Episode 047 - Anthony Lucia Is Shook. Listen To Find Out Why.

On this episode, we're joined by Anthony Lucia, the 2023 PRCA Announcer of the Year, a professional trick roper, rodeo announcer, and team roper whose love for rodeo runs deep. From learning alongside his father, Tommy Lucia, to making his mark in the professional circuit, Anthony shares his journey, passions, and why he proudly calls himself a rodeo geek. Tune in for a captivating conversation that explores the dedication behind the world of rodeo announcing with Anthony Lucia. For a full episode transcript, visit our website at: https://www.justinboots.com/en/kick-your-boots-up/podcast.html

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Podcast Transcript

Taylor McAdams: Hey, everybody. Thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. I'm your host, Taylor McAdams. And if you like what you see if you like what you hear, don't forget to like, subscribe, share, tell your friends about it. Leave us a review. We want it all. And without further ado, we've got to jump into this week's guest. And truly I feel like you don't need an introduction.

Anthony Lucia: I definitely do. 

Taylor McAdams: But yes. I would love to tell them who you are, because I don't even know where to begin other than the 2023 announcer of the year. That is an honor. Very, very cool. But I think what stood out to me the most is getting to announce the breakaway finals for two years of the three that it's even been there. That's incredible. My favorite fact fun fact about you, I guess, is that your wife is a former Miss Rodeo America 2017 Miss Rodeo America Lisa Lageschaar Lucia now, I loved following your guys's story through all of that. And really, I think the most honoring and humbling fun fact about you is your family. Your dad is Tommy Lucia. What a legend. I've heard so many stories, and I don't remember if I've ever gotten to actually meet him or not. But just hearing the stories and seeing the acts. That's really cool. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Anthony Lucia. Thanks for being here.

Anthony Lucia: Glad to be here. Thanks for having me. It's exciting, Justin Boots is very special to me and my family. My dad was great friends with John Justin and when he was chairman of the board of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and that's kind of how the that's kind of how I came to be with with Justin boots. And so, Justin as my very first partner ever, back before, I was literally just helping my dad and Tom Feller gave me a chance. And I've hopefully earned my place on the team over the years and but Justin will always be special to me because of their belief in me and Tom Feller’s, just a great friend and mentor, and he's a hero. And so I'm thankful for Justin Boots.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, I didn't know that, that we were your first sponsor. So that's really cool.

Anthony Lucia: I told you 2007 2007 Justin boots, and I will forever be a fan. And even if they cut me from the team, I'm still gonna buy them because they're my favorite. And that's not a sales pitch. That's the truth people.  

Taylor McAdams: That's true. Whenever I wish you guys could have seen this because off camera you came in and immediately before sitting down before getting ready for the podcast, you're like, Okay, where's the new boots? I've heard? And I've seen pictures. I've gotta go, Look, we have a wall over there. Not all of them. But yeah, I appreciate that. But you love the product. You love telling your friends about it, too. I think that's what makes it so special is that it's an organic partnership.

Anthony Lucia: Well, Justin Boots is a special company. They're more than it's not a fad. It's a lifestyle. And it's what they've done with professional rodeo and the athletes have it and, and constantly being on the cutting edge of comfortable, useful footwear. Like it's, it's this sounds like a rodeo announcer sales pitch, but I promise you it's not. But it's because I genuinely love the product. And so, and the people that make the product, because there's so many incredible stories here. Alone, that just makes you a fan. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah. Without a doubt. That's so well said. That's exactly why you're here to talk about Justin. No. But really, people do want to get to know you a little bit.

Anthony Lucia: Enough about Justin, 

Taylor McAdams: Let's talk about the real thing that you want to talk about. But you kind of mentioned your humbling, but humble beginnings in 2007 and what that looked like, but I kind of want to go a little bit back and reverse and talk about growing up with–

Anthony Lucia: First kiss was of 17.

Taylor McAdams: Anyway, that's funny. No, no, you know what I'm saying? Like, like growing up with the family that you had and getting to travel and rodeo and getting to make the connections at a young age. And all of that like for me, I can't help but think you had a lot of pressure starting out at a young age.

Anthony Lucia: Oh my gosh, yeah, that's the everybody liked well, they're like, Oh, you grew up in rodeo. So you obviously you had a foot in the door? Absolutely. Because of the relationships knowing Tom Feller my whole life and relationships in any business are key. That's, that's, in my opinion. Such a an important part of any success story. And I'm far from attaining all of my goals. I'm far from being done learning because like I learned every single day, how to do things better not only in the arena or with a microphone, but just in life. And I'm constantly making mistakes and hopefully learning from those mistakes and not do them again. But the pressure of my dad being so quote unquote, rodeo famous. And it was never I never felt pressure. But I felt the door was open for me to work hard and succeed. Because the pressure of living up to a last name is one thing like I have a brother who's a doctor not even a part of rodeo and even in he's in his late 40s Now or mid 40s And I could be he's gonna get mad at me. Yeah, but even like he's run Scott White Hospital in Baylor and or I'm sorry in temple and and Baylor Scott and White in temblor we go like he just taking another Master's program. And he's got six kids and and so our dad never put pressure on us to be great at rodeo he put pressure on us and taught us how to work hard in anything that we do. And it wasn't about being rodeo famous because it's just this is what we do. It's not who we are. And so it was more of like he laid the foundation of work hard in anything you do at all times. And watch what will happen.

Taylor McAdams: That is a true testament to his character and then to yours as well. Because I feel like even starting out at those young, those rodeos that you first began, you know, it's like when you're just doing the reps, you're gritting your teeth getting proven your name and stuff. Tell us about that experience. Because obviously now you get we're in Fort Worth here whenever you came to Fort Worth a few months ago. But now we are getting to see you on big stages, a large arenas, indoor outdoor all of it. So talk about like the rodeos that first got your start.

Anthony Lucia: The evolution of my career and not to bounce away from your question, but the evolution of my career from trick roping. At the National Finals Rodeo when like my dad had acts obviously whiplash, the cowboy monkey, he clown, he was a barrel man before that. And so the entertainment side has always been where I've, I've learned and I team ropes quite a bit professionally. And what I learned was, I learned to respect for the competitors who devote their lives to being graded rodeo. And that I didn't want to do that. Yeah, I didn't want I didn't have the mental mindset of dealing with the the extreme lows that actual rodeo athletes go through. And then the extreme highs, it goes from a to b so or A to Z rather, so quickly. And I didn't have the mental wherewithal to stay hooked in the lowest moments and know that I could still come out of that and be great. And through that, through rodeo comp, competing. It taught me a love a deeper love for the athletes of Professional Rodeo. And that is evolved into my announcing now where it is such a like an honor for me to make stars out of those athletes, because I know what they've been through. I've seen how much money they invest in, what they go through just traveling from one place to another for an entire season trying to attain and reach a goal and provide for their families all while doing that. And the evolution of my careers from trick roping into a lot of television for CBS, and the PBR and ride TV and all those sorts of things in all while announcing a little bit 2010, I guess is when I started really announcing. And that was at the behest of my dad, he was really encouraged me to announce Wow. And it was one of those things where at that time I didn't, I'm like now I want to I'm gonna trick rope. And then I'm going to team up I'm gonna make the enough on the team roping. You don't know what you're talking about, oh, man, yeah, kind of a deal, right. And then as my life progressed, God really started to put on my heart. Like this is where you need to be like this is where you need to be is being the voice of all the athletes being the voice of all the animals, and telling their stories and educating and entertaining the fans. And like, the way that God has designed my life is is humbling to think about because what he's taught me through everything that I've been able to do in the rodeo arena, it all transfers into how I announced now and the entertainment somebody with the cowboy channel the other day, they were like, you're more than an announcer you're an entertainer. And I'm like, well, that's where my heart started. And that's where my passion started was performing for fans and emitting a reaction by something I was doing. And now I'm able to emit a reaction in the feeling and an emotion by the things that I say. And so at all is has worked in and I'm just grateful to be able to make a living doing something that I genuinely love with rodeo and I I can't talk enough of how much I love and respect the sport of rodeo and the people in the animals of it. 

Taylor McAdams: That is so well said. And there's a few things that I have questions about there. But one thing that really stood out to me is that you are using your gifts that you realize, okay, yeah, team roping is fun and entertaining is fun, but really getting to use your voice I think goes a long way and even as talking off the camera, talking about how you do have to be an advocate for the animals and advocate for the Cowboys. I love that. So kind of touch on that just a little bit more on like, what does it feel like to you whenever you have that adrenaline at the rodeo and you have fans with just listening to you I mean, there's dead time in the arena when your bosses let's say, they say okay, you got to sell you got to do something. What does that feel like to you to have that opportunity and that pressure and the availability in this space?

Anthony Lucia: Yeah, our bosses don't really do that during the show just because they when that when we're hired they they hired for a reason. Of course you know here in Fort Worth, they've You know, Bob tomans announces Rodeo 48 years the for stock from rodeo. He's a living legend. He's one of my best best friends and mentors and heroes and, and then Garrett Juergen who's to Tom Pierce, he announced for the year 21 to 22. He's been calling the show, which is like basically the show producer. The last two years he started here, pack and feed sacks and on the feed crew, I remember those dates and all that yeah, he's a fellow Okey, okey. And so that when they put us into those roles, they put us there because they trust us. And they prepare us obviously with meetings and rehearsals and things like that. But when when we have the opportunity for that two and a half hours or two hours and 45 minutes, to and what to showcase what is, in my opinion, the greatest story ever told, and that's rodeo. It is like a walk off the announcer stand on such a high just because I don't I don't know what to what to what's a good example to compare it to. But for me as a fan of rodeo, and now to be able to be a part of rodeo in the announcer I guess you could say position. And then to do it at major rodeos like the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo San Antonio, the Pendleton round up and it's just like, it's kind of baffling. And it's extremely humbling to know of all the great announcers that have come before us and paved the way. And then now like younger guys, like Garrett and myself can, can really put our spin on it. And it's a new perspective. And I think that's the neatest thing is, is we're bringing our own personalities and our own view of what we see as rodeo. And it's been thankfully very well received by the fans. And that's always you know, it's always fulfilling and rewarding whenever the fans are enjoying it as much as we are. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, without a doubt. And I think one thing that's really cool is like you've touched a lot on how Bob Tolman is your mentor and how there's, you know, you guys are the young guys. But even then there's guys out there right now that want to be in your exact seat, they want to be announcing Fort Worth, and there may be getting to start doing their bull riding practices even. So what advice would you not only give to them, but also to like your younger self who was hungry and trying to make it?

Anthony Lucia: I would say don't rush the process because it is a process like literally everything that I've done, whether it was cleaning stalls or helping my dad and working in the arena and being around people and learning how to treat people my dad taught me at a very young age, you treat the guy sweeping the floor, the same as the guy who owns the buildings. And at the time I didn't really didn't really understand like, you're a little kid, you're like close, why are we bringing sandwiches for the cleaning crew? But now I look back and I'm like, Oh my gosh, how special is that? Like that, that my dad was that kind of an example to me. And, and just being able to, to bring all of those things that that I've had the opportunity to do. I mean, that's what that's what shapes you into being an announcer like for all the people who want to announce, don't rush the process. Every Randy correlate told me years ago, he said, I said what's? How can I basically ask him that question? How can I get to where you've gotten decorated? Yeah, rodeo announcer in the country, when it comes to PRC announcer the Year awards, whether it's the NFR every major rodeo in the country, and he goes, every chance you get to be behind one of these do it. Whether it's hosting a graduation, whether it's I mean, announcing, like you said the bull riding practice. My my team roping partners used to hate me, because when we will be traveling late at night, from rodeo to Rodeo, I would put on Rodeo asked music in the truck and just announced and my one of my best friends Seth Jones. He'll like when I want announced for the year he made a post. He's like from all those nights where you kept me up when I was trying to sleep and you were announcing the NFR in the truck. He's like it's paid off. And that's you. You just have to love it. And you just have to genuinely want to refine and hone your craft and never stop refining and honing your craft and never think you're there. That was one of the biggest things my dad taught me is you're never there. And I will never no matter if I win an announcer the year again or whether I announced the NFR for 30 years, which I mean I haven't done it yet. So we'll even see if that's a thing but you're never there. You're always striving you're always working to be better. And that's one of the thing reasons I love about Justin boots is it's like they've never been like we've made the perfect Boot Record. I know they're constantly trying to evolve and that's what you have to do to keep anything fresh and to keep anything where it's on the forefront as a leader, which we all want to believe There's if you don't want to be a leader, then you got to change your mindset, you want to lead the way. And whether that's leading your household, whether that's leading your friends. And it's not being a boss, it's being an actual leader through example. And those are just some of the many things and I don't know if I answered your question.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, absolutely, you did. That's really great advice.

Anthony Lucia: That's kind of just where that's where it's all leads up to whatever you're doing. And I'm still learning goodness gracious. Last night. Yeah, just every night, I learned so much. Every time I get on the mic, I learned that I need to be better, 

Taylor McAdams: Be better, do more, study harder, all of it.

Anthony Lucia: Not do more. Sometimes it's about doing less 

Taylor McAdams: Ooh. 

Anthony Lucia: Sometimes less is more. 

Taylor McAdams: I'm trying to learn that when actually, I just talked about that in

Anthony Lucia: clothes, more clothes just fine. 

Taylor McAdams: You know, that's, that's really cool. And I love that you said that too. Because we always learned in rodeo and especially like high school, rodeo, things like that, like the gate man is going to be your new best friend, because they're just like, they're just happy to be there volunteering, they don't get paid, they have no reason to be there, and you just get some kind of energy off of them. Yeah. And that's just like something that I like to put into. But I did, I did pick up on one thing to the amount of respect that you have, that you've said you have and that you also have proven that you have for the sport and for the athletes and all of it. I kinda want to get back to to your trick roping because you have that respect, because you've been there, you've experienced all sides of it. Can you still TrueCrypt today? Oh,

Anthony Lucia: Yeah, I can. I'm gonna be honest. So the other day at Fort Worth, because there's a lot of sentimental stuff like a performative fourth and 2010 and 2011. So I've been I've done 6,766 performances there trick roping, and change my act up the second year from the first year. And just to make it fresh, and they've been involved the horse and did a bunch of different stuff. And, and so we were going to go to Cook Children's to visit the kids. And I had my wife bring my rope cam, which I haven't opened in probably a few years. And anyways, I wasn't able to go to coax because we had rehearsals or whatever. But my rope comes in my truck, because my wife left it in there. And nobody's in the parking lot the other day. So I put all my old Team Ropin’ music on my phone, and I had about a 30-minute Trick Roping session. Not gonna lie, I still got it. I'm just kidding. I can't jump quite as high as I used to. But I could get through the rope. So I don't know, it was just fun. And trick roping. I've always, I mean, from the time I was young, like, if I had a lead rope on my hand of a horse, I was doing something with it or on it. And and then that evolved into trick roping. And trick roping was the same thing where you just have to constantly work at it. Yeah, practice it. And the reason and it kind of blew my mind, because that's timing. And it's like it's feel. And I haven't trick roped with a trick rope and probably three years. But it just came back to me because of the repetitions because of how hard I worked at it for the better part of my life. And I got to go to the NFR and trick group for four years 10, 11 and 12, 10, 11, 12, and 13. I'm bad at math. So from 2010 to 13. And then I basically changed my brand and went into broadcasting and announcing and but it all came back to me because of the work and that's the same thing that goes with announcing, you will pick up on nuances that you did it. I when I used to haul my speaker in my computer to the local team roping jackpots. And I would rope in the first roping and then I would go up and announce the second roping free of charge. Just let me do it just give me reps. And all of that still now goes into what I'm doing now on some of the greatest and grandest stages of Professional Rodeo.

Taylor McAdams: That is so relatable, even just like roping the dummy. I haven't roped the dummy in years, and I just did it not long ago–

Anthony Lucia: On his party dummies aren't very good, but always really smart.

Taylor McAdams: I see what you did there. Yeah, that's so funny. Anthony got it. No, but it's so true. It's repetition, and you become like it just as a habit, like riding a bike. Yeah, or swinging over a horse or whatever. So well, unfortunately, we have to take a break. But when we come back, we have more of Anthony, so we'll see you in just a second. Narrator: Since 1879, our iconic boots have been trusted on ranches, job sites and beyond. Now we bring that legacy to our new Justin Jeans. Our Jeans are meticulously crafted from a blend of materials offering uncompromised comfort and toughness, boots, jeans and clothes built for men demand nothing less than craftsmanship and style. Find a retailer in your area at Justin boots.com Welcome

Anthony Lucia: Welcome back, everybody to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast.

Taylor McAdams: You know that's the intro. That's Anthony. That's it. You just did it. Thank you.

Anthony Lucia: I'm Taylor and this isn't Wait. You're the it's gotta be your bowl.

Taylor McAdams: Okay, wow. That's beautiful. This is the first time ever that this has happened on the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. So I appreciate that. Anthony. Thank you. And before we left off, we started good A little bit into your announcing career, but not so much. So now I really want to deep dive

Anthony Lucia: For the viewers that have left. You’re missing out.

Taylor McAdams: That's right. Tell your friends right now text them to tune in. No, but what that for real. We were just talking a little bit off camera about like the mindset and all of it. So let's talk about that. Let's talk about the inside Go. Let's go inside and announcers peel back the onion. 

Anthony Lucia: Yes, let's do it. 

Taylor McAdams:  So with that, I mean so many questions. The first time that you got to announce the breakaway finals had to have been such a big deal to you, not only because it was a big topic, but like you got to do it.

Anthony Lucia: Yeah. So that was earlier in that year, I had been selected to announce the RAM National Circuit Finals, which is now the NFR Open in Kissimmee, Florida. Now it's in Colorado Springs. But so that was my first big, I would say, championship event and Professional Rodeo like I take, to a degree not really like. So back to mindset for a second. I don't look at things as a big break, I look at things as an opportunity. Because if you look at things as a big break, then you Oh, put way too much pressure on yourself there. I have to do good here, I'm never going to know, go do your job. You're again, it goes back to what we talked to, you're there for a reason. It's an opportunity to do your job. No matter this this stage, no matter where you're at, it's an opportunity to do your job because the first night that I announced the four Stock Show and Rodeo growing up literally at this rodeo My dad worked 20 some odd times. And so like I grew up every January 1 part of February, Fort Worth, so the amount of nerves and then jitters that I felt walking up to the announcer stand was was and could have been overwhelming. Yeah. But then when I got up there, I know what to do. This is my job. And if they didn't believe in me, I wouldn't be this in this position. If God didn't believe in me, he wouldn't put put me in this position. And if you can do a good job, but if even if you fail, at least you failed while daring greatly. While there's cold and timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat. That's a Teddy Roosevelt quote. But it's even as long as you're giving it your all, you're not going to lose period. Even if you have bad performances or bad day or whatever. As long as you gave it your all it doesn't really matter. And I'm sorry to jump off. I'm glad you did. But the break way back to the break way it was it was very special to me because it was the first time I had been to Las Vegas, got to deal with TC long has been a buddy of mine for a very long time. And to be able to be a part of crowning the first, rather the second PSA World Champion for that year, but the first in Vegas, because the national finals of stereo picking already happened in Mulvane. But to be able to do that, and to be on the forefront of the wave that is breakaway was very, very special to see these ladies who were rodeoing just as hard for less money, there's only there was only a handful of rodeos. And in that year that offered equal money, right? And now that now there's 350 rodeos at equal money for the breakaway ropers hats in the year of 2023. It was it's amazing, holy cow, and then rightfully so because those are some elite competitors, elite horsewomen. And it was it's very special to be a part. It's humbling, again, very to be a part of that. And then to get that buckle that says has the PRCA shield on it. And it's just it's it's cool, but it's yeah, that's all I got.

Taylor McAdams: No that that is so, so inspiring. And you had a very good point about it. Being in Vegas, the first champion in Vegas that's a kind of a really cool thing to put on your shoulder. 

Anthony Lucia: You know, if you're a rodeo, you know what I'm saying? Like yes, it's just I don't know. And I'm I'm a geek when it comes to rodeo.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah. 

Anthony Lucia: And I mean Jackie Crawford alone, like I just geek out over her because having what happened in 2020 2020 and Texas. Yeah, all of that just going into that year. Well, that's so cool.

Taylor McAdams: I'm fangirling over that moment for you.

Anthony Lucia: We're it's such a neat part of rodeo history because if you talk about legends like Ty Murray and Larry Mae hand and the greats even before the Tom Ferguson's and Jim shoulders, I never got to see I mean I got to see Ty a little bit never got to see me and compete. But we're in such a special part of rodeo history with the Jackie Crawford's with the Larry D guys with the Stetson writes in the Chi Hamilton's and the the heaven measures and geez, these rodeo stars that are and Casey field for crying out loud. It's like, it's so neat that we're able to witness this at this juncture of our rodeo history. Yeah, shall we both actually measured last year set a earnings record in the breakaway and winning 150,000 I think it was to win the world, like right around there. That's so neat to that we're able to witness the first time ever that's happened. Yeah. Riley Webb last year 452,000. In his sophomore season,

Taylor McAdams:  The professionalism, so he's like, what, 18,19 years old? 

Anthony Lucia: He's 20 now, but at that time, yeah. Yeah, it's it's so nice. Like, we're just in a really neat part of rodeo lore. And we're witnessing history being made literally every day. 

Taylor McAdams: That's so bizarre. And I'm so glad you brought that up, because you'll see those posts on Instagram. Like, I can't believe that we're alive during the same time as like George Strait, Reba McIntire. But it's the same idea that the rodeo–

Anthony Lucia: Yeah, that's a great win. That's a great comparison because those are country music, legends, and great people with that, beyond that, and we've witnessed them. And now we're witnessing the same type of rodeo celebrities, and hero and legend, just form and we've seen what Trevor Brazil's done and things like that. But now we're seeing another generation of athletes that are just, they're blowing our minds. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, without a doubt. And I think a lot of them, actually all of them had to work extremely hard to get where they are, you know, we're talking about highs and lows and all of it. You specifically, though, right, being right up there, you've had to work incredibly hard to get where you are. And a lot of that comes from doing your homework. And maybe when the guys want to go out, you stay in to get ready for the next perf. So talk about the sacrifices that you make there. And like how much you have to prepare to truly be ready to announce a rodeo. 

Anthony Lucia: So again, it's a perspective thing to don’t I see it as a sacrifice or an opportunity to do my job at a high level. If you look at things in the end, I'll just be vulnerable for a second. 

Taylor McAdams:  Yeah.

Anthony Lucia:  If you look at so like working out, is it a sacrifice? Where you're punishing yourself for, oh, I can't eat this or I can't eat that? Or do you say this is an opportunity for to better my health? And this is something that's that's something that I struggle with that honestly, Yeah, same it’s thrill not because not eating that piece of cake. I'm not great at it.

Taylor McAdams: Or going to like I don't get get a fast food burger.

Anthony Lucia: Yeah. And it's so if you change your mindset, and this is something I'm working on, in the physical side, the same way that I've done in in announcing in any thing that I've done professionally, where it's not a sacrifice, because it means something to you. Does your health mean something to you? And this is I literally why that why is this fresh in my mind? Because I had a talk with Western Rutkowski one of the bull run bullfighters. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah. Love Weston.

Anthony Lucia: And, and, but he was just like, you just change your mindset to look at it the same way that you look at your career and what you're doing in your life. It's not a sacrifice. It's making everything better. Whether it's your health, your mindset, your body, your soul, like it all works together. Yeah. And that's the same thing with preparing for rodeo like I don't like, I gotta go do three or four hours of research. Like I get eggs. Again, I'm a weirdo nerd out, I get excited whenever I'm like, I get to go prepare for this rodeo. Whether it's the littlest rodeo that I work, and I worked some one day rodeos for the servi company last year. And Benyon servi was like trying to get me all hyped up and I'm like, he's like, don't you know, don't don't think this is just a little rodeo. And I'm like Binion, I'm preparing for this rodeo the same way that I would prepare for anything. This is the NFR literally think about it's no matter how big or small it is. Because I it's my duty, and it's my responsibility to the fans that spent their hard earned money to be there. For the athletes who spent money and who are hopefully going to perform at a high level. That's my responsibility. And that's, that's how I look at it, where it's, you know, gonna get in good rest so that you can perform at a high level. Where are your priorities? And I'm not saying you shouldn't you know, you should always just live in your house in the dark room and work underneath one light with your computer and be boring. Yeah, be social, but also understand like, okay, these are this is this is an opportunity that God gave me. Are you going to let it slip through? Are you going to act upon it and take it seriously? Very best? Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: No, that's good. So what does I've got to ask you then what does homework look like for you? Is it like, obviously, you want to go get your trailer, get comfy and all that, but like, Do you have a ritual, like do you open up a can of something? Do you you know, tell us what you do. 

Anthony Lucia: Okay, so like, last night, or? I don't know if this is gonna be later what doesn't matter? Yeah, edit this part out.

Taylor McAdams: We're gonna leave it in. Okay.

Anthony Lucia: I get back the trailer. I take my boots off. Put on sweats just because sweats are Great, thank you. Yes. And then I turn on a movie, any movie doesn't matter, or a TV show or something? Just background noise. Okay, don't ever don't ever look up at it. And then I sit down, and I work on my computer and and I utilize the PRCA website I use, like utilize Google and articles and past stuff that I've written down or other knowledge that I have, and I just compile it all. And you if you think about it, you have between 13 and 30 seconds for each competitor to basically set up why people should care about that. Yeah, and sometimes it's less and then you back sell it. But for me, I always I over, I write down way too much stuff. And I'll only use part of it. And sometimes I won't even use it. If it doesn't fit for that situation or moment, when I started I was because I would spend so much time doing research, I would feel like I would have to get through all of these stats that I had written down, because I'm like, Oh, by golly, I worked so hard to get this, I'm going to use it. Now, as I've evolved, and I've matured in my job. I only use it if if needed, or if it helps me tell the story about that person. And so that's so that's my ritual. And then I stayed up till 2am Last night, because I wanted to get it knocked out. And because I didn't want to feel rushed today.

Taylor McAdams: And which I appreciate, by the way, because I have time for this. 

Anthony Lucia: Yeah, and pre rodeo naps. They are the key to success. I love pre rodeo naps, you wake up, you brush your teeth. You drink a bottle of water and you feel like you're ready to do anything a marathon in the middle of the day. So, kids, when your parents tell you to take a nap, do it. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, I mean, there's probably some science find that your brain needs it. Recharge. Oh, yeah. All of England.

Anthony Lucia: Do it all.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, my gosh, I love your perspective. On that note, though, for real because it's so true. And not a lot of people take it seriously. I feel like announcers probably take Yeah, preparation the most.  

Anthony Lucia: Everybody's got their own style. And it is what it is. And I'm not. There's guys that don't. And there's guys that do and it's To each his own. But for me, that's what works for me. 

Taylor McAdams: No, and you're right, it's proving that it works. And speaking of working in your process, and making it all work, I don't want to name drop rodeos because all rodeos are the same and we treat them all the same. But what is your favorite type of rodeo to work? Would you rather work indoor outdoor because I know like you get a little bit more freedom at some places to be on horseback versus not. So talk about all of that.

Anthony Lucia: So I love announcing rodeos from horse from my horse. I have a horse named Walter. He's great. Walter is nicknames Walter poo.

Taylor McAdams: Does Lisa forget to run virals on him?

Anthony Lucia: Does that reverse I could outrun him. He is built for standing. not built for speed. And And much like me, let alone team roping. So that's how to know he's he's a ranch horse. And he's just good. Like, you can rub bulls on him and do whatever. He hates bulls and he's terrified of bulls. We're working through that. Walter, just stick with me. But every rodeo in this and I don't want this to be a no offense rodeo Queen answer where? Yeah, like, I love all things. LPS. Yeah. But I'm not knocking any rodeo queen. With that,  so my wife's former. That's right. You get it, if anything you're appreciating. And I'll almost say that. Just to backtrack a little bit, almost say that in a respect way. Because you learn when you're in public speaking and you have to deal with the public a lot to dictate the narrative, right? And anyways, but yeah, rodeos for me, they all have something special about them, whether again, whether it's the quote, unquote, smallest rodeo that I worked, whether that's the prize money or the size of the town, or whether it's Fort Worth, or San Antonio or the American, whether it's 40,000 people, yeah, you know, they all have something special about them. But at the end of the day, the core thing to everything I do is rodeo. And as long as there's bucking horses and bowls and roping and riding, and the fans are able to enjoy that show. That's honestly like, that's what gives me joy as people finding doing something that I love. 

Taylor McAdams: And that's, that's so good. That's solid. And I hate that we're almost out of time that I and I haven't even asked you this or even started coming. You have so much to talk about really we might get you back on later on in the year because there's so many things to talk about. But one thing that is like big on my mind, I'm a newlywed and so I can't thank you thank you it's been a while but anyways, I loved your got you and Lisa story like throughout a lot of people in the rodeo Queen world you're not supposed to have boyfriends all that stuff and it's like the cousin all that stuff. We all know it we all done it 

Anthony Lucia: but cousin?

Taylor McAdams:  Yeah, like have you ever heard of the rodeo cousin like oh what's happening right now? All right.

Anthony Lucia: Did you marry your cousin cool

Taylor McAdams: You know? Absolutely not. No, no, no,

Anthony Lucia:  I mean she's from Oklahoma. 

Taylor McAdams: It’s not Arkansas.

Anthony Lucia: What? What's wrong with Taylor? There there's so many things right there.

Taylor McAdams: Let me say in the rodeo Queen world, which you know, Anthony, thanks for giving me a hard time and making me awkward. In the rodeo Queen world you love everyone in Arkansas. Yeah, anyways. We rodeo queens are not supposed to have a boyfriend and so what when they do, because they do to me. They go some of them go to events. It's not encouraged. but some of them are like the brother or the cousin that's like the rodeo fans out there. Comment below because you'll back me up on this. Like it's like oh, yeah, that's that's Taylor's cousin when in reality reality it's like the boyfriend.

Anthony Lucia: When when you're dating Anthony Lucia. Everybody knows that I'm not related to the rodeo queen.

Taylor McAdams: Lisa Lageschaar with that last name, right? 

Anthony Lucia: Yeah, there's, there's no that's that was the thing. So Lisa and I dated. We started dating in March of 2015. And she ran for Texas A few months later lost, heartbroken. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah. 

Anthony Lucia: And that was so needed to that absolutely not that failures. Like I said earlier failures. Jake Barnes once said, he's a seven time world champion team roper Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer. He said, “You either win or you learn,” yes, let that sink in. You either win or you learn. You don't learn much when you win. Because you've won. You have conquered it, you're good. But when you lose, it's not losing. It's learning. And yeah, she did not win and went and taught school for a year we kept dating. She was in East Texas. It was a kind of a long distance deal. But yeah. Then when she won, then she it was would have been that December, she told me because I thought, okay, she's got that out of her system. Now we can move on. We're gonna get married. It's gonna be great. Yes. And then no rodeo lifestyle. Yeah. And then she told me that December. She's like, I'm doing it. And I'm like, What? What are you doing? She's like, I'm running for Texas again. Well, work ethic. That one of our common unities is our work ethics. And she is the hardest worker that I've ever seen. I think I work hard. I don't compared to probably doing a lot. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams:  Oh my gosh,

Anthony Lucia: She's like, the flash and I'm freaking the whole could just like slow down we hungry. I don't know if that's what the Hulk sounds like. But she's such a hard worker. And so I knew automatically as soon as she said she was gonna run again. I'm like, Okay, you're gonna win. So there's that and then you're probably going to win America because of how just be stopped she Yes, she's she exactly, you can't be stopped. And she's such a driven person. And, and the all, I give my wife credit for a ton of my success. Wow. For one marriage matured me so much. And but just watching her prepare and work and understanding there's another level beyond of what I thought was sufficient, in a sense. And that's honestly 2017 Till now, if you look at my career, and God, obviously designed at all, but Lisa, if you watch my if you just watch my career, it from 2017 Wow, it was it's, it's been unbelievable. And I attribute that a lot to the inspiration of Lisa. And visa. Anyways. But just watching her do it and how she just when she dives into something, by golly, she's gonna be the best at it. Yeah. And it's incredible to watch. And she's been an incredible ambassador of this Porter rodeo and now listening to her coach queens, and of course getting back and mentor them and, you know, help them achieve their goals. It's still can every day is like, holy cow. I gotta keep going. I gotta be better. They gotta keep up. Yeah. And it's awesome. And so that's so but back to your cousin, Uncle thing.

Taylor McAdams: Thank you for cut, recovering, by the way, you really totally saved me there. We're never going to recover. Wait, rodeo queen is happy to comment below, even though they will because they can't. But

Anthony Lucia: Well, so when we dated like other than a few appearances that she had at rodeos that I was announcing or something like that, that your schedule is totally aligned. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah,

Anthony Lucia: I respect and it was a tough thing for me, right? Because we had been dating for two years before and I was basically told that I needed to be out of the picture. Okay. You know, and I understand a little bit of it. And again, you just have to respect the process and respect the system. And if that's they're your boss, and so you know, that organization, you're basically an employee, even though you are the queen, you're not really the Queen because you're working for someone. Yes. And it's not all sunshine and rainbows. But I have respect, I have a deep respect for anybody who's a rodeo queen, because I know how much work you'll put into it. And especially to do like what you've done to win a state and then to do as well as you did and Miss Rodeo America. Like that. There's a lot that goes into that more than just knowledge. I mean, so much. But it was a learning curve for me because, like, wait a second, I've been that's my girlfriend but I'm not. Um, she's not supposed to be my girlfriend or She's your cousin now. No, that was never Oh, that's not a thing. Even I'm trying to make it work minutes later, not a thing. But I respected it. And it took me a second to embrace and just understand that like, Okay, this isn't about me, this is about Lisa. And this is her job. And I mean, I'm not going to compare it to somebody going off to war, but because it's, but it's, you know, it's one of those things where you just have to understand it and know that. And again, it matured me being going, Okay, we're going to be spending a lot of time away from each other. And she's technically not supposed to have a boyfriend. But I know that she's my girlfriend, she knows that I'm her boyfriend, you're solid. And yeah, and it's in that builds a lot of trust and a relationship. And that now is, is so beneficial with me being gone as much. And it's just, it creates a foundation of trust. And, again, I'm thankful for it all. That's the thing is everybody goes through stuff in life that you think is the end is going to end you is going to break you is going to it's going to ruin you. It's not it's teaching you something and it's it's helping you grow as a human and grow in your strength mentally, physically, spiritually, all of it. And without us going through all of that. And it wasn't even that hard. But without us going through all that we wouldn't be as strong as a couple as we are now as a married couple. Yeah. And in this day and age, young marriages. Don't. It's tough. I'll be honest, it's very tough because you have access to everything. Yeah, yes. Especially like being in the limelight and things like that. But with God is your center point. Yeah. And it's not about you. It's about your wife them and vice versa. Yeah. Then you can conquer all things. 

Taylor McAdams: I couldn't agree more. That was cousin or no cousin. So well said thank you for that. 

Anthony Lucia: Yeah, I'm never gonna let her live this. 

Taylor McAdams: Lisa will back me up when you talk to her go back and talk to her. Oh, yeah. So people

Anthony Lucia: Are feeling this silliness. That is? Is that what you were done? Oh, no. take time off this. Next question,

Taylor McAdams: actually. Yes.

Anthony Lucia: I'm shook. I'm shook.

Taylor McAdams: Sorry to shake you that's hard to do. I'm sure. No. To wrap this up, though. We do like to play a game from time to time with some fun people to show your personality.

Anthony Lucia:  And so I kind of have a game setup for us. y'all haven't seen any of it.

Taylor McAdams: I know there's so much more that's I'm saying like we've got to catch up later on in the year. Okay, but as an a rodeo Announcer And you guys kind of have like a stigmatism to have like talking you guys run the show you all this. So I wanted to give you an opportunity dogmatism as an isight I guess a stigma.

Anthony Lucia: Stigmatism? Whatever stick what's the other one? Sigma. Who's playing the game now? Taylor. Welcome to The Kick-  Kicking Your Boots Up. Kick in boots with Justin. 

Taylor McAdams: This is Messy. Wow. Talk about humility. Yes, that's it all happens to all of us know a stigma in rodeo you guys say a lot. Right? You're the talkers. You run the show stuff like that. 

Anthony Lucia: So specifically, we talk about rodeo. Did that one the other night? You're welcome. Forgot the yes. No big deal. Bob Tolman didn't call you out on one ounce with Garrett and Garrett did call me out on it. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay. Okay. You can always expect friends that you know, they humble Yeah, they really do. Okay, so moving on this game that we have is technical difficulty. I'm excited for the game not so much. Okay, so basically, I'm gonna say a word or phrase. And then you're gonna say one word that comes to mind. Just do one word, just one word. That's what I'm saying. And now because of your astigmatism one word Let's go. We're having too much fun with this. The first word is rodeo.

Anthony Lucia: Wait, so you're saying one word or? One word? What's the word relate to?

Taylor McAdams: You got to tell me I'm gonna say the word. And then you say what comes to mind? Like I say the word rodeo. What comes in? 

Anthony Lucia: I say what comes to mind? Yeah, like what?

Taylor McAdams: What one would like think of a word? Like rodeo? What comes to mind?

Anthony Lucia: When I'm just following your instructions.

Taylor McAdams: This is amazing. I'm like a literal. Wow, Anthony. This is okay. I'm gonna move on to the next word. How about that? Can I do this? Just make yourself comfy show off the Justin boots. Yeah. Okay, so I'm going to say a word. Okay. And you're going to say the first thing that comes to mind a word. 

Anthony Lucia: I'll give you two words if you want, but really just one I could keep going with it because then I could say the first thing that comes to mind Exactly.

Taylor McAdams: But don't. Okay, the word is microphone. 

Anthony Lucia: Talking. 

Taylor McAdams: Good. Lisa Lucia.

Anthony Lucia: Team Roping 

Taylor McAdams: Fun. Okay, ice cream.

Anthony Lucia: Yummy.

Taylor McAdams: Dessert.

Anthony Lucia: sprinkles. Wait, that's ice cream again. Dessert cake.

Taylor McAdams: The final one: steak.

Anthony Lucia: Medium rare. That's two. There's only one way to eat your steak people. Medium rare. I'm doing the other

Taylor McAdams: I second that. I completely agree. Anthony, this has been so fun. Thank you had fun. Yeah, I'm glad you haven't. But thank you for keeping me humble. And moving this right along.

Anthony Lucia: I'm gonna give you credit. You were doing such a good job

Taylor McAdams: If I didn't have a stigmatism in my eye, maybe.

Anthony Lucia: Well, there's an optometrist.  Oh, man, I can go check out for that. No, you're doing a great job. Thanks for doing this. Anthony. Thanks for helping Justin Boots get to a new viewership.

Anthony Lucia: And I'm thankful for what y'all are doing. And I mean that oh, I've been kidding around the time of the show where I stopped being so I and I tell you, thank you for doing a great job. Well, I want to say this, even though you're from Oklahoma,

Taylor McAdams: Don't let that don't hold that against me. 

Anthony Lucia: But also, thank you, thank you to you for like being the best representation of the Justin Brand. You know, we uphold a standard. And I feel like you do that in and out of the arena. So we appreciate that as well. Well,

Anthony Lucia: Happy 145th  birthday. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yes, we're celebrating 145 years of Justin. I'm sure you know that by now. But if you don't, feel free to check out our website, there's more information to know our story. And in the meantime, if you want to reach out to Anthony- Instagrams, probably the best.

Anthony Lucia: At Super Lucia 33. And also my friend and I Brandon Narguchhi, have a podcast. 

Taylor McAdams: That's right!

Anthony Lucia: Called Cowboy Mafia. And it is a lot of fun. As you can see, I like to have a little fun, lots of fun and but we also get in we talked to a lot of great athletes and we're talking to we've got some heavy hitters, PGA golfers, UFC fighters coming up, we're going to talk to some special ops guys that have served in the United States Armed Forces. And we've got to Yeah, the next month is going to be nuts with that, but Cowboy Mafia Podcast, you can listen to it, find it wherever you find your podcasts. And it's we have a lot of fun in it. But we also get into the mindsets of what these warriors whether it's in an arena or on the battlefield. Yeah, what they have to go through to get to where they're at. And it's pretty cool.

Taylor McAdams: Well, I can't wait to go listen. So, thanks for giving that a shout out. Of course you guys want to go find it there. If you liked what you saw here though, as always, like, subscribe, and comment below. Of course, we want you to leave us a review. And if you have any questions for Anthony, like I said, you can reach out to him or you can comment below on this episode. Thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. Thanks for joining us on Kick Your Boots Up. I'm your host, Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then, feel free to like subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin Boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.