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September 6, 2008
The Boots I never thought I would own.
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I grew up a ranchers daughter and the money when I was little was very little. Not enough to get me my pair of boots that I have always wanted. So I would just pray every night for a pair. I did for at least 16 years and then my dads Boss took me into a big city where I have never been being a country girl and when we got there she asked me what I would like for christmas and I said a pair of boots. She said all right then we will get you a pair and I told her you do not have to do that and she said I want you to have your very own boots so I picked me out a pair of nice grey Justin lace ups and I loved them until they fell apart which was about 8 years. I was just glad to have my first pair and now I have two more pair. They are really comfortable. Keep up the good work on making them.

September 6, 2008
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My first pair of Justin Ropers were worn while photographing jackrabbits and road runners (meep-meep) in Santa Elina Canyon, TX about 9 years ago. I slowly and quietly followed the jack around some sagebrush. Suddenly it did an about-face running like the blazes in the opposite direction. I took one more gentle step to see what scared the jack. Curled next to some brush a sleepy eyed mountain lion looked at me. I froze, but then VERY SLOWLY backed away but, keeping an eye on the cat. What seemed like a very long time was probably no more then a few minutes. I wasn't bothered, but did learn some lessons.

Later I mentioned to the ranger at the visitor centre that I saw a mountain lion. He said that was a very rare siting, and I was lucky to have no trouble other then my heart being in my throat.

I can't say that my Justins got me in or out of trouble, but I was sure glad to be wearing them. I still have them, among others pairs. My Justin Ropers are my everyday, go-to boots. Love Em!

Oh, I didn't get a shot of the jackrabbit.

September 6, 2008
Inspired by Alias Smith & Jones!
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Years and years ago as a teeny I would watch the antics of Ben Murphy and the like in Alias Smith & Jones. Wanting a pair of these boots and hoping one day to meet the stars!!! Time passes in a big way......but on my 21st I was lucky enough to have a pair. Bearing in mind I live in England and these were purchased in America hoping they would fit and I would like them!!! Well they never left my side..... they have seen me through riding stories, marriage and two children, work, highs and lows of my life. I had lost count how many times they had been resoled and restored and they still kept going, through all our English weather too!

One day I heard on the radio Ben Murphy was visiting and I applied for tickets for one of his 'lunch chats' in Stratford-Upon-Avon, well the boots were finally going to meet their inspiration, I know not even weather they wore Justin's boot to me they surely did. It was a very unusual day but a lifetime’s ambition successfully delivered, emotional and so much fun after many many years.

My boots were made for living and that is exactly what they do.

Thank you

September 5, 2008
Future Cowboy
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Seven years ago our first grandson was born to our daughter who was on active duty with the US Navy. Being a good Texas girl she named her son Justin Tyler...It was really only recently that she really did name him after Justin boots.....and Tyler, Texas. He's a second grader now, and all the little girls just giggle when Justin comes around in his Wranglers and Justin boots. His Justin belt buckle tops every thing off..

September 5, 2008
Born club footed
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My brother was born with clubbed feet. He went through wearing the heavy white shoes with a metal bar on the bottoms to hold his feet in place to look like other children's feet. He was in his crib trying to pull himself up using the rail of the crib like other babies do but couldn't. Our Great Uncle couldn't stand to see him struggle so much trying to learn to walk, he bought him his first pair of Justin boots when he was toddler. The boots did the trick his feet straightened out and he loved them. We couldn't keep up with him. If he wasn't walking he was climbing on cabinets it was the furniture. The Justin boots pulled his hills down and stabilized his feel & ankles. He has worn Justin boots for 42 years and worn out hundreds of pairs of boots over the years. Being a teenager/ young adult of the 1980's he he tried wearing tennis shoes for more than exercising, sports and being style, but has always come back to wearing his boots. He feel's a lot more comfortable wearing his Justin cowboy boots and work boots.

September 5, 2008
True Love Waits!
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I'd grown up always wanting a pair of cowboy boots but that was never able to be a priority growin' up. As a young adult my priorities as a single mom were to take care of my son. This meant letting go of my "boot dreams". Well It wouldn't be until I was married and 26 yrs old before I would finally get my first pair of shiny red Justin boots. Not long after,I decided against a mass mailing of family "update" letters to send out and had set them aside to throw away. Well, I accidentally picked up the envelope with the family reunion fund for my newlywed husbands family with them and threw them all away. Frantically, I called and got the dump and garbage collectors to let me go dig through the trash just as soon as they dumped it. There was a large amount of money in that envelope. Well, we climbed, crawled over and dug and dug. We didn't find the money but my new Justins got broke in and saved my feet from who knows what. They came out only with a small surface slit. So glad I didn't have on Tennis shoes as what ever did that probly would of went all the way through! Now I have five pair! One of which are my 14 year old first pair of red ones! Thanks Justin for waiting for me...(oh, Justin is the boot, my husband is Greg!)

September 5, 2008
Racing Boots
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My first pair of Justin's were broken in at Bristol Motor Speedway in 1996. If it wasn't for these boots I would not have been able to tour the speedway, as well as climb up to the stratosphere for a good seat for the fall race.

September 5, 2008
My Justins Grow
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when my Justins have reached the point, they can not be "saved" again , I use them for planters, they line the steps on the front and side of our house filled with wonderful flowers and plants.

September 5, 2008
Justin Boots My Kinda Boot
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I've always warn Justin boots since my first pair of Ropers in Texas at age 19.Even though I left Texas, My wife every yr for x-mas buys me another pair of 14 EE, special order.I can do anything in them, but i like the dress boot for all wear dress or casual! My son's wear there's for hunting, 4 wheelin' and country kicking.. I don't know what I'd do if they quit selling My boot! Please keep making them your a great company!

September 5, 2008
George Strait Tickets
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I got my Justin boots with tickets to a GS concert! I was all cowboyed up for the concert and love to wear them all the time, comfort plus style.

September 5, 2008
I Ski'd Enchanted Rock!
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Being a former Marine I am indoctrinated to the point of a phobia that there’s nothing more important to me than my rifle, of course seconded only by the health care and welfare of my feet. With out comfortable feet, you’re just not going to be worth beans at the end of the day. As I grew into a family man, I took care of my feet with the best protection I could put them in. I also used different boots for different jobs. While Justin is and was a favorite, I always had a good pair of broke in ‘bush’ boots close at hand for that ‘off the beaten path‘ excursion.

On our first family excursion to west Texas that our son was old enough to understand and enjoy the rich historical value of the Hill Country, I put Justin to a test no mere mortal man should have to endure. We arrived early at Fredericksburg, checked into our bed and breakfast with ample daylight left and decided to make the run up to Enchanted Rock. For those unfamiliar with Enchanted Rock, it’s a large pink granite rock sticking 425 feet out of the other rocks strewn all over the place. Did I mention it’s granite? Inherently slick.

As we rolled to a stop staring at the monolith the fourteen year old voice of my son asked as the door was closing; “Can I climb it?” and was a hundred yards in front of the truck before his mother said “Sure!”

Being the loving husband and father that I am, I looked over at her and ask: ”It would be a pretty low life’d old man who let his son scale Enchanted Rock for the first time wouldn’t it.”

As My wife has done for over twenty five years now, she just made kind of a harrumphing sound and gave me the look.

If you’ve never scaled a four hundred and twenty five hundred foot round piece of granite rock in Justin riding boots, trying to catch a fourteen year old, you haven’t challenged yourself, your character or your foot wear. By reaching behind the seat and grabbing my Justin Boonie busters, I could have been ready to climb Everest in just a few minutes. Instead, I opted to go with what I had. An expensive Sunday go to Church meeting go to town dress Justin’s on with of course the Texas preferred riding heels. What was I thinking?

Three quarters of the way up, I caught the lad. When we reached the top, I had to take his picture, then he of course had to take mine. My picture is a natural and un-posed shot of me laying prone on my back spread eagled sucking air into my lungs. Did you know there’s no water fountains on top of that rock? You would think that going up that hill would have been a challenge.

Oh but whoa is me. Did I mention Enchanted Rock is four hundred and twenty five feet of granite polished by millions of years of weather? I really hate to put this in writing in public for fear it will become an Extreme Sport. But to descend this rock, you lift your heels, skid forty or fifty feet on a tangent or right angle to straight down. You drag your heels and drop to your butt to slow down and or stop. To be honest, I was barely winded by the time I got down and back to the truck, although my boots were hotter than the fourth of July. I stuck them in one of those eco-something or other around the base of the rock. They’d be mud holes in East Texas, but since there ain’t no mud there the scientist make them out to be some sort of miniature micro-environment of some kind. Well, I’m sure glad I didn’t get caught because I walked off with a large quantity of one of them environmental things in my boots. Felt real good too!

Now you can put your stories of stepping on a snakes to grab the head, been there done that. Water Moccasins, copperheads, rattlers and a chicken snake or three. Or you can put your stories of cutting a rug at your favorite honkey tonk with your favorite gal or guy through tobacco and saw dust until the cows come home, been there done that. Or, well, I think you get the idea.

That’s all fine and dandy. Fortunately the days of counting on our feet to get us out of a bind get fewer and farther between.

But that ain’t the end of the story. A few years back, I had a heart attack. Later on, I had open heart surgery. If you’ve never experienced this, which I pray you ain’t, won’t and don’t, then you won’t know that from time to time daily that right leg swells up like a wall eyed mare on a winter morning when she don‘t want to be rode. So I’ve not only been out of Justin Boots for about six years now, I had to give up a closet full collected over thirty years that were ALL still as good as the day I bought them…well, with maybe a little seasoning. I’ve got two friends who think I am their benefactor because they have the same short fat foot size as me.

So the moral of this story is simple. If you ain’t wearing Justin boots, you ain’t wearing a decent, comfortable life long friend. You’re settling for second best! Unfortunately, the day may come when you have to settle for second best. Until then, I hope you get to ski down Enchanted Rock for you kids one day too!

September 5, 2008
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I had a pair of my Justins boots in the back of my truck while driving to Reno ( up interstate 80 from California) one December morning. When I got to Reno I found that one of the boots wasn't in the bed of the truck. I figured I had lost a good pair of boot and that I was SOL. I still kept that one lonely boot as a reminder that you shouldn't just through your boots in the back of the truck............about 5 1/2 months later as i was driving that same highway and thought how i lost my boot and how funny it would be if it was still on the side of the highway...............as God as my witness....it was still there....a little weather beaten.....I stopped along the highway and ran across to get my boot.......a lot of saddle soap and elbow grease , and they were wearable.....

this happen about 22 year ago and this actually happen to my Dad....he is gone now but i still have his boots..this was one of the fondest stories I remember about my Dad.

September 5, 2008
Hard to believe the price and service provided!
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I have an unusual foot size, about 14 B, I ordered a pair of deer tanned boots 13 1/2 C thinking that would be correct and it was. Got the boots in less than a month, perfect fit and a very well made handsome boot at a very reasonable price for a custom made boot.

September 5, 2008
You're Not Cutting My Justins!
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I love my Justins. I picked up a used pair, at a thrift shop, and wore them, all the time. They were so comfortable, right off the bat, and unless I had to dress up, those boots were on my feet. I wore them doing everything from doing sword fighting demos, to dancing, to just hanging out, and then, at the age of 32, I had the chance to do something I had dreamed of for many, many years. I had the chance to ride a bull!
I jumped at the chance, like there was no tomorrow! And, I loved it, immensely. I started riding, every weekend. I never competed in any sort of 'professional' manner, nor ever did anything more than ride at the Sunday evening 'buck outs', or practice rides, but I was there, faithfully, consistently, and every chance I had. I was the only female rider out there, and the guys were, for the most part, pretty darned supportive, helping me out however they could. Even though, at first, I was just /terrible/ at it.
Finally, I started getting the hang of things, and doing alright for myself, making a decent showing out at the arena. I had quite a few fans, and some people showed up just to watch me ride. It was just awesome!
At any rate, I wore those Justins, each and every ride. I didn't own another pair of boots, and even though I was able to get another pair at this point, I didn't. I preferred my old, beat up and battered grey Justins, my old faithfuls.
On Father's Day, 2002, I went out to ride on a typical Sunday afternoon. I was the fourth or fifth person out of the chute, and the ride felt 'right'. I got bucked off before the buzzer, but, for the very first (and only) time in my life, I came off and landed on my feet! It was awesome. For the split second I stayed on my feet. The first thought that hit my brain was 'Wow! I landed on my feet!' And, then, just as quickly, and as I landed on my rear, my second thought was 'Oh my God, I broke my foot!'. I had landed on my feet, yes, but I also had hit a hole with one of my feet, and rolled my ankle, causing me to fall down. I looked around, and the bull fighters had the bull on the way out of the arena, so I was safe. Good thing, too, because I couldn't get up on my own, yet. I just /knew/ I had snapped my ankle.
One of the bull fighters, Justin, got to my side, and before he could say anything to me, I told him to pull my boot off, because I had broken something. He asked me if I was sure, and I told him, yes, I was very sure. As he reached for my boot, someone yelled not to take it off, because my foot would swell, and he hesitated. I snapped at him, "Take the boot off, because it is the only pair of riding boots I have, and they are NOT going to cut them off, because I AM going to ride again!" There were a few choice words inserted in there, by the way.
He did as I asked, and pulled my boot off, and helped me to my feet, and assisted me in walking toward the gate. I tested my foot, and found that I could (barely) stand to put my weight on it, and in true stubborn, bullheaded rider fashion, I pushed him away, and walked out of the arena under my own steam.
I then went to the ER, and found out that I had fractured my foot in four places, and chipped one of the bones. I am convinced to this day, however, that if it hadn't been for my trusty old Justins, I would have snapped my ankle, or had a much worse break than I did.
I wore those old boots many times more after that, once my foot was healed up once more. I still have that pair of boots, and, even if I never wear them again, I doubt I'll get rid of them anytime soon, if ever.

September 5, 2008
These boots were made for travelin'
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As a long haul trucker, the drivers truck is also home away from home. In order to cut down on housekeeping chores, I decided to stash a clean pair of boots in the truck just for driving. I'd take off my 'outside' boots, set them on a towel next to the drivers seat, put on my 'inside' boots and hit the road. I purchased a pair of Justin exotic sea turtles from Sapp Bros. Truck Stop near Omaha NE to handle the chore. That was in the early seventies and since then they have traveled through every state in the Continental US, Mexico and most of the Canadian Provinces several times. Having spent nearly all of their time 'inside', they still look nearly new with original soles and heels. In fact you can still read 'Justin' on the heels if you look close. How many miles? Don't know for sure but they have outlasted several trucks.

September 5, 2008
My Justin workboots saved my foot, and possibly my leg.
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Earlier this year, I was doing volunteer conservation work with the U.S. Forest Service in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, outside of Wilson, Wyoming, in the Teton Pass area. We were building a rock retaining wall, about 7000 feet into the "Big Rocks" trail, to support a new section of the horse and hiker trail. We were moving boulders down the hill to lay the foundation when a rolling boulder slammed into another that I was working with, causing a slide. Boulders slid down the hillside pinning my left foot between them and a permanently planted boulder. If it were not for the heavy duty sole of the boot, I am sure that my foot, ankle and leg would've been crushed. The width of the sole of my workboot was all that prevented my serious injury. Not being in a position to assist in moving the boulders, my buddy busted 2 shovels trying to pry the boulders away. Another suggested untying my boots and slipping my foot out of my boot. My foot came out fine, but we ended up leaving my boot between those boulders, and finishing the retaining wall on top of it. I plan to go back there someday to show my kids the trail I helped build, and also to pay my respects to my hero.....I mean my boot. Thanks for making the style# 0761.

September 5, 2008
My George Strait boots
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Well my story is that i really love these boots i wore them to the San Antonio stock show and rodeo and i got a lot of compliments. They really are great boots their comfortable and their tough I've had them for a while and wear them all the time cause i love them !

September 5, 2008
Justin boots are the only boots for my feet.
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After going through countless brands I bought my first pair of Justin slip ons in 2003 when going off to tech school. 5 years later and after getting a few other Justins to add to my collection this old pair of slip ons remain on my feet at this very moment with hardly a loose stitch and have saved my feet countless times in my mechanical field. In fact the Justins are the only boots I've wore that I can stand in a puddle of transmission fluid or oil without worrying about slipping. I've climbed into tree stands with them, hiked up mountains in them, and waded creeks and ponds with them. I've actually got a pair of loggers on order right now because I wanted some aggressive tread on the bottom. All I can say is as long as Justin makes boots, it has one guaranteed customer!

September 5, 2008
Cowgirl at Heart
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One of the very best things about growing up in West Texas with horny toads, tumble weeds and tornadoes were all the different colors that Justin Ropers came in. (I hope you bring back some of the vintage colors and add some new ones for us.) I'm now a Cool California Cowgirl, but my vintage Justin's along with my new ones help me stay in touch with my Texas roots.

September 5, 2008
Your work boots are the best I've ever worn
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I have worked on concrete floors for over 35 years, and I just want you folks to know I'm wearing out my 3rd set of you work boots. The company I work for changed policy, and your boots were no longer available for a few reasons, but I actually had my doctor request that I be allowed to continue wearing your boots for my knees and ankles. I'm not a big guy, but I've got a lot of hard miles on me. Your work boots are the best I've ever worn, on a factory floor or sorting cows, wherever. Thanks again!!

September 4, 2008
I have never had such a comfortable boot in my life!
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I recently purchased a pair of Justin Boots, smooth ostrich with the wonderful innersole. I put them on for the first time at 6:00am went to Yellowstone and walked all day, got back to Cody and went dancing until, well lets just say I had my new boots on a VERY long time. I have never had such a comfortable boot in my life! And did I mention I have rhuematoid arthritis, so finding anything that is comfortable is hard to do. I can't wait to ride in them. I have told everyone that will listen how great they are.

September 4, 2008
Without a doubt, the best pair of boots
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About nine years ago I was in the market for a new pair of boots. My friend told me I ought to check out Justin. When I went to the boot store, the folks that really know boots told me the same thing. So I bought a pair. After 9 years, I have worn my Justins up on the Athabasca glacier, in the Sedona desert, through the woods, and I even slogged through the mud with them after Hurricane Rita. They are without a doubt the best pair of boots I have ever owned. Thank you, Justin, for making the best boots around.

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