Episode 005 - Fashion Icons and Social Media Influencers, Marijka Hunsaker, Madi McCall, and Kendall Coon

Uncover western fashion trends with three of the best fashion influencers as they keep it real, speak life, and share their stories to success. Join in, as Marijka shares a raw and real story from her younger years, Madi gets vulnerable, and Kendall admits she was in high school when the world ran on Zoom.

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Podcast Transcript

Taylor McAdams: You're listening to the kick your boots up podcast where we swap stories of the West. Whether you're just waking up or getting in for the day, come on in and kick your boots up. Thanks for joining us on the kick your boots up podcast. Today's incredible guests are truly exceptional women. I'm so excited to be surrounded by a cowgirl corner of empowering women. They're from all across the United States. And that's going to be fun that we're going to be able to provide a lot of different perspectives on fashion styles, trends, and even have some real talk along the way. So come on in and join us with Kindle, Madi, and Marijka, thank you all three for being on our podcast and I just want everyone out there to get a chance to know you. If they're familiar with your already they might learn something new. And if they haven't even heard of you, then now's the time for them to learn. So Madi, let's start with you. Tell us about yourself.

Madi McCall: Hi, I first of all, thank you so much for having me. I was really excited about this. I've never done a podcast with two other girls in it. So I think that's really unique and fun. Um, I am from Southwest Texas. I call myself a first generation ranch wife. Um, I married a guy who is a fifth generation cattle rancher. I was not born in the ag industry or Western industry and I just kind of threw myself in full throttle and went for it. And now I help run a cow calf operation we have a beef business I'm a Western fashion and lifestyle influencer. So I feel like I've really taken on the role of the of the lifestyle.

Taylor McAdams: Madi, thank you for being on with us here on the Kick Your Boots Up podcast, I learn something new about you every time I think you post something about yourself. So thanks for opening up with us a little bit and let's move on to Marijka. Tell us a little bit about yourself Marijka.

Marijka Hunsaker: Oh, boy. Um, yes, thank you for having me on the podcast, too. I'm excited to be here. Um, I am originally from Utah. Two years ago, I moved to Idaho with my husband and we just built a house. And I wouldn't say that I was born into the western lifestyle, either my mom is actually a fourth or fifth generation rancher. And then she married my dad who was a city boy. And it was actually my oldest brother that got us back into kind of the ag industry. So I grew up doing four h showing show steers. And then me and my husband now we have two horses that are old, and I'm learning how to ride he kind of grew up hunting and using horses for pack trips. And so yeah, we're kind of learning to homestead learning how to, you know, get into the cowboy lifestyle. But it's all all new to me. But I love it. I love that way of life. And I am a Western fashion influencer. I specialize in modest Western content. And so kind of more conservative dressing is my niche. And I've been doing this for a couple years now. And it's it's just grown from something really little to something really big. And so I influence full time online. And that's my full time job.

Taylor McAdams: Wow, wow, wow, the lineup here is awesome. I can't wait to hear about our next girl Kendall. Let's tell us, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Kendall Coon: So that was both really tough acts to follow. Thank you. So like they said, Thank you for having me on. I'm so so excited. Um, so Hi, I'm Kendall. I'm 20 years old. I originally and still lives born and raised in Stephenville and I'm still there now, against a lot of people's better judgment. Um, I actually come from a long line of ranchers and cutters. And so that's kind of how I got into the industry. My grandparents showed horses and still show them now. And then my dad rode Broncs. My mom though, I was born in Stephenville and not into western industry at all, so I kind of got a mix of as city as Stephenville can really be, as well as my dad's side. So that's kind of where my style came from, of a little bit of Western and a little bit of flair. I have been influencing for roughly four years now I got into the industry when I was about 16. So I was one of the youngest. And so that that was a big learning curve and all the things so it's been great to be here.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, wow.Thank you all three. I'm sure everyone listening already knows all about you as do I but I'm so glad to hear a little bit of tidbits every time and I think we should just go ahead and get started on the topic of how you guys got started influencing obviously social media was part of it was a big deal but you guys were already living awesome lives and then now you're able to share your lives every single day. So I don't know who wants to go first. But let's just kind of talk about how your journey to getting started influencing and the humble beginnings.

Madi McCall: I can go first since I went first last time. Um, okay, how I got started, correct?

Taylor McAdams:Yes, yeah.

Madi McCall: So I was actually in music school, I had this big plan to move to Nashville and be like a singer, songwriter, or director or something, I just knew I wanted to be in that world. And I met my husband, I was 20. And I was not looking for, like, if anybody that knows me very well would be very shocked that I was married, or met my husband at 20 years old. I just don't come off as that kind of person. But I just like kind of had a little change of plans, obviously, with him taking over the ranch that we live on right now in southwest Texas. And so, I kinda was starting to think like, things are getting serious, what can I do, you know, and like for a job, and to like, fill my time out in the middle of nowhere. This was kind of before I knew what my life would look like, but we'll get into that later. Um, and I saw, like, I followed a lot of the OG bloggers like Amber Fillerup and Cara Loren like, in the more mainstream worlds, and so I dating a rancher and a cowboy. I started following a lot of girls like Marijka, which is one crazy for me, like me and Marijka are friends, but to be on a podcast with her like life kind of comes full circle, you know what I mean? But I started following like her and Shaylee. And at the time, like classic concha, Hannah Ferguson was one of my favorite people. And I just literally it was back in the days where I was just gotten DMS, and was like, hey, I want to do what you're doing. Tell me what I'm supposed to do. And that always like mind boggles people, when I tell them that they're like, really? That's what you did? Or like, yeah, and now they're all my friends. So I think the industry has definitely changed in that aspect. But I was lucky enough to come along, where everyone was really welcoming. And it was kind of new for everyone, I think. And so yeah, I honestly just kind of I was like, Well, I can take the good picture. And I'm creative. And I like fashion. And so. And like I kind of started my whole thing on not knowing what I was doing. And I started with what did I used to call it? Oh, like learning how to be a ranch wife, like I would make fun of myself and not knowing like, how to ride a horse or round up cattle. And so it kind of just took off from there.

Taylor McAdams: What a cool story. I have so many questions about that. Like, like, now, do you feel like you're a pro? Do you feel like you're a pro cowgirl?

Madi McCall: I don't think that anyone in the western world that's honest, would ever say that they are always. Um, I always feel like an idiot. There are some things like I've graduated from like carrying a bucket when we worked to like actually like cutting or, you know, like, help. Like, I've definitely graduated in areas but if you asked me to name every part on a saddle, there's no way so I mean.

Kendall Coon: I should know all of those and I don't think that I could, if it makes you feel better. Yeah, that does.

Madi McCall: It does. It does help me.

Taylor McAdams: Well, how about you, Marijka? Let's just go ahead and keep the order. How did you get started influencing?

Marijka Hunsaker: Um, I started. I mean, I feel like it was only four or five years ago, but I guess we're coming up on six years. Um, after I got married, um, I was working at a title company. And social media was kind of starting to take off like the like Maddy said, influencers started to become a thing, you know, people that you followed and looked up to. Um, and I remember seeing the coyote cowgirl, they did a huge shoot out at some movie barn. And they flew in girls from Texas and Oklahoma and California. And they had these T shirts

Kendall Coon: I remember that too.

Madi McCall: I think that’s when I found  y'all. That's crazy.

Marijka Hunsaker: Yeah. Oh, yeah. So I saw that and I was like, I want to be one of those girls. I want to wear the tall boots. I want to wear the shorts, I want to wear the jewelry. Um, you know, I had gone to an agriculture school. And so I was swing dancing every Wednesday night in college. And so that's where I learned like about boots and the difference between fashion boots and work boots and building a jeans and going cancing. And so I feel like that really like influenced me, you know, kind of the college that I went to. And then after I got married social media kind of influenced me more that I wanted to be a part of it. saw the iconic the coyote cowgirl photoshoot. And then I had also been on Twitter back in the day, I'm not on there anymore, but like that I feel like I got connected with a whole bunch of girls that way like, Abby, I cannot say her last name Fulgur AT T

Taylor McAdams: Rock hard abs

Kendall Coon: It’s Arnold now!

Marijka Hunsaker: Yeah, there we go! Abby Arnold! Like I remember she was on Twitter. Brooke Juma was on Twitter. And so I kind of was starting to get to know some of these girls just over Twitter. Um, sharing their style Gypsy Jordy of course. And just all of those OG girls that I started to get to know on Twitter, I quit Twitter, Instagram took over, and I decided I want to be I wanted to be a part of that group. Um, well, I'd never owned a piece of turquoise, you know, turquoise, that was a whole new area to me. And so I was intrigued by it that I, I wanted to wear turquoise jewelry, but I couldn't afford the real stuff. So I started making it myself. And I ordered in a whole bunch of turquoise beads and I sold a whole I sold jewelry for when I first got started into the industry. And I called myself Huntsaker Handmades and I would make all sorts of different jewelry. Um, lots of just turquoise beads that you could buy from Joanne's or I don't know, Michaels. And I did that for a long time. And then I kind of got into and I did it and I decided, okay, I want some of the real stuff. You know, can you see a tweet or two that like, if you don't on the real stuff, you're not cool. And I took that to heart and I want to be cool, I gotta have the real stuff. And so I remember buying my first pair of Turk or silver earrings, and they were $95. And they were three huge conchos I think I saw Jenna Knowles wearing them. And I was like, I want those earrings. And so I bought those and I was like, I can't believe I just spent $95 on these earrings, I was absolutely insane. But that was the beginning to the start of me being turquoise and jewelry obsessed with Western fashion and, and I decided, okay, these girls are posting on social media, I can do the same thing. And so I started by brand repping for a handful of companies. And little by little they, they'd send me a piece of clothing, I post a selfie in it. Um, I had a little by little I've been able to grow my brand where they send me a shirt or an outfit and I book a photo shoot and I do photos, post it to my social media tag them by this and I was living just kind of paycheck to paycheck, you know, here's this the Let's spend all my money to do photo shoots by the turquoise by all of the clothing. And after so long this hobby got more and more expensive that I was just like, Okay, let's, it's time to make some money doing this. Like, I can't keep doing this out of my pocket. And so little by little like that. Okay, can you pay for my photoshoot to the brands that wanted to send me something? Yes. Okay, can you pay me for my time and my photo shoot, okay, now pay me for my time, my photoshoot and for me to post on my social media. And I've been able to grow my brand that way. But that's kind of how I got started into it all.

Taylor McAdams: And you mentioned Twitter, the early days of Twitter. I think Kendall, You kind of got your start with Twitter. Right? Was that?

Kendall Coon: Yes, actually. Um, well, do you have any? I don't want to cut her off.

Taylor McAdams: No, that's That's it. Yeah. Yeah. Tell us about it.

Kendall Coon: So-

Madi McCall: This is funny. Sorry, not to cut y’all off. But I literally just posted a story like an hour ago. Should I get Twitter back? I was like, I feel like everybody's going back to Twitter. Should I do this? So sorry. Anyway,

Kendall Coon: no, you’re good.  So I so how my first actual influencing thing was from Twitter, but we're jumping ahead just a little bit. Okay. So I have always been my mom was a is to this day, don't She's gonna listen to this. Don't let me just credit her. I'm always very, very into fashion. And so since I mean, there's pictures when I was little little bitty and I'm in a fur coat like the one I had on and always always been into it. Well, coming from Stephenville. There's a lot of influencers that are there now, but when I was like 12 1314, obviously I didn't know any of them. And no one my age was doing it. But I followed Cheyenne swoop. Now Cheyenne Good. And one of the OG OG’s. And when she was in high school, I think I was probably going into middle school. And she would always wear these like full Western fashion outfits to high school. And I was like, well, she can do it, I can do it. And so I like the picture. If you scroll far enough on my Instagram, the pictures are still there. But I was like 13, 14 and I would get all dressed up for eighth grade, freshman year and make my mom take my picture. On in front of our red door. Our front door was red, and I wear all her old jewelry and all this stuff. And so that's I remember like posting every single day I was like I have to post I have to post it new and I have to post it And all my friends were like, I really don't think it's that serious honey and I'm like 14 years old, like, No, I have got to get my Instagram right now. So, I kept doing that. And then just for like, the fun of doing I never really thought like, oh, I want to be an influencer, because I didn't back then that wasn't really like a, like a coined term. But I like shoots like the coyote cowgirl one, I know exactly which one you're talking about. Stuff like that. I was like, I just want to be one of those girls, it was never a money thing. I was like, I just want to be there. Um, and so when I was 16, I used to have 22 inch extensions of jet black hair. I am a natural strawberry blonde. When I was 16, I woke up one day and I said, I want to be red hair. Today I want to be a redhead again. Nobody else does that. But I did and so I booked a hair appointment and I went from 22 inches of jet black hair to short red hair. And some girls were not being so nice on Twitter. So it kind of drew attention to the fact that like, Oh, she had this like dramatic change. And at that point, I I've always had quite a like a pretty decent little Twitter following. And so at that point that like just drew more attention to it. And Riley J Photography actually ended up reaching out to me, for it was a shoot with her, B's Distressed Tees, and Highway Hippie Jewelry. And that was my very first shoot, I got spoiled that it was Riley J my very first photoshoot. And so that was the summer when I was would have been summer 2019 I believe. So I'm not that my math is right. And so that whole summer, I was going all over Texas, all over Oklahoma, on the weekends to these different shoots. And the way that I would get into the shoots is that and I don't see up as much anymore. But people used to do model calls all the time. And so I like follow the hashtag model call. And anytime I saw a model call whether it was a brand or photographer anything I message them and I was like wherever you are, I will go. And I cannot tell you how much money I spent that summer traveling in gas and I was not I got some products but like there was no monetary like Marijka said like, all of it was coming out of my pocket. And it didn't dawn on me until I was like six months later that I was like, you know, there's a lot that I'm giving a lot of money to this and I'm not really getting anything back. And so about six months later, I did my first shoot with Hanna Rule, West Moon Photography. And it was actually a wedding shoot, I was a child bride at 16 years old. It was great. It was actually so much fun. And after that, I started consistently working with her she had a whole team of us models that she hooked us up with brands and did all the things and so that's how that's how I got started into it. I was 13 in front of my mom's front door and then I was getting picked on on Twitter and then it just kind of just then I was a child bride and here I am.

Taylor McAdams: I love that you through the child bride and that was very necessary

Kendall Coon: When my when my mom posted the like behind the scenes photo of me and my husband fake husband getting getting married she said child bride on her Facebook so your mom get it first.

Taylor McAdams: & You know, interestingly enough that you brought up you're considering getting a Twitter again, Madi. I grew up one of the OG’s like following all of them on Twitter as well. And then yeah, same thing. Where's my Twitter, I think it's inactive and I don't even remember the password. So I think that's really funny too

Madi McCall: I actually think i had the same trouble in high school. Um, some girls, a lot of girls used to make fun of my voice in high school because it was a lot higher than it is now. And so they were tweeting about me and I just like, you know, 16 I like went off and it was like a Twitter. What do they call it? Like a? I don't even know the word of this Twitter war. Yeah, I don't know. I just decided it wasn't for me and I never had one sense so…

Kendall Coon: You did better than me. I did not clap back. I actually still have snapchat memories of me crying. The day after I dyed my hair red. And then the next day I am getting packed to go to a Riley J shoot. So it all worked out.

Madi McCall: Yeah, yeah

Taylor McAdams: It's kind of fun to go back and relive the humble beginnings. But do you guys ever go back and think about what how you used to do things to now I mean, granted you guys kind of touched on it a little bit where you used to spend more obviously now your goal is to make more but even just like the energy or the I mean like the OG Instagram was like you barely put any words and it was all hashtags and then now it's kind of not so let's talk about the changes over time like what you guys used to do when you started out that could be with anything makeup. What What were your signature things then to now no Madi you You've touched on it a little bit, but let's hear more like, I'm just genuinely curious. And a lot of people out there probably are too. They remember the the original days of influencing of like, nobody really knew what it was yet. And you guys kind of helped pave the way. So tell us about that.

Kendall Coon: My eyebrows have made an improvement since the old days.

Taylor McAdams: I hope everyone has right like trends have changed there.

Madi McCall: Me Like, obviously we've shifted into more of like, I think it ebbs and flows for sure. But like right now, like when I first started it was I remember being so stressed out that I couldn't have a, I didn't have a photographer, and like I couldn't take like a, like a posed picture. Like you know what I mean? Now, it's like, who cares? Like everyone wants disposable picture looking stuff. I think that there's a place for both because I appreciate both for sure. But it's not so much like having a perfect feed. I remember I bought a Teza  book if y'all want to know who Teza is like, I use all of her filters for all my stuff. And I bought her book that literally teaches you how to like have the perfect Instagram feed. And now like no one looks at that anymore. I don't know. So I there's things I miss about it too. Like when I first started follow Fridays were a huge thing. And that's literally how I got started like Hannah Ferguson shared one of my pictures and then all these girls started following me that had huge followings. And I missed that aspect for sure. I think that the it's not as like, helping each other out anymore. But as far as posting goes, it's definitely more like people just want to see the real you. And in a way that's really nice. But in another way, it's like, okay, well, I'm actually really boring. Like, I live on a ranch with my husband. And I was like, There's only so much I can show you know what I mean? And so like, I feel like sometimes the creative stuff gets taken, taken for granted nowadays, which kind of sucks for people like us, I feel like who, you know, really take pride in like putting together a shoot or an outfit and taking a lot of time to do that. And there's just like, more and more. It seems like people don't really want to see that anymore. And it's frustrating. So I guess there's two. I don't know if I answered the question at all.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, you did. Oh, yeah.

Kendall Coon: I know what you’re saying though, it definitely feels like stuff now. It's almost fast. Like, it's all like, you know, I remember and I know we still do it, we're planning out the elaborate shoots and the elaborate outfits and everything and putting so much time into these posts. And it is it feels like the like quick, snappy oh, here's a selfie. Like does so much better. And it is a little disheartening of I'm like, put so much work into whatever it was. And I'm like y'all like to selfie that much. So much more it feels just faster, I guess.

Madi McCall: It makes me feel like we should go back to what was not not a not Twitch, it was the one where you like made like collages. And like it was like really artsy and creative. I can't even remember what it was called.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, I don't either.

Madi McCall: It'll come to me later.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, it definitely will.

Marijka Hunsaker: Um, for me, when I think about when I first started and what I do now, as far as content goes, when I first started, I was taking a screenshot from a brand that I would rep for I would take a screenshot of a product like a T shirt. And I would post that screenshot on my page to be like, go buy this. Use my code Marijka10.

Taylor McAdams: Did anyone use it?

Marijka Hunsaker: I don't know why I don't know. In my head. I'm like, Well, if people follow a boutique, and they post the same product photo, and they enjoy that, like then they can follow me and I can post the same thing. And they will enjoy that too. Like, that's where I came from. And even before like I started getting like a larger page, I went back and deleted all of that because I'm like, This is so cringy like, let's just get rid of that. So I have no, like trace of it. You can't find it on my page. But that's what I used to do. When I first started. I was like, Yeah, let's just take a screenshot of the shirt from the boutique that I rep and I'm like, go shop at this place discount code MARIJKA10 I was I don't know. So yeah, my content has changed a lot, you know, because I'm like, let's buy the outfit. Let's model it and then let's post it. Let's see a little more professional.

Taylor McAdams: I love this little trip down memory lane and this was good for all of us, I think but we're gonna go ahead and get get move on move on to the next thing just for time sake, I could sit here without for hours with you guys, but we got to keep the people wanting what they want. Right? So let's talk about that. We've talked about the trends of influencing and social media. Let's talk about the trends of the fashion trends that have changed and evolved around the time. Originally, I mean, every I feel like every decade has something but every year almost has something. So maybe think about back when you started what you were wearing to what you would wear now and maybe brands and things like that.

Madi McCall: Yeah, so when I I used to wear headbands, like a freak like with every single outfit, like I'm from New Mexico, and so Marijka kind of talked about this, but like turquoise jewelry, and like that Southwest feel was huge. Wherever I grew up, just maybe not in like a Western way. It was just like normal. So I just wore headbands all the time. And it's funny because headbands right now are coming back and I hate them. I hate them so much. Like, I like stare I go to market and I'm like no like I have a huge forehead. I can't do that. Like there's no way there's no way that for me and then I've personally this is probably going to upset a lot of people but I've never been a bell bottom girl like they don't look good on me. I'm sure they make my legs look shorter. So that's just something I just can't get behind. They look great on other girls. I just can't do it myself.

Marijka Hunsaker: I was I was the one that wore bell bottoms like five and six years ago and now I don't wear them anymore. Like I've had my time. Okay, ready for the next thing.

Kendall Coon: I never got into the like super crazy bell bottoms like though, like all the different patterns and everything. But I had this one pair of just plain denim bell bottoms and they weren't too super wide didn't have any rips in them. And if I could find them today, I would wear them today for the sole fact that they were the best jeans ever. But I never got like super into all of like the crazy bell bottoms.

Madi McCall: You know what I did wear though was Palazzo pants. Like-

Kendall Coon: You would cut the bottom off off of them and make it into a headband for them.

Madi McCall: Yeah, like this silky all the different patterns. Yeah, I did wear those but I didn't wear bell bottoms at all. Yeah, I'm really happy. I'm such like a tomboy more girl and like casual like I love that like dad jeans are in and like oversized clothing. And I love that like I just want to look like a hobo for the rest of my life. I think.

Taylor McAdams: Let's just take a minute for the Palazzo pants and then even the gauchos. Do you guys remember the gauchos?

Madi McCall: I remember seeing girls were those to church. And I was like, that's so inappropriate. Why are you wearing those to church?

Kendall Coon: I don't know what those are. Is my age showing? WHat are they?

Taylor McAdams: Our age just showing.

Marijka Hunsaker: For sure.

Taylor McAdams: You'll have to look them up. They're shorter Palazzo pants.


Madi McCall: Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: My next question for you guys is I feel like you're all original in your own ways. But is there a trend that you claim that you feel like you're the OG with and it's okay, you don't have to be humble. Is there something that you feel like you either think in your mind is cute and you want to keep it going or other people have started doing it that you've noticed that you've done first?

Marijka Hunsaker: I think yeah, I think Maddie is the original comfy cowgirl.

Taylor McAdams: That's right.

Madi McCall:I was gonna say, Yeah, I would definitely say I made OG comfy cowgal, if you're listening and you don't know what that is. I really just like if you follow me, I wear like oversized T shirts and I love baggy clothing, but I like to like make it cute. Like I'm not going to just show up somewhere and look like a hobo even though I joke about it. I'm like, I just love to be comfortable. And I'm not like a glitz and glam girl like there's definitely those moments where I am but even whenever I am dressed up to the nines, I'm still like super comfortable. It's more of like a boho type feel. So I definitely have coined that and what I love about that is I have a lot of stuff coming with that for this year also, but small plug. I love that, like girls don't feel like they just have to share like their outfit that they went out in like they can share like their choring outfit, like choring outfits can be cute. You know, or like, your workout outfit can be cute. Like it's all about like any outfit can be cute and comfortable and functional. And so that's definitely something that I've pointed on personally, for my brand.

Taylor McAdams: We all agree on that one. I was hoping you would say something about it. For sure. You inspire me i Wish I could dress like you every single day.

Madi McCall: And then there's like Marika, I'll just like push it over to her. She's definitely like she said, the more modest fashion but she always makes everything look so I don't know, like classy.

Kendall Coon: I was literally getting dressed this morning trying to figure out what pants I wanted to wear with my boots. And I was like, Marijka can tuck Marijka tall enough that she can tuck her pants into her boots, and it looks cute, and I just can't do it. Can't do it, and

Madi McCall: I can't do it either.

Kendall Coon: Every time I see you do it, I'm like, I could totally do that, that would be so cute. And then I'm like, she's five inches taller than you, you cannot do that.

Madi McCall: Um, yeah, I promote that a lot. I mean, I don't know if I would say I'm an original, or that it's an original idea. But it is something that I've taken on for my brand. It's kind of just the way that I grew up. A  part of my religion and a part of the way that I just live. And so it's, it's easy for me, because, you know, I dress this way. And so that's what I share. And I get a lot of appreciation from people of all ages, which is nice that, you know, I don't I don't just attain to one age group, but I can attain to any age group, um, you know, just depending on what their preferences are on how they want to dress, but everything you see me wear is more conservative, more modest, you know, it's going to work for for any age, and if that's somebody style, then I'm the perfect girl. And if it's not, then, you know, that's okay, too. And, and that's what, that's what I'm trying to support and promote is, you know, just dress in whatever you feel comfortable in.

Kendall Coon: And that's why I think there, you might not be the original for it, but you're the first like modest dresser that you do it without being condescending, or, like aggressive with it, or I don't feel condemnation or like, whatever. It's very inviting and all of this stuff. And that was why I was so drawn to it.

Marijka Hunsaker: Thank you. Yeah, no, I never want anybody to go ahead.

Madi McCall: Yeah, for me, I wouldn't. I wouldn't even like went looking at your stuff and knowing you for as long as I have. I wouldn't even like be like, Oh, she was modest fashion. I would just be like, No, she's she's, she's just classy. Like, I don't know.

Marijka Hunsaker: Yeah, we know. Nowadays, I think Yeah. And I never want anybody to feel you know, judged and I just whatever they want to wear and, and honestly, I'm I'm probably jealous of whatever you guys are wearing. I was like, Ah, I wanna wear that. It's so cute. You know, but it's just things that I choose not to wear. But you know, I admired on somebody else. I was like, Ah, she's so beautiful. I just love that so much. And, you know, it doesn't work for me, but it works for others. And you know, I support you tenfold. You go girl. So.

Taylor McAdams: I love how realyou guys are. And I remember just the other day where I go you posted something where you're like, I'm gonna wear this dress to the wedding and then ended up not fitting and you were like, You know what, it's too tight. I'm going to change into something else. I love how real you guys keep it all three of you. I feel like this was like a good group to have. But kind of moving on. You talked a little bit about tucking your jeans and showing off your boots a little bit about that. If you guys could design your own pair of boots. What would they look like dream pair? Like we're talking endless opportunity? Wild? Let's get let's hear it. Let's hear the crazy ideas.

Kendall Coon: Go over my knee.

Madi McCall: Oh, go ahead.

Kendall Coon: No,no, you probably have a more thought out. Cohesive thought than I do.

Madi McCall: No, I just I love anything with a vintage like vintage style. So my boots would be 100% like look like they came from the 1940s Probably. Or 60s 70s. And then I love earth tones. So anything in that like dark greens. Like just like sunset colors. That was literally what I told my wedding planner when I got married sunset colors. And then probably some like Navajo con shows or something because I'm from New Mexico. So that's probably the ME 1,000%

Taylor McAdams: Those sound cool.

Kendall Coon: Those do sound cool. Mine. They're definitely going to my knee. I really I love it. really, really tall boot? Um, can I steal the rainbow stitching? Is that an option? Can I still the rainbow and have it in my idea I don't know maybe I want them to I would want them to be like a really fun color like a pretty pink, maybe a pale purple with the rainbow stitching. And

Madi McCall: I am wanting a purple boot this year from someone I just want like a straight purple really pretty lavender boo. So I'm with you on that.

Kendall Coon: I was literally telling Emily today that I needed the purple ropers to crawl out of the archives. Yeah,

Taylor McAdams: I'm here for lavender. I think there's a few girls on our marketing team too, that are like, yeah, lavender. So we'll see what we can do. Right? Yeah. How about you? What do you have a few things going on. So what would be your dream pair dream pair boots?

Marijka Hunsaker: I do have a couple of things going on, I do have a boot coming out. And it's a pink boot. And so that's exciting. Um, but I don't know, when I think about a cowboy boot, I'm with Kendall I want something that's really tall. Just because I have I have tall I ever like tiny little chicken legs. And so I like a bit that covers those. And, uh, you know, you can't see that. And so I like a boot that's really tall. Um, and I don't know, I'm kind of the same way that I like something very traditional, um, something that's going to be classic, that's going to be around for a long time, you're going to buy this boot, and you're gonna wear it very often. And so that's, that's kind of my thoughts behind the dream boot. I really liked Madi’s idea to like conchos having something that just as a statement boot has some unique features to it that, you know, it's a boot you you wear and and that's the piece. So yeah, that's, you know, kind of my ideas, but then I have a pink boot coming out. And so that's really exciting to, you know, see that come alive.

Taylor McAdams: So you guys all do a very good job of being different and setting the pace and I see you guys reuse and rewear and make them your own every time. So how do you think you guys will wear a pair of boots, they're all the seasons. You know? Like if you get one pair of boots, that's let's say the sunset colors we were talking about? How do you make them look like a fall boot? How do you wear boots through the seasons.

Kendall Coon: So I am a big jacket girl. That was one of the things that I was going to say for like, I didn't coin jackets, don't let me get too ahead of myself. But that is something that's like very true to my brand. I've always been a jacket girl. The collection’s a little ridiculous. And so I mean, even if you have like a bright purple or bright pink, like we were talking about boot, taking that into fall and into winter, I would do that with jackets, and then taking it into summer and stuff like fun colored skirts, and like just different patterns and stuff and tying it all in. But I wear pretty bright colors year round, so I don't have to mute my colors very much.

Madi McCall: I would just to like go off with Kendall. I think seasons, like I kind of have a color palette, like my colors are like blue green. Like orangish, whatever. And I just I personally just change the tones of those colors. So like darker ones for different seasons lighter ones for lighter seasons, brighter ones for springtime. But I'm still always in the same color palette. And so I mean, I think everybody should own like a pair of black, white and brown boots personally, that should just be you know what I mean, just to go with everything. But like, I there's winter whites, and then there's whites for summer. Like I think it's more about just owning what you're wearing, instead of making the clothes fit for different seasons. Obviously, like don't wear a fur coat in the summer. It's hot. But as far as boots go, I feel like there that's the great thing about them is they're so transitional, you can wear them with everything.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah, I agree there.

Marijka Hunsaker: Yeah, and for me, same thing, I'm gonna I'm gonna wear my boots all year long of all the different seasons. You know, for instance, I have the color of the green Clara Boot from you guys. And I love that that green is going to be perfect for fall and winter. But also, you know, it will pop with a spring dress during the summer. You know, it's just the cute neutral Green is a neutral to me. You know, it's just tomorrow with anything.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah, you guys are all spot on. I love the different insights there. I always love to hear how everyone styles everything too. So thanks for sharing that. Okay, I I know that we've had so much fun throughout this whole conversation. But now we get to really have a lot of fun. I have a game for you guys to play. And it's called Fashion yay or nay. And basically what's going to happen is I'm going to say a term or a few words about have something with fashion. And you guys can Neither say yay or nay. And then if you want to elaborate you can if not, then that's okay too. Like if you feel passionately about it and you need to speak up, just speak up. Okay, so we're gonna get started with the first set of fashion do or don't. And it's socks and sandals. My personal favorite because I'm a grandma at heart.

Madi McCall: No

Kendall Coon: No, It’s not happening.

Marijka Hunsaker: I would say nay as well. I mean, but sometimes like you have cute fashion socks like those see through ones with like a pair of like strappy high heels.

Kendall Coon: No,I that is not socks and sandals.That and I respect it. But no.

Taylor McAdams: Okay, well, nuff said let's move on. Neons

Madi McCall: Yes,

Marijka Hunsaker: Yes.

Kendall Coon: Like super neon. Yay and nay. Can I get can I be an in between? I don’t wanna be like super super neon. I can't go too bright. I'm really pale.

Madi McCall: I think one once one statement piece of neon with an outfit. Yeah. Yeah, don't wear don't just like rainbow it up. But

Taylor McAdams: Cool, Right on! Low Rise jeans.

Marijka Hunsaker: Nay!!!

Madi McCall: NO.

Kendall Coon: I kinda like em.

Taylor McAdams: That’s okay if you do!

Madi McCall: KENDALL!

Kendall Coon: I used to have they actually got snatched from me. I'll be quick. I used to have a pair of vintage Harley Davidson low rise jeans. They changed my mind on low rise jeans forever and ever. They were the best pair of jeans I've ever owned. They scampered off somewhere. But they changed my mind on low rise.

Taylor McAdams: Interesting. Yeah, I just can't do it either.


Madi McCall: You are 20

Taylor McAdams: That's true. Well, we'll ask you in about five years Kendall.

Kendall Coon: Let me enjoy it while I can grandma's okay.

Taylor McAdams: Yes. Okay. bell bottoms. We've already heard from Madi about these.

Kendall Coon: No,


Madi McCall: no

Marijka Hunsaker: back in the day. Yay. But now probably Nay.

Kendall Coon: They had their moment. It's over now.


Marijka Hunsaker: They'll come back they'll come back again. But right now, no.

Kendall Coon: It was the vibe was the vibe for the day. It was the vibe back then.

Save em cuz liek you said they'll come back. But I just wish I hope everyone listens to this because I just hate them so much. I am so passionate about the fact that I hate bell bottoms.

Taylor McAdams: I just I'm kind of a tall girl too. And I just don't like the way they make me feel. I just feel different. But anyways. Okay, middle part.

Kendall Coon: Yes.

Marijka Hunsaker: Yay.

Madi McCall: Yes, right. Look at all of us 

Taylor McAdams: I know, you're all Middle


Kendall Coon: I'm a little lopsided. That's just because my face is a little lopsided. So the part has to go with it. But it's mainly middle.

Madi McCall: I just have to,touch my hair at all the time. So no one ever knows.


Taylor McAdams: Oooh. There you go. Hide it. I think I know the answer to this one pastels.


Kendall Coon: Yes.


Madi McCall: Yes.

Kendall Coon: Marijka, you are like the queen of pastels. All this. I just think springy colors when I think of you I think of long skirts and springy colors.

Marijka Hunsaker: Yep, it's almost springtime in Idaho. I'm looking forward to it.

Kendall Coon: And Y’all Actual seasons over there. We were talking about transitioning pieces and I was like I don't have to transition much for winter in Texas. And I was like Marijka actually has like, winter over there.

Madi McCall: Yeah, I’m jealous. Like I came from New Mexico and I have a whole coat closet that never gets used because like yesterday it was 80 degrees here. Ridiculous.

Kendall Coon:Yeah,I'm not jealous of you guys.

Marijka Hunsaker: I’m a little jealous of you guys though.

Taylor McAdams: What do they say around here? If you don't like the weather, just wait and it'll change because it's so true. I actually was just texting with Pam Minick this morning and we were talking about the weather from Texas to Oklahoma and she said yesterday bikinis today snowsuits.

Kendall Coon: I was so glad it got chilly today because I wanted to wear this new fur coat of mine that I couldn't validate for anything other than this and it was cold out.


Taylor McAdams: It gets cold here in Texas and then it was hot yesterday Yeah crazy all right back to our game factor game fast fashion yay or nay?

Marijka Hunsaker: Nay. I probably shop it a little bit but I tried to be conscious but just depends on the brand but yeah usually nay.

Madi McCall: it yeah same I I'm a Navy like if I could not there's like certain times a year like NFR like I'll go to Nasty Gal and get like two or three like pieces or just like put my outfit together you know what I mean? But for the most part my outfits is centered around not the fast fashion part of it so I don't know it just definitely not like

Kendall Coon: Is Nasty Gal consider it I think like Shein when I think of like fast fashion like I got a lot of my So far so from Nasty Gal if it makes you feel better

Madi McCall: Yeah, I think it is considered fast fashion I just don't think I think it's an actual like Shin I think has a lot of shady stuff going on so I think that yeah, I don't know about Nasty Gal or like I do Pretty Little Thing a lot just like it is cheaper but a lot of them are also in Europe so they're cheaper but you pay for shipping just FYI. So


Taylor McAdams: we have three more before we go. Let's move on to vintage items.

Madi McCall: 100% Yes.

Marijka Hunsaker: Yay.

Taylor McAdams: Nuff said they stand alone. I couldn't agree more. Feathers?

Marijka Hunsaker: Yes.


Kendall Coon: Feathers?

Taylor McAdams: Like that feathers on your clothes feathers?


Kendall Coon: Yeah

Taylor McAdams: Madi says sometimes.

Madi McCall: Mmhmm.

Taylor McAdams: And then last one bows on clothing.


Marijka Hunsaker: Yes.

Madi McCall: Yeah, yes. I like them as like um, like an instead of a bolo tie like I like them tied around like a collared shirt. I love that look for sure.


Kendall Coon: I'm not a big bow girl. I don't like to I can't have things too tight around my neck. That's the only reason like you were talking about like I it's cute. Me personally I feel like I'm suffocating. Even my wild rags really low right now I can't have anything

Taylor McAdams: well you guys are all super real like I've said before and I feel like you guys are open books what you see is what you get. And I know that if anyone has any questions about influencing or becoming an influencer, how to get started how to build a media kit, they can always reach out to you so let's take the time now to to plug ourselves let's website social media or whatever you're interested in whatever you're promoting right now feel free to speak up and tell everyone where they can find you.

Madi McCall: Yeah, so I'll go first since I will just keep it in a row. My Instagram is Madi McCall. It's M A D I and then McCall underscore and that is like all around Instagram Pinterest. And probably gonna get my Twitter back so on my personal Instagram you can find our beef business and stuff like that but Maddie McCall underscore is the place you'll find everything else.

Marijka Hunsaker: Um, mine on Instagram. My handle is Marijka underscore dam. So that's M A R IJ K Aunderscore D A M like a beaver dam. My maiden name is name but when I made my username down was just cooler to say so I'm going oh my gosh, I was just a little rebel when I little you know. 

Madi McCall: I’VE ALWAYS READ IT “dom”

Taylor McAdams: me too.I thought no way. She would say Damn. That’s Awesome.

Marijka Hunsaker: Twitter, it's Marika Hunsaker. And that's my married name. So I should switch it but everybody knows me as Marijka Dam Dame, whatever


Kendall Coon: I always said dam  I was like Marijka Dam you know her? I think I pronounced it wrong. For the longest time. I know I did. I am the urban cowgirl with three L's for my personal account because Instagram would not let me only put one L. And having to say with three L's in business settings is not super fun. And then my photography account is the urban cowgirl media with only one L this time.

Taylor McAdams: Right on Well, I appreciate you guys taking the time out of your very, very, very busy schedules. And it's been so fun getting to know your stories. I've learned a lot about you. And I feel like I'm leaving with a friend. So thank you for that. And thank you for always just shedding a light on each other and lifting women up. That's kind of what this podcast is about. So we appreciate you guys doing what you do.

Marijka Hunsaker: Thank you.

Kendall Coon: Thanks.

Madi McCall: Thank you for having me, us all of us.

Taylor McAdams: Thanks for joining us on kick your boots up. I'm your host Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then, feel free to like subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.