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Maker - Christy Rosalez

A woman sitting in front of a pottery wheel holding a pot.

Christy Rosalez

Punchy Pottery

Christy, an accomplished ceramist, is the creative force behind Punchy Pottery. Operating as a one-woman small business she specializes in creating small-batch western-inspired pots in Northern Wyoming. Each piece undergoes hours of meticulous hand-carving, where every detail is crafted with care and precision. With the use of her exceptional skills, Christy ensures that every item is distinct, leaving no room for identical creations.

Christy’s favorite pieces to create are her traditional style leatherwork designs that wrap around the entirety of a pot. They feature elaborate Sheridan or other style flowers, finely textured vine work, dotted backgrounds, and buckstitch detailing. She dedicates herself to faithfully creating the traditional style elements of leatherwork while infusing her punchy twist into all of her pottery.

Each month, Christy releases a new collection of pottery, giving her customers the opportunity to own a unique piece that is exclusive to her. Christy takes great pride in producing artwork that not only embodies the spirit of western culture but also serves as a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to her customers' everyday lives.

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