Roper Boots

As the original bootmaker of the Roper cowboy boot, Justin Boots knows exactly what it takes to design a genuine, high-quality Roper. Pull on a pair, and feel the quality and expertise in every stitch.

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The Roper Boot

Originally created for calf ropers who were looking for something different than the traditional cowboy boot. John Justin jr. himself created the original roper boot. As a boot that can serve for both walking and riding, the roper boot remains one of the most popular products from Justin. Roper boots are a great investment for anyone who wants a quality boot that will last for years.

Our classic Justin roper boots offer a comfortable full grain leather boot. Roper boots provide a great versatile boot, ready to pull on and go at a moment's notice. These boots were originally crafted for those riding horses as well as walking around all day. Offering a great balance of function and style our ropers are a great option for your next work boot.

Roper Boots vs Cowboy Boots

The roper boot was invented to serve as a versatile boot. Roper boots were made with the purpose of allowing ropers to ride their horses and then walk around. These boots sport a shorter heel than your traditional cowboy boots as well as a shorter shaft for flexibility. On traditional western boots you will also find a narrower and pointed toe shape, compared to roper boots that will have a more rounded or square toe. This difference in toe style is designed to give the foot more room in the boot. Making the roper boot a more comfortable choice for those that are working all day.