table so I always know where they are. Love em.

November 6, 2008
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When I picked out my wedding dress I decided I was going to wear Justin ropers with it and have the dress cut to show the boots. So I had the dress cut below the knees in the front and circle around to the back at heel length. I looked for some white ropers for awhile and started to worry because I had a picture of them in my mind and I was having no luck finding any. We had not lived in Fort Worth very long so I really did not know of anyone that could make them for me.

My future hubby and I decided to go to the Justin store in Fort Worth and have a look around. I explaind to the salesperson that I wanted a pair of high top white ropers to wear with my wedding dress. He went to the back of the store and came out with the very boots that I had pictured in my mind and they were a perfect fit!!!! Come to find out they were custom ordered and the lady that ordered them decided she didn't want them. Needless to say we bought the boots then and there and I did not even care how much they were going to cost me, but turns out they were very resonable.

After 18 years I still have those boots in my closet and I probably always will even though they are worn and scuffed. I wore them all the time when my husband and I would go out dancing. I believe that things happen for a reason and those boots were meant to go with my wedding dress to marry the love of my life.

November 6, 2008
keep on goin
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I purchased my first pair of Justin Boots a little over a year ago. They are a pair of gypsies. In the short year I have had them they have kept my footing while training my horses, been on the Florida cracker trail ride which is a week long ride. They are so comfortable that on that ride I would sleep in them while in the tent to keep my feet warm, and I never once had sore feet while the constant activity on the ride. Anytime I put take those boots off my feet are never sore. I will never buy another brand of boots after owning my Justin's. They are truly the best pair of boots I have owned, and plane to keep them even when I need to have them resoled.

November 6, 2008
denim days
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I was in a car accident when I was 19yrs and went from Michigan to Texas. I stayed with my brother during recovery and entertained his children playing my flute in the park. I was rewarded with a trip to the boot store in Fort Worth. I got a pair of denim boots. I loved them. I got riding clothes to match my boots and a grey cowgirl hat. I went home after a year and went in the Army. While I was in the service my boots went missing. I am still looking for another pair. They were so awesome. someday, my boots will come.

November 6, 2008
Long way to go for Justins
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We were on our way to Texas to visit my grandfather' homestead area in Denton when I announced to my wife that I was going to buy a pair of Justins in Texas where I would get a great selection. In Fort Worth we inquired about where we would find a good selection of Justin boots and were directed to the Boot Barn. Sure enough, I found exactly what I wanted in a beautiful pair made with bull-hip leather. Upon arriving back home in Santa Maria, CA, I found the identical pair in our local Boot Barn! 2,000 miles, a long way to go for boots, but they are worth it!

November 6, 2008
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my wife and I are very active in square dancing and with out my Justins I don't think I could keep dancing. I have owned Justins for several years and they feel great after a night of dancing.

November 6, 2008
A boot of many colours
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I have been working for around 35 years now in all that time i have had to wear boots of some sort or other,i am a chef by trade so good fitting ,safe and comfortable boots are a necessity,i have tried many names of boots including Harley Davidson's,untill just recently i bought a pair of justin roper boots,they are the best boots i have ever worn comfortable,safe because of the rubber sole and a really good plus is they look great,they are really the best thing since sliced bread,thank you very much.

November 6, 2008
My Justin Boots
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My first pair of Justin Boots, were bought for me when I was 3 years old by my grandpa. I have the very picture of me trying to put them on. Usually when I outgrew my boots, I got a new pair for Christmas. I was a bit of a tomboy, loved horses and cows and my dream was to be a barrell racer, but my most memorable pair of boots were the ones I got for my first year of Kindergarten. I loved these boots, wanted to wear them everyday. There is a funny part to the story of these boots. My elementary school was a very long building, and this was in 1973. The bathrooms in the building were all the way at the far end of where the kindergarten class was. So, when I had to go to the restroom, and the halls were empty, every class could hear me walking down the hall in my boots. Clomp, Clomp, Clomp, it just echoed through the halls. A friend of mine who I went to school with, we were visiting one day and talking about when we were in school and she told me, I always knew when you were in the hall during classes, because I could hear you walking in your boots. She said everyone knew it was me and they got a great laugh. I loved those boots. I've bought all 3 of my girls Justin boots, my latest pair are George Strait Justins ropers, they are great but I think the Kindergarten year boots have the best story. Everyone knew my Clomp!

November 6, 2008
Work Tek Rubber Sole Boots
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I tell everyone about the Rubber Sole Boots because they won't roll over like other boots....which means they last a long time for the money.

The Work Boots with WorkTek rubber and waterproof outside are great! So comfortable!! I recommend them to everybody when they are looking for work boots. Go check out the new Camo ones!

November 6, 2008
Justin... like the boots
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As a young girl, having the name “Justin,” just made me the brunt of many jokes. “That’s a BOY’s name!” was the playground chant. But as I got older, I realized how unique it is and started to embrace its distinction. Through my teen years, Justin Boots became my “mascot.” I learned to sign my name like the logo. When people questioned my name saying, “Was that Jessica?” or “Justine?” I’d say, “No, Justin, like the boots.” For my 16th birthday, my grandmother knew how much I wanted a pair and took me to Cavender’s Boot City. After much deliberation, I picked a pair of classic black leather pointy toed Justin’s. That pair has lasted me 14 years, and I wear them with pride. My grandmother’s health is failing now, but the gift she gave me is one that I’ll always remember, and I’ll keep my first pair of Justin’s even when they’re worn and old. I don’t always sign my name like the logo anymore, and, during my 20’s I dropped the boot comparison and started correcting people differently when they misunderstood my name, saying “Justin, like a boy.” But the other day, when a stranger asked my name, and I said “Justin,” he replied, “Oh… like the boots!” I smiled back and said, “Yes, like the boots.”

November 6, 2008
My Justin Boots
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I got my Justins when I was Boot Manager for Sheplers in Las Vegas, NV 13 years ago. My boots still look like new and all I do is keep them clean and protected from weather with a good protection polish. I love wearing them as they are so comfortable and have never lost their style.

November 6, 2008
First boots
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I love my first pair of boots. I have had them going on 4 years. They where my first boots for everything from my first fall,trail ride and my first win. These are tough boots. Been though dogs,mud and been steped on more times than anyone will ever know. I will always stick with these boots

November 6, 2008
Farm Girl at Heart
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As a young girl I was raised in a rural southern Arizona town. In those days the three C's, Cotton, Cattle and Copper ruled. I never saw my dad who was a cotton farmer wear anything on his feet other than boots. I can remember begging my mother to buy me boots like dads.

Every year in March one of the towns in the surrounding area had Stage Coach Days. I will never forget when I was about ten years old going into town to the "Maverick Western Store" to get my first pair of boots. They were Justin Rough Outs with a pointy toe. Oh was I proud. I don't think I even took the boots off to sleep. I wore them out!

Since that time I have owned more boots than I care to mention and still my favorites are my Doe Skin ropers that I keep resoling. Thanks, Justin for the good memories!

November 6, 2008
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It was the mid 80's and of course if you were in the FFA you had to have a pair of Justin ropers. I remember getting that first premium check from the County Fair show and my parents let me buy me a pair of Justin ropers. In the mid 80's they just had the common brown, black, Navy and red colors, so I decided to get a Navy pair. Then for Christmas my parents bought me a black pair of ropers. Then in the Spring came the Annual FFA Blue and Gold sausage sale. They had prizes for the top sales person and of course I was only a freshman and being my first year, I didn't sell as much as one of the Seniors that top sales person. The next year Justin started coming out with diffrent kinds of colors and I had probably 5 diffrent pairs as soon as I got a new, Justin would make a better color. The next Spring, it was time for the Annual Blue & Gold Sausage sale and I had talked that Senior (who graduated) out of his list of buyers, because the Blue & Gold Sausage Company, as an incentive, was giving away a pair of Justin ropers (and you could pick and color you wanted) to the top sales person to every FFA Chapter and they continued this incentive program until I graduated, so by the time I graduated in 1988, I had 12 pairs of Justin ropers, every color that they made at that time and all I had to do was sell alot of FFA Blue & Gold Sausage. The FFA taught me alot things that I have used in my Adult life, and #1 thing, I am a great sales person (especially if it is sausage)!

November 6, 2008
The "Justins" that got stuck !
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This is not really a good story to tell. But we will tell it anyway. We lived on a dairy and the girls were out with their dad. My oldest who was ten, dared her sister, then 7, to go in the cow pens and see how deep she could get stuck. It was after Christmas and the pens were all nice and wet, and her in her new Justin boots. She got stuck,clear up to her waste. Her daddy had to dig her out, as we all were keeping the cows away, as they were curious. When she was finally unstuck, her dad crawled over the feeders and fell. Right on the concrete and onto his shoulder. He ended up popping his shoulder out of place and that was a trip to the emergency room. My daughter got hosed off, boots and all. Dad recovered and so did her feelings and her justin boots. Her little brother, Justin, now wears those boots. We just dont like to talk about em.

November 6, 2008
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That would be my husband and the boots he wears. He is a Soldier in the United States Army whom knows the value of simplicity and comfort.

While he was deployed to Iraq for 15 months, our late night conversations would drift into our first meeting and how I knew he was all of those things, just by the boots he wore. He always explained that when his feet would be tired and sore from 17 hours in combat boots, he would overcome the misery by imagining himself being home slipping into his Justin work boots.

He'd say; “Darlin’, there’s nothing like sittin’ on the back of my truck wearing a ragged pair of Wranglers and my trusty ole Justin work boots with you laying in my arms watching a Texas Hill Country sunset. Purity I tell ya…a breath of fresh air and warmth that fills the soul.”

December 2007 my husband returned home…the first thing he did was slip into those Wranglers & Justin work boots.

November 6, 2008
I have always worn Justin's
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Ever since I was a little boy, every birthday my grandfather would take me to get a new pair of boots. He had many pairs of Justin's and I would always get the same. I still have the last pair he ever bought me back in 1981. They are a bullhide w/ round toe. I still wear them today from time to time. They have been resoled many times. I also own and where many different styles of ropers and work boots by Justin. Nothing fits or last like a Justin boot.

November 6, 2008
I'm a winner in my Justin Boots
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I bought my first pair of Justin Boots last year when I was trying out for the Reno Rodeo Flag Team for the first time. I needed a new pair and these fit well and were priced right. I thought I looked really good out there for the try outs!

When I bought the boots, I thought they would be just another pair of boots; but now that I've had them for a year, they have become my favorite boots and I wear them every time I ride. Not only are they comfortable, but they wear really well and I've had many complements on them.

I didn't make the Flag Team, but I will not quit and will try out again this year wearing the same boots I bought last year. They still look great after all the rides they've taken me on. I really feel like a winner in those boots. This will be the year!

November 6, 2008
One tough pair of cowboy boots
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Quite by accident, I came across a pair of second-hand cowboy boots. They had a slightly rugged, yet classic look at the same time. They turned out to be the best purchase of footwear I've ever made. They are my Justin Bay Apaches. Those beautiful oil-tanned leathers are just the right balance of ruggedness, yet they always clean up to great enough to wear to the office. They look right with jeans or dressed up a bit with khakis. I can't say that I'm a cowboy out there on the range branding cattle, but the classic look of cowboy boots never goes out of style. Of all my cowboy boots, my eye's always first drawn to my Justin Bay Apaches. During the rugged Michigan winters, they're my primary footwear. With routine cleaning and a light coat of polish, they look like new. The snow and salt stains add character to them, but they always clean right up with no damage to the leathers. And those leathers never leak or thin out. They're as tough now as they day I purchased them (pre-broken in, mind you). I re-soled them after the first couple years of incessant wear. And I will continue to do so as these classic boots will be with me for the duration. I've since found a second pair of Justin Bay Apaches and they're every bit as tough and classic as my first pair. My first pair still gets plenty of wear. I'm not about to let either pair leave.

November 6, 2008
Walking into the future with my Justins
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Some boots are made for memories. They're worn and scuffed and every little scuff holds another memory. Especially a Justin book that can last so long! But my Justins don't hold memories. They don't look back. When I put on my first pair of Justins a few years ago, I was looking ahead and marching straight on with those black Justins. I'd retired myself riding when my old quarterhorse retired. But then one day I thought I'd start riding again. I went to a local professional who set me up western. There I was the south side of sixty in that western saddle and chaps and those Justin boots.... Every step in them was a step to something new and exciting. Riding again. Wearing some really neat western clothes. Feeling ten years younger and feeling as good in those boots as they felt good to wear. So those boots don't represent what was. They're what is and the great stuff tht's gonna be. And that doesn't mean only at the barn 'cuase I wear those boots all over the city too. The only thing better than those Justin boots would be a second pair of Justin's. Well, that might not be better; it might just double the pleasure.

November 6, 2008
Life and Family Tradition
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I have owned my burgundy pair of Justin's for over 20 years. I wore them to every concert, rodeo, and event I could - even if the occasion didn't call for western wear...I didn't care. I would even wear non western dresses with my Justins. Well, over the years, life happened to me in so many negative ways with one of them being gaining weight to the point where my Justins no longer fit me. As I would sit and stare at my tattered box in which they sat, I wished I could wear them again but my feet had gotten too big for them - but they never lost their own spot in my closet. I lost alot of weight over the past year and went to see Clay Walker perform at the local Cowboy's this past August (one of the many concerts I had attended there). I again looked at that tattered box (having been let down many times before because they still did not fit anymore), and thought..."oh just try one more time...I sure miss wearing my Justins." Well, I'm happy to say they FIT! I wore them with the most pride that night. Sure I could have bought more Justins for myself over the years but I LOVED those and they had such sentimental value. In addition, I have spent my last 18 plus years ensuring all the new kids born into my family (nieces and nephews since I have no kids of my own yet) got their first pair of Justins from me (and they did)! It was expected that I would take them shopping for their first Justins and I always did. NOTHING compares to Justins. Thank you for existing and being a part of my family's tradition and life.

November 6, 2008
Just good boots
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I am proud to say that I wear my Justin boots to the very end. I am a teacher by profession and as you well know, we don't make lots of money, but we love what we do. Several years ago I was in the market for a pair of exotic boots and went shopping at a large retailer. I found a great bargain in a section of the store where they sold factory "seconds". I was able to purchase a pair of smooth quill crepe sole ostrich boots at a price I could afford. I wore them proudly. I received many compliments every time I wore them. As a 4-H Club Manager, I work with kids and their show animals. While preparing these show animals, I spilled some type of oil on them, and they were stained beyond repair. The soles are worn but I still wear them with pride. They are the most comfortable pair of boots that I have ever worn.

November 6, 2008
The Elephant Boots
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October 31 2004 I purchased my JUSTIN
TEKNO CREEP boots from Larry's Boots Midway MO.
At first I just wore them for dress up times.
Then I said to myself, why not give my feet the comfort that they deserve, by wearing my Elephant boots they are easy on my feet and feel so good when you spend a long time in them.
And why should I die and leave a unused pair of Justin Elephant Tekno Creep Boots for my wife's next husband to enjoy.
So I wear them not every day due to the fact I switch boots, so that they get a chance to rest and dry out, this makes them last longer.
This I learned in USMC at MCRDSD in 1969.
Today they are still serving well, I am pleased to have them.
I am very please with my Justin Elephant Boots.
Thanks for making a real book in the USA
not china crap.
Joe Hamilton

November 6, 2008
My First Boots
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When I was about thirteen years of age, my best friend gave me my first pair of boots. They were Justin boots, a not familiar name to me at that time. My best friend gave me those boots because his father had purchased him a new pair. His father was a civilian with the Laredo Air Force Base in our town.

Those boots I kept for years, ( my parents could not afford to buy me new ones) and when I outgrew them, I gave them to my cousin.

I still wear Justin Boots and I love their good fit. I was remembering my friend a couple of weeks ago and I remembered the boots he had given me. My best friend ( I called him brother) was killed in action in Vietnam on Mother's Day. Thanks for reading my story

PS: By the way, Laredo is still a cowtown. Lots of oil and gas and many horses.

November 6, 2008
New Boots
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My first boots were purchased after many visits to boot stores. Being new to Texas I needed some to go dancing (all C&W dancing is better in boots) and to look good. Black Lizzard, thin sole and Justin. I was told to be careful breaking them in, but went dancing that night and they helped me to dance great. After 14 years, five soles and 2 heals I am now told they can't be repaired (lizzard pulling apart) and will be in the market for a new pair soon.

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