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Maker - Yaya Kieu

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Yaya Kieu

Beyond the Canvas by Yaya

Yaya Kieu is an award-winning, self-taught artist based out of Kansas City, Missouri. She embarked on her artistic journey in Okinawa, Japan, where she established her business known as "Beyond the Canvas by Yaya”. With a passion for creating wearable art, Yaya specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind pieces using various media. Each of her mixed-media wearable artworks is meticulously freehanded, showcasing her original designs.

Yaya's artistic repertoire extends beyond traditional canvases. While she paints on boots, purses, coolers, walls, and other items, her true affinity lies in painting hats. It is on these hats that she indulges in her love for 3D art, employing techniques such as burning and tattooing to create unique designs. Yaya often incorporates vintage and reclaimed materials into her work, infusing her pieces with a sense of history and character.

What sets Yaya apart is her completely self-taught background. Her artistic inspiration stems from her travels, the culinary world, and fashion trends she encounters on social media. She not only enjoys creating art but also takes pleasure in showcasing how her pieces can be styled, exhibiting a deep appreciation for Western fashion.

Yaya Kieu's artistic journey is marked by innovation, creativity, and a dedication to crafting wearable art that reflects her unique vision. Her remarkable talent and passion for pushing artistic boundaries continue to captivate audiences, earning her recognition and acclaim in the art community.

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