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November 6, 2008
Where the Leather Meets the Pavement
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In 1979, I was sworn in as a Highway Patrolman for the Arkansas Highway Police. The uniform requirements included the wearing of a round-toed, pull-on boot. When I went to the uniform shop to purchase my initial package, the salesman showed me three brands of boot that would comply with the regulations, one was the Justin Roper.

I wasn’t an experienced boot wearer, but I knew from hearing my friends talk that Justin meant quality. I selected the Justin Roper and tried them on – I walked out of the store wearing them. For the next twenty-five years I wore the Justin Roper as part of my uniform. The quality leather produced a beautiful spit-shine, and the materials and workmanship provided a comfortable and durable support. A good looking boot is essential to a professional uniform appearance. A well made boot is essential to protecting your feet against the hardship of spending long days working on highways and interstates.

In 2004, after twenty five years of service, I came to Stephen F. Austin State University, in Nacogdoches, Texas, to teach Criminal Justice and Public Administration courses. My Justin boots came with me. Now I have more freedom of choice in my footwear, but I still wear Justin. In addition to the Roper, I have added Justin’s Rustic Cowhide Camp-Moc and Techno Crepes to my work-wear. I have found that Justin boots help me take care of my feet in the classroom as well.

From a childhood where boots were not allowed, I have grown to love the feel of a well made pair of boots. My daughters grew up wearing Justin’s, and still do. My 4 1/2 year-old grandson wears his Justin’s everyday.

November 6, 2008
"Justin" Old Fashioned Love Song
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I had never worn any type of boot before meeting a handsome cowboy of my dreams. He wears his Justin Workboots to work everyday of his life, as he is a welder who wouldn't be caught dead in any other boot. During leisure time, he loved to dance. He would put on his Justin lace-ups and we were off to dance the night away. Since no true cowboy wants to dance with a gal in shoes, he bought me a pair of tan lace-up ropers that matched a pair of his boots. A year later, we had danced into each other's hearts. We were married in jeans, very nice shirts and our matching Justin boots. That was 1995. We both still have those boots, and we love to wear them out dancing to this day. We wear them to remind us of "Justin" Old Fashioned Love Song.

November 6, 2008
God Bless America and Justin Boots!
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I got my first pair of Justin boots when I was a youngster don't really remember the age, but now I am in my early 40's, being from the sticks in Central Texas Justin boots where and are a way of life. I join the U.S. Marine Corps at the rip age of 17 had to have my Momma sign for me, but couldn't ship out til I was done with High School and age 18.

When it was said and done twenty years later, I looked back and remember taking my boots all over the world as to where the Marine Corps took me and at times made me go, but always remembering nothing was more relaxing than my Justin boots and a good broken in pair of Wrangler Jeans. I went thru several pairs of Justin boots and resoles in my life time, but the simple fact was that they where always Justin Boots, cant beat the feeling of great pair of boots. Heck even thought why not make our military boots feel like the Justin boots make you feel, comfortable. But being a U.S. Marine you worn what was issued and required for your uniform. But when the day was done, I could pull those military issued boots off and put on my Justin boots, kick back and enjoy.

Now retired I can wear my Justin boots everyday as I see fit, and do, I am blessed to have a job that allows me to wear my Wranglers with those Justin boots, and having done my duty to my Country, I put my issued military boots up in my closet and just like me they have been retired.

Thanks Justin Boots for being a part of the American life style and that I had the privilege to serve this great Nation wearing my Justins.

God Bless America and Justin Boots!

Semper Fi,

November 6, 2008
Justin Loggers Saved My Feet
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Back in 2005, I worked for the NC Forest Service as a smokechaser. While on a 40 acre forest fire in some extreme terrain at 11 PM at night, I had to cross over some hot black spots where the fire had already burnt. I was worried that the extreme heat from the fire would melt the glue that holds the soles onto the boot. But to my surprise, it did not. I wore these boots the whole time I fought fires, and even still have them to this day. I still wear these on the farm where we grow and put up alot of hay. These boots are awesome. Not only did these boots protect my feet from the heat, fire, smoke and sometimes water, they were great support on such rugged terrain. I never turned an ankle wearing these boots. A forest service firemen can really test a pair of work boots. I would definitely purchase another pair of these boots. They can't be beat....

November 6, 2008
Sandstorm Savers
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I have owned Justin Boots for as long as I can remember as they are not only the best looking boots but also the most durable. When I received orders for Afghanistan with the Army, I decided to take my boots with me. The military issues steel toe boots but after walking in them for about half an hour your feet feel like two lead blocks. I had only been in the country for about a month when I had my first day off from work. I decided to go with a fellow soldier to a flea market to find things I could send home to my wife and daughter. We had been at the market no longer than a few minutes when a vicious sandstorm came up. We only had seconds to make it to a safe place and that meant running for all we were worth, as well as plodding through sand which had already fallen. If I had not been wearing my boots I shudder to think of what might have happened to me as they gave me the protection and traction I needed. Justin Boots are the best constructed and looking boots in the world.

November 6, 2008
Not Even A Bull Could Hurt These Boots
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Ever since I was a farm boy I've worn cowboy boots, but none have compared to my Justin's. I have worn my Justin's not just as a work boot but as a dress boot as well. I have had pairs that I liked so much that I had them resoled time after time just so I wouldn't have to throw them away. The have lasted many a mile while I've driven a big truck. The durability of the crepe sole being scraped across the grate getting in and out was always rough on the soles but they lasted for a long while. Hauling cattle proved to be the toughest test for them though. Stepping in manure, cattle stepping on my feet, loading in harsh conditions, my Justin's never let me down always keeping my feet dry. I'm proud to wear my Justin's and when my wife thinks it's time to throw them away, somehow, they always just seem to get "retired" to our closet "just in case" we need an old pair of boots. Justin's will continue to be a part of our everyday footwear.

November 6, 2008
To new experiences---
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I don't have a pair of Justin Boots but I am up for new experiences.

Just as the US has embarked on a new beginning with President elect Brack Obama--I too would be up for the experience of wearing Justin boots. Maybe our next President could use a pair.

November 6, 2008
Justins Forever
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My first pair of Justins completely sold me on the brand. I had tried on every brand imaginable the day I bought them, and they were the only pair that was comfortable right there in the store.

I wore them for the next ten years driving a city bus and walking 1/2 mile every day to my relief point. They have been resoled and re-heeled only once, and still clean up like new. The leather is still as soft as butter and they still are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned in over fifty years of wearing western boots. If they ever wear out, I hope that you are still making the same model!

November 6, 2008
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I was a horse-show kid growing up in western Pennsylvania and only got to wear my boots during practice sessions and horse shows, you know they were those fancy kind of boots. When one of my mother's friends moved to Oklahoma, we got to go visit. She had married a rancher on a working ranch and it was the trip of a lifetime! It was then that I learned about REAL boots and sure enough they were Justin Ropers. They were the most awesome boots I had ever seen and they were even wonderful covered with dirt! My family eventually moved to Oklahoma so that I could have more horse opportunity. I begged and pleaded for my own pair of Ropers and guess what, I got my very own pair of Justin Ropers for Christmas. I am now married to my own real rancher and guess what he wears everyday............Justin Lace-up Boots. Justin Boots are just plain sexy!

November 6, 2008
The beginning of a boot-iful relationship
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I was living in Lousiana when I met my (now) husband, Ronnie, who was from Dallas. Knowing I would be going to my first country bar (Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth), I had to have a pair of boots. I searched high and low in the few places in Shreveport for a pair of nice, COMFORTABLE dancing boots. I finally found my first pair of Justin Ropers. Well, 1 marriage, 2 kids and 11 years later, I still wear them, even living in Chicago! They've survived two-stepping nights, my wedding day, and all the snow Chicago can throw at me. I am looking forward to visiting family back in Ft. Worth next summer so I can buy a new pair. I'd take them over any pair of strappy black heels any day.

November 3, 2008
Love of Boot
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I got my first pair of Justin Boots when I was in the 8th grade. about 13 years old. They were just the plain jane Workboot. I didn't want lace-up's so I got some slip-on's. I wore them all throughout highschool in my Ag classes, to my job at a hog farm, and even to church. I'd wash them off in the back yard with the water hose the night before church though. I had to get new soles only once! I finally retired them and they sit in my closet for that special occasion when I feel like wearin them around town or when I mow the yard. I am now 18 years old, so they've lasted 5 years and are still in great shape. Thanks Justin for making the BEST boots in the world.

November 1, 2008
My boots
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I got a pair of justin logger workboots i have had them about 2 years never had anything done to them but got a new sole put on them I think they are a little high priced but you get your money out of them if you are not really hard on them they will last about 2 years before they need a new sole on them

October 30, 2008
My Life Love
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I have always worn Justin's. They are the best ever! They are always very comfortable. I am getting ready to get some Bay Apache Gypsys! At the time I have the AQHA Foundation boots! I LOVE them!

October 29, 2008
I Wear my Boots
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I am a 56 year old female and suffer with athritis in various joints in Dec 2006 I had my left hip replaced and because I have athritis in my right ankle the doctor suggested that I wear a shoe that would give me total support of the ankle and no more high heels. What he was talking about wearing was "old folks comforts"the black lace-up shoe". I asked if the cowboy boot would do it and he said "sounds good to me". Well I already owned a few pair, black, brown, and a pair of ropers, so I bagged up all of my shoes(except a pair of flip flops) and gave them away and started wearing nothing but cowboy boots, and I don't wear pants. I wear them with skirts, dresses and even with evening wear. Now 2 years later I own over a dozen and over half of those are Justins due to comfort, style(hard to find because I wear a 12 in ladies so I have to wear mens so sometimes I get them dyed to match my wardrobe) and affordability.

October 27, 2008
Just How Long Will They Last
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I have ordered they same boot for a good many years. I always keep a new pair in thte closet just in case.

They boots appear to last for a very long time but I have to replace the soles and heels at least every 9 months. Recently I talked with my cobbler about how to increase the life of my boots. What he suggested seems to be working beyond my expectations. He replaced the soles with a heavy rubber sole and the heal with a new, very dense rubber he says is used by bikers for their boots. It comes in a rectangular form so he carves it to fit the boot. Also, anytime I am near his shop, at least every three months, I stop by and he conditions and shines the boots with all those magic wheels that he has.

I wear my favorite boot at least 5 days a week and we are now on the forth year. They still look brand new.

October 25, 2008
My old boots
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Back in December of 1992 my wife bought me a sport coat and it was to small, so I returned it and took the money and purchased my first pare of justin cowboy boots, that was 16 years ago and they are still one of my best pare of boots.

I have wore them for cowboy atcion shooting and out on the town and to church and I still have peaple ask me if I got a new pair of boots.

I dont think you can buy a better pair of boots than Justin boots thanks for the making a great boot customer for life.

Brent Marley

October 24, 2008
Condition 'em while you work!
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I drove truck for years. I'd go through a pair of boots, two sometimes three times a year.

The leather would dry out and crack around the sides.

I started hauling cotton seed to the feedlots. I didn't pay attention at first. After a while I noticed that walking in the cotton seed made my boots look clean and shiny all the time.

Better yet several months went by and my boots didn't dry out or crack, they stayed looking new and cared for until I wore the soles out. I finally was able to wear a pair of boots out on the bottom before the tops went bad.

I would like to find something as good as the oils from the cotton seeds to use on my boots all of the time.

October 24, 2008
Justin is his name
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When my 1st grandson was born, my daughter named him Justin Tyler...When I asked how that name came about her answer was because she liked Justin boots and because her Mother (my wife) lived in east Texas near Tyler. He is seven and in the second grade..loves to wear his Justin boots and Justin belt buckle with his Wranglers....the little girls just think he is the cutiest thing!!

October 24, 2008
Wouldn't Trade My Boots for Your Shoes if you Gave Boot
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I work in an office where the woman's attire dominates conversation. I wear my Jeans and my Justins and don't fit in with the so called "IN STYLE". But I just let all those smart remarks roll off my back. Because anything they say about my Justin Cowboy boots couldn't bother me as much as my feet and legs did before I got a pair. I secretly laugh to myself because I too once wore those things they call shoes and tried to keep up with the latest trend (or torture). When I go home and take my boots off at night after being up and on my feet all day, I know my feet and legs aren't going to keep me awake at night. I wear my boots year round and anywhere I go. I couldn't care less if someone looks down their nose at me and thinks I'm some hay seed for having a different pair for everyday of the week and not owning regular shoes. I wear them to work, on outings, riding, or when I go out. I have a style of my own and I wouldn't trade with them if they gave boot!

October 23, 2008
Just like Dads
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As a family we hunt and at the hunting camp we wear justin workboots around when we are not in the woods . My boys are 4and 7 and love the fact that their boots are just like their dads. we actually did not know they came in such small sizes ourselves but someone gave them boots like their dads as a present. the little one does not want to take his off.

October 23, 2008
A Brother's Advertising
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My brother swore by these boots, he works all the time at dock where he has for 25 years. He has gotten just about everyone to buy a pair. Due they are the best boots on concrete. Now my husband has a pair and loves them. My brother has been one of your biggest fans. He gets a pair for Christmas, he is kind of poor, but he takes his bonus he gets to buy a pair of boots, "he's says it is the best money he has every spent". If you every give away boots, please send a pair to my brother.

October 22, 2008
No hurting feet, even after all day
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I bought a pair of Justins, 4740 in the bark brown. I then wore them all day on hard pavement and found out that my feet did NOT HURT at the end of the day. Because I put in long days with our bird of prey programs, (www.birdsofprey.net) I needed a boot that looked classic, yet was comfortable. I've found it in the Justins. I've gotten rid of all of my other boots and now have 3 pairs of Justin 4740's I rotate to keep them good looking.

October 21, 2008
Justin Boots
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They are the best boots I'd ever recieved. My dad bought me a pair and i love them. im a barrel racer and it gives u strenghth in your legs to kick that horse and get around them barrels. They are high quality and you'll never reget them. I love them more then my Twisted X boots. I give Justin boots a high five and may many more come to you.

October 19, 2008
Best Boot Ever
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I work. I play. I ride. I am always on my feet. I was beginning to limp because of my heels hurting. A co-worker told me about her fat babies. I went to the western store looking for a pair. What I found was the "George Strait" water proof boot for ladies. I had never felt the sole of boot or a shoe that was as soft as this pair of Justins. My right foot is wider because of a "Bunion". These boots don't rub my foot. When I walk on concrete, my feet don't hurt. When I play with my grandkids, my feet don't hurt. When I ride, my feet don't hurt as I dismount from the horse. So far, no matter how hard I mash down on the sole of the boot, I still feel soft. I haven't jumped, stomped, or kicked hard enough to get past the soft my feet feel. I love my boots. They are the best boots I have ever worn, no, not just boots, the best shoes I have ever worn.

October 18, 2008
Down on my luck
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Dear Justin boots Co, A few years ago I kept entering a contest to win a pair of your boots although it took me a year of entering most everyday I finally won a pair of chukkas!! I was very broke at the time and had 3 children to provide for and we all know how expensive that can be. My own shoes were torn and tattered but I knew I couldn't afford any shoes for myself because the children always came first. I think God may have had something to do with me winning as well. Needless to say I was ecstatic to win. How nice it was to have such a nice durable pair of boots for the winter. They also work for cool summer nights. They are very comfortable too because I have arthritis I can't believe how comfortable they really are. I have never found a boot that fits so well any where else. Justin has my vote as number one for comfort and fit and stylish looking. Thank You Laurie Muladore-Figueroa

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