Episode 006 - Dynamic Duo, Zach & Abby Arnold

Join as Veterinarian for the Four SixesTM Ranch (6666® Ranch), Zach Arnold, showcases a day in the life at the ranch, and listen while his wife, Abby Arnold, gives her take on fashion, fun, and being the wife of a busy vet. Hear stories about the hit TV series, Yellowstone never told until now on the Kick Your Boots Up Podcast. Lastly, watch as Zach and Abby play the couples game to get to know them better. For a full episode transcript, visit our website at https://www.justinboots.com/en/kick-your-boots-up.html.

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Podcast Transcript

Taylor Mcadams: You're listening to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast where we swap stories of the West. Whether you're just waking up or getting in for the day, come on in and kick your boots up. Hi, guys, and welcome to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. Thank you for listening. I'm your host, Taylor McAdams. I'm so excited to be here with two incredible people that really have the most unique story in my personal opinion in the Western industry. I'm going to start with ladies first Abby Arnold. We go way back. We talk about a lot how we were friends in high school. We didn't really you know, we knew of each other we didn't really get to see each other even though we lived like 30 minutes to an hour away growing up. We had an awesome time at Oklahoma State University Go Pokes to me, Abby was the coolest girl in school. She always had friends around. she I think she drove around in a white Jeep so that was like something I remember. But no she is the are one of the original influencers. She's an icon in the industry. All the influencers know her love her. Her story in itself is incredible. Maybe we can talk about that a little bit on another episode. But joining her today also is her other half Zach Arnold as well. Zach is one of the Vets at The Four SixesTM Ranch and something that's unique about these two couple these two as a couple is they actually both live and work on The Four SixesTM Ranch and can live to tell the stories of the everyday lives there. So without further ado, Zach and Abby Arnold, thank you guys for being on today.

Abby Arnold: Of course, thanks for having us. We're so excited.

Taylor Mcadams: And for everyone out there you guys just have to know Zach literally just got done breeding horses and then stepped right on for this podcast. So you are going to get the unedited raw version of these two living their day to day lives. But before we get started and really dive deep into things, why don't you guys introduce yourself and give us a few maybe a fun fact or something that's interesting about you guys.

Abby Arnold: You go first. Gosh, I'm Abby Arnold. I grew up in a really small town in northeast Oklahoma. I usually just tell people it's Pawhuska area because everyone knows the Pioneer Woman. I was born in Houston. But like I said, from a really young age, we moved to my family's ranch and started taking over. It was a broodmare operation. I just grew up riding horses doing all those things in the barn every single day. I went to a really small high school I graduated with 12 kids. And then I was one of the only kids in my class that went to college and a lot of people thought it was crazy for that because everyone if they did go to college, which was small one and I went to OSU, which was huge to everyone back home.

Taylor Mcadams: It is pretty big. How about you Zach?

Zach Arnold: My name is Zach Arnold. I grew up in a kind of a small town, not as small as Abyy but a small town down by Corpus Christi, Texas. So down in south Texas. i My parents were divorced, I live with my mom up until I was about 12 years old in town and then moved in with my dad so got introduced to agricultural agriculture whenever I lived with him grew up helping really close family friend who kind of introduced me to the agricultural world. They raised crossbred cows helped them alot And so that just started my passion with the industry. And I did my undergrad at Texas A&M University Kingsville, which is down in Corpus Christi area. And then from there, graduated with a Bachelors of Animal Science and then went on to Oklahoma State for vet school. And I graduated from there and the rest is history.

Taylor Mcadams: It is history, and we're going to talk about that in a little bit. But I want to kind of back up and talk about each of you individually growing up because me being from northeast Oklahoma as well, I can relate to you Abby so much. But what I don't have is the perspective of now having a significant other that it was so far grew up so far away with a completely different perspective. So let's talk about the differences that you guys experienced because Corpus Christi, Texas is a long ways away from northeast Oklahoma.

Abby Arnold: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, gosh. Um, I mean, I remember whenever we first I guess we weren't married yet. We moved to South Texas. But whenever I moved there, whenever we were engaged, I would help him like with everyone working cattle, and it was just, it was just really different. Like back home, we drag calves and it's not like they don't drag calves there. But they they're a lot more industrialized, I guess is a good word to put it like, they like put stuff through the shoot more than we do. Like it's just, it's a lot different. And a lot of the ranches down there are used for hunting as well. Like it's not just cattle operations. They have like a lot of hunting hunting leases and things like that. And then of course, the ocean is just crazy. I remember there was one time our lease place was probably like 20, 30 minutes from the ocean and there was one time we were we broke to get lunch and he was let's go to whata. And I was like, okay, yeah, we're going to water burger and then we pass water burger. And I was like, Where are we going? He was like, we're going to the water. And that was like the first time we ever took me to the ocean. And I was like, this is the coolest thing in the world. We got done working cattle and like, noon. And then now we're at the ocean. It was just so cool. It's just, it's a it's a different world for sure.

Taylor Mcadams: I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation because that's hilarious. Especially me being a female I get hangry. And so I can only imagine like we just passed Whataburger and what are we doing? And what's your perspective? Zach, because you grew up there, you grew up so close to the ocean.

Zach Arnold: So to add ons are what Abby said, I guess whenever I went to Oklahoma State, and after I met Abby, she kind of opened opened me up open my eyes up to know how to cattle industry is in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas and how they do things with her family. And what I would have to say is it's it's in South Texas, it's a lot more recreational-

Abby Arnold: That’s a good word.

Zach Arnold: I would say the focus is mainly on hunting and whitetail deer and game species. But you know, in that region, there are some of the largest franchises in the country, but they're very few, there's very few of them. Actually, like in northern Oklahoma where Abby's from, that's there's more of that. So there's, they're more focused on on on cattle rather than hunting. So our focus, the industry focuses are just a little bit different. There's a lot more, like I said, there's very, very large ranches but I feel like there's a lot more. On the other end of the spectrum, there's a lot more mom and pops that have 50 Cow herds that run their calves through a calf table and it's just easier for you know, a person that set up on a smaller scale like that, versus where Abby’s from where everybody's a fairly large scale and there's, there's more they're more uniform, I get everybody kind of on a larger scale and there used to drag into the fire and that sort of thing. So this focus a little bit different directions.

Taylor Mcadams: Oh, without a doubt and I love that you mentioned the differences because now we get to talk about your love story and how you guys met. And I can only imagine I know I've heard it in person but I want the rest of the world to hear it too because it is so stinkin sweet. So I don't know who wants to tell the story or who wants to add in some things but you guys just tell us how did you meet I obviously at Oklahoma State but we want the details we want to know everything.

Abby Arnold: Okay, so we met at Calf Fry back in 2018.

Taylor Mcadams: Abby you have to explain what Calf Fry is for everyone out there.

Abby Arnold: Oh yes! I never realize that people don't know what Calf Fry is. So Calf Fry is like a three-day music festival that always not OSU the Tumbleweed which is a dance hall and Stillwater puts on it's a hoot and a half if you've never been they have a lot of big names, but it's usually the week. Correct me if I'm wrong? Is it the week before finals?

Taylor Mcadams: Yes, Dead week.

Abby Arnold: So it's yes, it's the week of dead week and the week before finals. So everyone is just pumped, they're ready to have fun. They're sick of studying. It's like the start of summer. It's so much fun. People say it's the Coachella of the prairie. So.

Taylor Mcadams: ooooh- I love that.

Abby Arnold: It's a good time. So we met there. We were both dating other people at the time we met we didn't really talk. And then about a year later, a little less than a year later. We were both on a certain dating app. And I just remember seeing and I was like you do not see cute cowboys like this on here. Like this is kind of insane. So I swiped obviously. And it took me a few days of us messaging back and forth to finally give him my number but it was my birthday. And I woke up that morning. I was like, I'm gonna give myself a birthday present today. I'm really gonna give this cute guy my number. So I gave him my number. We texted for a few days we met up our first date was at the garage. Do you know the garage?

Taylor Mcadams: Yes, the best burgers.

Abby Arnold: And it was gonna be a quick little lunch date and we ended up being there for like four or five hours. And we're literally there until they closed and then the rest is history.

Taylor Mcadams: It really is and I got to know to Zach because Abby's perspective is the girls and I can relate to that most but what was going through your mind when you guys were talking and when you guys matched all that stuff? Were you playing it cool or were you inside just secretly fangirling so hard?

Zach Arnold: Ah, the ladder for sure. I was doing my best I don't want to show her too much emotion because then she get a big head. I love her to death and I just I Uh, you know, being, you know, there's a lot of veterinarians or, you know, future veterinarians that might be listening to this at some point. So they know kind of what I went through and what all vet students go through. And, you know, there's not a lot of time for social life. And, and Abby gives me a hard time. But that's just, that's just how it is. And that's what it comes down to. So on our special dating app that we were on, I felt like I just hit the jackpot. I couldn't believe that, you know, someone that's beautiful was, you know, I linked up with that, you know, that type of person. I was definitely, I definitely tried the hardest, I think, you know, trying to make sure that I didn't let her get away, so I didn't, I made sure I got her knocked down.

Taylor Mcadams: Awe. That is so special, you each found your own unicorns, and it really does take a special type of person, Abby, I'm gonna commend you. Because to be able to put up with the hours of school, the hours of hands on and then even being enthusiastic at the end of the day too that is so so inspiring and encouraging. So thank you for loving each other the way that you do. It's, it's just speaking life into everyone out there. And speaking of that, we're gonna move on to our next question. When you guys were searching for each other, and you kind of made your checklist. Did you guys picture having an experienced ranch wife or ranch husband? Did you guys want that? Was that something that was necessary? Talk about that.

Abby Arnold: I mean, I will say for me, I did date some guys that weren't like that. And I obviously could tell right off the bat that it wasn't going to work. But I remember being back in like middle school, me and my friends would make checklists. I don't know if you and your friends did this. But like,

Taylor Mcadams: Oh yeah.

Abby Arnold: is that we want to kind of like manifesting it. And I remember, it was in Mr. Baker's class, and me and my friend stage and another girl named Abby were writing checklist and I was like, I want a cowboy. I want him to be tall. I want him to be blonde. I want him to be a rancher and if he’s not a rancher. I wanted him to be a veterinarian. And the second Zach and I met, I was like, This is it, like I manifested this man, this is everything that I ever prayed I would get and God sent him to me. And it was just, I don't know, it was just crazy. It was, it was a big deal for me. Because if you don't, not if you don't grow up in it, but if you don't have any understanding of the lifestyle, then it's really hard to be with a person that you know what I'm saying. So it was a big deal for someone like that. That understood a little bit of where I was coming from.

Taylor Mcadams: Oh, yeah. And then Zach, how about you? Was it important to you to have an experienced ranch wife? Or did you think you could get a city slicker and kind of train her up? What were you thinking?

Zach Arnold: No, no, as much as you know, some guys might want that. I knew from from the very beginning that it was, that's something of the utmost importance, because somebody who does what I do for a living, it takes a special kind of woman to be able to do that, you know, to be married to somebody like that. And I kind of Abby calls me all the time, but I know I'm guilty of it. And I'm a workaholic. I do work a lot. And you know some because I'll walk through and some because I have to and to be able to come home to someone like Abby who grew up you know, in a family that that did the same things and I'm doing and she's she knows the hours and she knows the dedication that that's just icing on the cake. And so I've always known that I wanted somebody like her so I was ever going to survive a marriage.

Taylor Mcadams: I hope you guys can see and tell how giddy I am for you guys I can't stop smiling because you guys are truly like a dream couple and whenever I first met you Zach I had already known Abby obviously but then whenever I reconnected with Abby and and met Zach we were out at at your guys's place for a punchy shoot that we got to do with Justin and I at the time this was obviously pre The Four SixesTM Ranch and you guys were working together and that is so commendable because you were like a travel vet on call you know all this stuff and she would Abby would jump right on in and be your tech she I'm sure there were days when you both were covered in blood and that that is so inspiring right there but kind of moving on to our next segment or the next question Question group of questions that I have for you guys are you obviously had to start somewhere and you had to get to The Four SixesTM Ranch and it was a goal and and I know you interned and you you had your connections and you tried but like this was your moment you were able to start working with The Four SixesTM Ranch but let's talk about what got you there the jobs you had before both of you and you know individually and as a couple both that really set you up for success here on the ranch today.

Abby Arnold: I mean, you really wanted to have a big job

Zach Arnold: obviously I graduated Vet school in 2021 so I haven't been out of out of school for very long. Prior to that, obviously I was pretty much a full time student did a lot of day working on the side and this can keep me busy and make money but but after vet school, you know my career, guess what you could say, I spent a year back home and then I moved back to my hometown. I had a mentor that I worked with trying to get into vet school who owned a large animal, ambulatory clinic mobile clinic. We didn't have a brick-and-mortar. So all we had was were two trucks that we had. So I stayed on the road, made the ranch and house calls. So something new a new environment every day. I was by myself, didn't have any technicians. So learn how to do a lot of things by myself. But I have a wonderful wife who's pretty handy and, so she would joke with me a lot. So we stayed on the road a lot together. And it's it's a very unique thing being ambulatory veterinarian in South Texas, because like I said, earlier, we've got some of the largest stretches in that area, south of San Antonio, all the way down to Brownsville. So I had a pretty big radius area that I would travel a couple hours, both directions. So we got to work for some really cool places that a lot of work for the King Ranch did a lot of work for McAllen Ranch, another big ranch down there a lot, a lot of big places a lot of old places with a lot of history. So, but primarily large animal work. So we did majority horses and cattle. And, you know, we have we do a lot of work for 4-H kids with their show projects at animals and so forth. So like I said, every every day was was something new, and Abby having no prior veterinary technician training, she just went into it with a smile on her face and was ready to get down and dirty. So she'd definitely made my days a lot easier. And you know, having, having a couple that works together as good as we do. You know, it's just kind of a testament that I think we're meant to be together. So

Taylor Mcadams: Oh yeah. it's it's very obvious that you guys are certainly meant together meant to be together. And you're also meant to work together and do that stuff as well. And speaking of that, you both get to work for The Four SixesTM Ranch but you do something a little bit different. Explain your jobs there. And do you guys get to see each other at times do you get to check in with each other? What's it like?

Abby Arnold: Well, I mostly work in the supply house, I work part time at the supply house. And then when we do like stock shows and things like that, I'll go and help run those. And it's a lot of fun. I get to meet a lot of people. I've met so many people I was in Fort Worth for three weeks. And it was crazy that just the amount of people that would just come up to the booth. And we've obviously gotten a lot more popular since Yellowstone. So that helped a lot. A lot of like, oh my gosh, The Four SixesTM Ranch, I didn't know y'all have a booth here. So I hope in the supply house, when I'm not in the supply house, I enjoy being at the clinic and helping out there. But there are a lot of technicians there. And there are other veterinarians on hand, there's two other vets there. So I try not to be in the way I try to stay out of the way I don't want to be the reason that gets in trouble. I don't want to be the one to get in trouble. It's never happened. They've always been so nice. They want me to help. It's been great. But I just tried to stay out of the way and we also get to see each other every morning. There is a lady here who cooks all the cowboys and all the guys who work here breakfast and lunch. So we eat breakfast together and then he'll go to the clinic and I'll go to the supply house and then some days I even get to go for lunch to if the supply house isn't super busy. And by the way, sorry, I had to grab my puppy because she was crying.

Taylor Mcadams: Shes such a cutie I love her. What's her name?

Abby Arnold: Her name Cece, it means energetic and Osage.

Taylor Mcadams: I love that and she will be energetic. It looks like it for sure. I’m so glad that you got that you brought up Yellowstone too, because there has been a big hype with Jimmy and Yellowstone. And I don't want to give the plot away for everyone out there that is way behind on Yellowstone and hasn't watched. But I am dying to know and inquiring minds are dying to know since you guys get to live it every day and you see behind the scenes. Is it really like what Yellowstone has depicted it like do they really just load up and do it whenever they do move the cattle and do these cattle drives? Do they truly just rough it like the old days just tell us everything like that is it like Jimmy's experience at all?

Zach Arnold: So we're kind of guilty. We actually were not very caught up on Yellowstone. So, but, but I will say that you know, some of the people I've worked with, have, I've spoke with them about it and, you know, people who have been here for a long time are proud and happy with how the show has to pick the ranch, you know, and make it look beautiful, which it is, you know, we that was that was a big thing. But, you know, just being working here I can I can speak through your question, you know, the four six is is a is a working ranch in the traditional sense. And so everything that you're seeing on on the show is what these guys do every day. So it's you're not making anything up. It's not for show it's the real deal.

Abby Arnold: And the guys that are on the show are most of the Cowboys like they do have like two or three hired actors that like speaking parts, but for the most part when you see them working, it is all the guys that live and work on the ranch.

Taylor Mcadams: That's cool too that they get to kind of have a little bit of glory in the limelight and see how TV is made and and I will comend Taylor Sheridan there he has done a really good job to preserve the way the western life is depicted even though Yellowstone has gone so boomy and has reached the masses. So that's really cool to hear from you guys, too. And, and I got to ask, there's one scene in particular and you guys might not know and that's okay, I'll give a little sneak peek. Where someone I won't mention who showers where the horses would get bathed and like a horse stall. Um, does that happen there very often?

Abby Arnold: No, I wouldn't say the actual barn that Jimmy showers in because I know what scene you're talking about good. Like five stalls down. There's actually apartments there that like the interns live in. And I think they made mention that in the show.

Taylor Mcadams: They did, yeah.

Abby Arnold: because if you're like there, then there's actual apartments right there that Jimmy could have gone into to shower. I think it's funny that that happened on the show.

Taylor Mcadams: Yeah, that's awesome. Okay, well then let's talk about a little bit the behind the scenes for you, Zach, what's it like? On your it's, I would say nine to five, but it sounds like it's like six to six daily? What's it like behind the scenes there as a vet? And what do you get to see talk us through the ins and the outs of of The Four SixesTM Ranch?

Zach Arnold: Ah, gosh, so that can be a podcast and its own for sure.

Taylor Mcadams: I figured.

Zach Arnold: I guess a synopsis of it is. So it's really seasonal. You know, working here, we have a very large breeding operation. We stand some very well known stallions in the western performance world. So during the spring, which were we're going into now it's mainly focused on breeding our mares and, you know, taking care of that. In the fall. It's a lot slower. We're doing a lot of client appointments and then taking care of, you know, our other outside cow work and so forth. But so right now we're every morning, we're palpating mares breeding mares

Abby Arnold: starting at 630.

Zach Arnold: Well, yeah, like Abby said earlier, we, you know, we get breakfast at six at the cookhouse and we generally start to try to start checking mares at 6:30. So we try to get an early start because we typically have a lot to go through. So and that's every every day, every morning, Sunday to Sunday. So luckily, we've got enough health employees that on the veterinary side that each one of us gets a day off so get to rest and kind of catch up on some sleep try to but we check mares every day. That usually takes up half of our day. Get what mares bred need to be bred. And then after that there's several 100 Horses right next to the clinic. So there's wounds cuts, lacerations, lamenesses, just it's just the horses that are here that the ranch owns so there's a huge volume of horses, not counting you know appointments that get brought in from neighboring ranches or the surrounding communities, which are not very many people out here we're pretty isolated. So there's not very much of that we stay pretty busy with our own stuff. So that pretty much is is our spring and that starts February 1 And it goes in towards the end of June July we’ll start slowing down. So that's pretty much it. There’s probably a million other things but that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Taylor Mcadams: That's a lot in itself. I mean, you're truly right. We do need to reconvene and have another podcast about just that in general. But I'm dying to know to Abby, you work with you working in the general store area? Are there tourists that come by? And how busy is it? Is it high trafficked?

Abby Arnold: Oh my gosh, it is honestly. So we're open. For people listening. If you want to come visit, We are open Monday through Saturday. We open at 730, close at 530. And then Saturdays, we close at noon. I would say like Wednesdays, and Thursdays really aren't that bad. But like Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and Saturday are always so busy. And we're also the only gas station within 30 miles. And we're one of the only ones like in between Lubbock to I’m not good with all the towns around here yet. But like you almost have to stop there if you're headed to Lubbock to get gas sometimes. So a lot of people will be like, Oh, I was just running out of gas. And I saw y'all had a gas station. And then I realized that it's the four six’s is general supply house. So like some people unknowingly stuff on the range to get gas. But then there's other people. Like last week, there was someone from Germany, that came in, and then they were coming just to come to the supply house. And it also it almost kind of makes me sad sometimes because we're like, oh, how do we get tours of the ranch. And I had to explain to him that Oh, I'm so sorry. This is still a private ranch we're working. We don't do private tours. And they always look so disappointed. But we do have that online that we don't to tours. So it just makes me feel bad when I have to give people the bad news. But especially right now with spring break, there have been a lot of people coming in and out. It's been a little crazy.

Taylor Mcadams: Yeah, that I can see how that can be really disappointing. That's interesting to hear, though that there are several people that come through and now that you're listening and you hear it you know that you can stop by to and it sounds like you want to go on a Wednesday or Thursday. Whenever it's less busy, you'll get a more intimate experience. It sounds like but I know moving on to the next that my favorite part personally of the podcast is more of like the fashion influencing side and we're gonna start with Zach. I mean Abby has a lot to say about this because Abby is one of the OG influencers and she's known as the one of the original influencers from a lot of the influencers out there now. So that's really incredible. But Zach, I want to start with you personally because you were one of the first to get to wear and wear test our jeans that we're getting ready to launch soon. If you're not aware, just a reminder, we're going to be coming out with some awesome incredible denim opportunities for the men and there's different sizes, different styles all that but what was it like for you to kind of get to take the limelight for a second as the husband, the influencer husband and kind of be the influencer to wear our jeans. What was that like?

Zach Arnold: I was on it was an honor. It's Abby being married to Abby I’ve gotten to kind of do a lot of things like that. So I'm slowly getting used to it if I ever truly will, but so I got to try on the pants. They are some of the most comfortable pants I've ever put on. So I would definitely, definitely recommend them for sure. But I had a blast all the clothing boots. Everything was was awesome.

Abby Arnold: I think, it's fun to get to do it. Like I like the photo shoots where it's your actual lifestyle. They're just putting clothes on you and they don't really like you don't really tell us what to do. You're just like oh, we're this and then just do something natural it just makes it makes the shoots a lot more fun a lot easier. And you kinda get sad when they're over with like I was sad when we got done with your shoot that was a fun one.

Taylor Mcadams: It was and we honestly the crew and I were talking you guys felt like we were family after you just welcomed us all into your guys's well your you know your parents at your parents home and their ranch and stuff. But that yeah, I want to go back and talk about that a little bit. You did mention the different things that that we were just like, just do it just go. And that's really important too. You guys were so natural. It was like the camera was just drawn to you. What was it? I don't know, what were some of the things that we had you doing? i We didn't ever just say go do something unnatural, but we kind of were, because we talked about the we went through the bullpen like that was kind of random.

Abby Arnold: The Bulls. So Zach's dad, he could talk more about it but his dad raises a registered herd of beef masters and his place is large but not so large that nothing comes to a bucket like they're basically his dad's pets. And so they had never been worked with horses before. So I'm sure whenever the the bulls were pushing them, they were just looking back like what is this thing just following me? Like, why is that lady on that like what is going on? So for the bulls, I'm sure it wasn't as natural as it was for us.

Taylor Mcadams: That's true. I would love to hear their perspective too. And anyone out there listening, you have to stay tuned to see whenever we launch our denim line. You'll get to see the faces behind the feet and the bodies that we're showing all the pictures. So that's going to be a fun fact for you guys. But then let's move on to a little bit to know about Abby's style and Abby's influencing experience you going back to I mean, I feel like personally, you were an influencer. Even when you were in high school, you followed the trends you were so open and so raw with people from the very beginning on social media and people were drawn to that you were you were real before real was cool. And so talk about your story a little bit and what it's like being for you an influencer. And then yeah, at the end, talk about how it is cool bringing the hubby into it.

Abby Arnold: So it sounds weird, like saying I'm one of the OG influencers, because I remember back in high school again with my best friend sage, who is still one of my best friends. We were sitting in history class. And Instagram was the new app, you know. And like, I remember when Snapchat came out, like I feel like I'm old talking about this, but I remember when Instagram came out, and I made an Instagram because I was that younger sister who wanted to do everything her older sister did. So I made an Instagram because my older sister Lexi had made an Instagram and she is just someone who I've always aspired to be. I just think my sister is the absolute coolest person I've ever met in the world. Like, back in high school, we were on the same officer team in FFA like we played the same sports. We just did everything together. So I was like, of course, I need an Instagram. My older sister has an Instagram. And I would always steal her clothes when I would want to look cute. So I blame not blame but I give my sister the credit for a lot of my style. She, if you know my sister, Lexi Fogarty, shout out to her. She has the funkiest coolest style. Like I feel like I'm a drop in the ocean compared to her style. She is just so cool. And she's everything I strive to be when it comes to like being cool. Just being funny looking like naturally awesome. So I give a lot of the credit to my sister. And that's kind of where it started it I would watch how she got dressed. And then I would want to get dressed, just like how she did. And growing up. The one of the things we first probably started getting notice for was our turquoise, we were very blessed to have my grandma and great grandma's turquoise collection that we could wear. We wanted to and they were both native, like we're native, but they were very involved in the tribe. We're all Osage. And I remember, like, even if it was just we were going out to a school dance, or going out to a concert, my mom would be like, put this on, like, put this piece of turquoise on, put this ring on, it'll look really good with these colors. So my mom and my sister and my grandmother's have both been huge influences in my life when it comes to fashion. And I just remember being like a senior in high school, probably freshman in college, and people started messaging me asking you about my turquoise. And it was at that point in time where I was like, oh, a lot of people don't actually know like, the meaning behind squash blossoms or where turquoise come from and that it's a stone, it's mined. And it's it's things like that. So I always advocate for buying genuine turquoise like I get starting with some fake pieces. I do understand a lot of women and girls start with that. But I just I think it is such a big deal if you can save up the money and actually buy from makers and small artists and Native Americans and things like that, because they're the they're who we got all the art from like it all started with them. So that was just one thing where it was like a teachable moment. And then when we got to college and OSU like OSU, it is an ag college. But we were both in sororities we get like, not everyone grew up with an ag background, and they don't know how it is. Gosh, I remember when I lived in house, my friend Cooper and I were watching the Hannah Montana movie. And she looked at me it was like, Abby, that's how I imagine your life is when you go home, like mine, you wrangle horses in the pasture. And I was like, oh, no, no, no, that is not and that was another teachable moment where it's like, people don't realize what we do on a day to day basis. They don't see how we actually dress like we'll go to the barn in our pajamas like we don't always stop to be in jeans and like boots and stuff like it was just meeting people that didn't grow up that way made it like a teachable moment for me and then I think that's when I started getting on Instagram and started actually talking about my life on there. And that's when I connected with people on Instagram like Laine George and Marijka even though she's from so far up north like all those people and I would say if we're talking about influencer influences for me, Rachel Joy or Rachel McGann she is someone that I have always looked up to when it whether it be like lifestyle, fashion, motherhood, she always just looks like she has it going on which I'm sure behind the scenes she probably doesn't but even when she doesn't she's honest about that, you know, and that she's something I admire about her is she's always been one of those influencers that's a good like you can be an influencer and not be a good influence and watching her and then now I have we have nieces which I've been married into. Thankfully, it's just you don't want to just influence someone you want to be a good influence on someone like Rachel she posted something years ago but it's always stuck with me. It was around NFR time and she was talking about I like how you don't have to show all this skin to be noticed. And that you could still look modest and look beautiful and things like that. And that has just always stuck with me. So that's just something, whenever I put clothes on, like, if I'm wearing shorts, I try to put on a cardigan that covers the booty area. Or if I'm wearing a crop top, I'm wearing pants that cover everything, like I'm always trying to even if I'm showing a little bit, I always try to be modest about it. And I want to be a good influence. So another thing I always also tell people is you have to be kind to everyone you meet, because you don't know, one you don't know what that person is going through in their day to day life. But then you also don't know, in five to 10 years from now, what they're going to be like when we met in high school, I didn't know you would be working for Justin's Boots, you know what I mean? Like this thing that like you always have to be kind to others, because they could be your boss, they could be the next big thing. They could be a celebrity, they could be an athlete, you never know what that person is going to turn into when they get older or decide what they want to be when they grow up. So it's different being an influencer, but also being a good influence, I guess, I guess if that makes sense. That was probably just a bunch of word mumbo jumbo.

Taylor Mcadams: No, no, that's so well said. I'm glad you said that. And that's what makes you unique and sets you apart. Because there are a lot of girls out there that are just in it for the fame and the money and for them and for getting all these contacts. But when you go back to the core, and you find out your reason why the reason why you post stuff every day, that means so much and people respect you so much more for that. So thank you for being true and authentic and your fun self like you are so fun. And I want to go back to talk about Lexi for a second too. When I first met her at one of our little photoshoots that we did way back in the day for a boutique. Holy cow. I was like I left feeling like oh my gosh, I want to be her like I don't know who she is or what she does or anything about her. But like, I'm gonna be her. It's just because she's fun. She's the life of the party. She made everyone laugh. So that's awesome. Thank you for being yourself. And for really speaking, you're passion about that. But I think now it's time to have a little bit of fun. Are you guys ready to play a game?

Abby Arnold: Let’s do it.

Taylor Mcadams: So I want to play a game that's similar to what you would see at a wedding. But it's going to be one that's fun. We're gonna get to know about you guys on a more personal level. And if anyone has any more questions they can go and always ask you more questions afterwards we'll plug your social media so to get started I've got to know who made the first move?

Taylor Mcadams: That's awesome. Who said I love you first?

Abby Arnold: on accident.

Taylor Mcadams: Who's the better cook? Oh, hesitation though. Do you do you cook anything good Zach? What do you have a specialty?

Abby Arnold: What was when was the last time you cooked?

Zach Arnold: I’m gonna plead the fifth on that one.

Taylor Mcadams: good call. that's okay, okay. Okay, good. Oh my goodness. Okay, who out of the two of you is most likely to wear full quill ostrich boots?

Abby Arnold: Oh, probably me for sure.

Taylor Mcadams: Yeah, loud style. Love it. Who's the better driver? Definitely. Okay. Better kisser?

Abby Arnold: I've never kissed myself though. So

Taylor Mcadams: Oh, Zach, you were looking but I didn't see your point. Let's point you got a point.

Zach Arnold: I’m gonna say her. I could sell the hesitation there That's hilarious. Okay, who's more likely to wear a waterproof work boots like a boot that's waterproof. Out in the elements that makes sense. Who has a better fashion sense?

Abby Arnold: NO!!!!

Zach Arnold: I picked this shirt.

Abby Arnold: Oh my gosh. He came in with a shirt that was covered in poop. We put him in this just now.

Taylor Mcadams: Hey, it's a punchy shirt. It looks good. Way to go. Abby. Who is more likely to stay late at work? You answered this when the podcast workaholic over there who plans the best date nights. Oh, good. Okay, who looks the best today right now? Be honest.

Abby Arnold: Probably Him.

Taylor Mcadams: Ohh Abby no! That's funny. Okay, who is more likely to wear a roper boo or a round toe cowboy?

Abby Arnold: Probably you.

Taylor Mcadams: Yeah, the OG round.Who loves reading the most?

Abby Arnold: He's read all of the Harry Potter's and all of the Lord of the Rings and Things like that.

Taylor Mcadams: Oh my gosh.

Abby Arnold: His nickname is punchy potter.

Taylor Mcadams: Say that again. He’s what?

Abby Arnold: I call him punchy Potter.

Taylor Mcadams: punchy potter! You're gonna change your Instagram handle now Zach just so you know, the world that the world knows your nickname? Everyone if you're listening go comment, punchy potter, on one of his on one of his posts. It doesn't matter what posts or any of these posts or do right now. Who talks the most?

Taylor Mcadams: Okay, Yeah, I would probably say that too. That's cool. He was the most adventurous.

Zach Arnold: That’s a toss up.

Abby Arnold: whenever we like going a lot of places like the week after we got engaged, we went on like, how many national parks and we go to like five or six. We like traveled all around Texas and went to all the parks and stuff like that.

Zach Arnold: And when I planned that,

Abby Arnold: yeah, he planned it. And it was a lot of fun. What other girl would sleep in a bedroll with, in a teepee?

Zach Arnold: She’s the only one.

Taylor Mcadams: Oh my gosh. Yeah, that's yeah, true love right there. I don't know that. I would maybe just to say that I had done it. But not no, that's

Abby Arnold: It was so fun. 10 out of 10 recommend. It was so fun.

Taylor Mcadams: That's really cool. That's good. Okay, two more. Who is the most stubborn? Really? Okay, Abby, that surprised me. Wow. Okay, who's the most romantic?

Abby Arnold: I don’t know…

Zach Arnold: I’m gonna go with her on that.

Abby Arnold: I’m gonna go with me too.

Taylor Mcadams: I can relate to that. I'm a hopeless romantic. So that's awesome, Abby. And for those of you out there that didn't get to hear the responses you just got to hurt hear silence go on and go to our website at WWW dot Justin Boots dot com forward slash kick your boots up and check out the different answers that they have for each other. It's really interesting to see their perspective and they know each other so well. So also you guys are such good sports. Thank you, Zach and Abby for letting us pick your brains a little a little bit about life, about fashion about The Four SixesTM Ranch. Thank you for letting us even talk about Yellowstone at this point. I'm sure that's like the main question that comes up. So thank you for letting us do that. And I know that you guys are so busy. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out of your busy schedules to sit with us and share your stories. Before we go though I want to give everyone out there the chance to follow you guys personally. And then also follow along and visit your website at The Four SixesTM Ranch so guys, give yourself a shout out what are you Where can we find you on social media?

Abby Arnold: I mean my Instagram actually all of my handles are at rock hard abs it's a play on the name ABBY I don't have ABS don't get excited when you follow me. I am not a fitness guru. But it's rock underscore hard underscore ABS with three B's.

Taylor Mcadams: And Zach, what about you?

Zach Arnold: I don't I don't know my Instagram.

Abby Arnold: I think it’s Zach Arnold 16

Zach Arnold: Oh, I'm guilty. I really don't know.

Abby Arnold: Oh, we're gonna look real fast.

Taylor Mcadams: Maybe we can leave it here for you guys at the bottom of the screen.

Abby Arnold: Oh, it’s Zach Arnold 12

Zach Arnold: Zach Arnold 12

Taylor Mcadams: Is 12 A special number?

Abby Arnold: You graduated from high school

Zach Arnold: That’s the year I graduated high school and

Taylor Mcadams: There you go well if you if you can't find them just follow Abby, she's awesome. You'll find him through there. You're never going to be boring. I will say that if you follow an account named rock hard abs you're down to you're bound to have a really fun experience she she's real she's raw. I'll plug your chain there. She's just like the one of the coolest girls that you level ever follow and ever meet and come in contact with. So you guys definitely want to do that follow both of them. But then on the four six’s side, let's talk about that. Where can they go to find out more information, plug their website, social media, whatever you guys want to do.

Abby Arnold: We have a there's actual Four SixesTM website and I I believe it's just Four SixesTM Ranch.com And there you'll find all of the history of the ranch. Like how it became The Four SixesTM Ranch and it wasn't a card game a lot of people like to say it was a card game was not so that's where you can find like the history of the brand's history of the family who have owned the place the services that are provided. And then if you want to buy some things from the ranch, you can do it shop and then do Four SixesTM Ranch.com And that's where you'll find the supply house website and we also sell beef and you can find it from that website as well.

Taylor Mcadams: Wow you guys have everything going on that's really incredible and so that means you know when you when you purchase something from The Four SixesTM Ranch it's been personally packed by by someone there so you know you're gonna be getting like the local feel with a bigger brand so that's really really cool too. And that goes a long ways. Well guys, thank you so much for allowing us to take your time I hope everyone out there has learned so much I know they have if you guys are listening and you have more questions feel free to comment below or go to specifically to Abby and Zach's pages, get to know them as people. And until then, I hope you guys continue to to kick your boots up.

Zach and Abby together: Thank you.

Taylor Mcadams: Thanks for joining us on Kick Your Boots Up. I'm your host Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then, feel free to like, subscribe, and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.