Episode 054 - A Grand Slam Story with
Hannah Wing

Step up to the plate for an inspiring Kick Your Boots Up Podcast episode! Join us as we sit down with Hannah Wing, the Digital and In-Game Host for the Texas Rangers. Hannah shares the exhilarating experience of witnessing the Rangers' epic World Championship win and takes us back to her roots at the University of Southern California, where her broadcasting career began. With six successful years under her belt with the Rangers, Hannah gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her remarkable journey in sports broadcasting. Don't miss this exciting episode filled with passion, perseverance, and unforgettable baseball moments!

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Podcast Transcript

Hannah Wing: It was like top eight, Mitch Carver’s up to bat bases are loaded. And they pan over to Pierce my husband who was like freaking out, and they were like visibly like they could tell that he was like nervous. So they had like, perfect shot. So he got more airtime than I did, which was kind of funny. So I saw that and I was thrown off. I was like, What is he doing on TV? This is nuts.

Taylor McAdams: Hey, everybody, and thank you for listening once again to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. We're so excited to have this lovely lady here in studio. But before we tell you a little bit about her if you don't recognize her already, don't forget to like, subscribe, share with your friends. Tell us what you want to hear comment. We want to hear it all. So without further ado, we're gonna jump into this and this is the digital and in game host for the Texas Rangers. None other than Hannah wing. Thank you for being on the podcast. 

Hannah Wing: Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to chat with you. It's gonna be a lot of fun. 

Taylor McAdams: Uh, yes, it is. And I am just like in awe sitting next to you because you're a fashionista. You have a really cool background in broadcasting University of Southern California. 

Hannah Wing: Yes. 

Taylor McAdams:  Okay. So yeah, so Cali girl turned Texan. Such a cool story to share. And I just want to start with you. Just to kick things off on this podcast. Tell us a little bit about how you grew up your background and kind of I know it's a loaded question, but like how you got to where you are today?

Hannah Wing: Absolutely. So originally born and raised in Southern California in Orange County. My parents were still there, a ton of my friends are still out there. So always love going back and being by the beach, but was born and raised there. I was a dancer my whole life, which I think translated a lot into what I'm doing now. And just that comfortability in front of an audience and in front of a camera and things like that. So went on to the University of Southern California, which was truly a movie of a college experience. It was so much fun. I got my degree in broadcast and digital journalism. I was toggling between doing news and sports. And I really think that my senior year was really pivotal in that sense, because I learned that I did not want to go into news at least as of then. 

Taylor McAdams: We need to talk about that in a bit then!

Hannah Wing: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And so I realized that sports were definitely where my passions lied. I've always loved baseball, my grandpa played in the Phillies organization. My dad played it through college, I married a pitcher through college as well. So yeah, just worked out that baseball was always in my family's blood, I grew up going to Angels games, my very first Angels game was actually against the Rangers. So I have a little ticket so that my mom saved. So that was some really cool foreshadowing about 20 years down the line. So eventually graduated from USC wanting to go more in the sports realm. So I actually got my job with the Texas Rangers about two to three months after I graduated. So I moved out to Dallas. A lot of my best friends from USC, were actually from Texas. So it worked out well because their families are out here. And I had been out here quite a few times throughout college for different USC football games or to be with their families and kind of see where they grew up. And so I was always kind of a Texas girl at heart if you will. And so it was just God's plan to bring me out here in 2018, and I'm heading into my sixth season, which is crazy. So it'll be six years with the Rangers and August. So I guess this is season six. 

Taylor McAdams: Congrats!

Hannah Wing: Thank you. Yeah, it's truly fun by so fast. And I love my job. And it's really evolved and grown as have I throughout the past six seasons. And so it's been really special to open up a new ballpark and have a World Series win. And, you know, there were so many highs and lows over the past couple of seasons. So I think I'm really in the right place at the right time and just have loved my life here in Texas and the Dallas area as a whole.

Taylor McAdams: Wow. First of all, there's so much that we could dive into-

Hannah Wing:  I know, it was such a long answer. 

Taylor McAdams:  Well, I'm so glad that we have a little bit of time to get to know you because I want to back up just a little bit to what you said about you learned very quickly, you didn't want to be in the news. Listen, there's a lot of girls out there that are in the same boat that either are currently going to do like a news journalism type. Or like they've already made the switch of like, I'm going to do more broadcast side because, Yeah, listen, news is hard. I did the same thing. And I learned very quickly that I could not go up to a mom that just lost a child and shove a mic in her face and say, now tell me how does that make you feel? You know, so that's so relatable talk about your experience of their college there and like the decisions you made in college because like, listen, I that's so relatable to me. I changed my major so many times. So I'm sure there's a lot of girls out there too. 

Hannah Wing: Yeah, absolutely. So I think freshman year I was a communications major actually transferred to USC from Loyola Marymount University my sophomore year. So starting at USC, you kind of had to declare what your major would be, especially if it wasn't broadcast, because it's a three-year program technically. So it kind of was now or never essentially at that time. And so all of my classes were pretty much news or sports. And I think that the news classes were so beneficial when it came to writing and making sure that I mean, I write everyday scripts and podcast outlines and copy and all these different things. And so I think having that writing background was super helpful, but obviously USC is not in Beverly Hills. And so a lot of the assignments that I would get sent out on at USC were typically really challenging things and in local neighborhoods close by to the Campus where things were happening that I hope that no one ever has to go through. And so that was really challenging for me. And I think that's when I really realized, okay, I really don't envision myself doing this every day. And also, I think something that a lot of people don't think about when it comes to broadcast is the local news route of hopping around, traditionally, their two-year deals. And so I really wanted to try and find a way where I could potentially take a different route. And so I'm very thankful that the Rangers took a chance on me and gave me the chance that I have now that I've turned into the role that I'm currently thriving in, and I love it. And it's a really interesting mix of still hosting, and that on your capacity of what my traditional college experience and training was, but then also so many things on the marketing side, which I've really grown and evolved with since I started about six years ago. And so, previously, I knew nothing about podcasting, or influencer marketing or anything, and I kind of just picked it up. And I'm very thankful for the Rangers are giving me that opportunity.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, definitely. And that kind of goes back to your first answer. When you're talking about across the six years, you've had highs and lows. And that's relatable to to any person out there that has any job for any amount of time you experience at all. But one thing that sticks out to me for you is when you mentioned the building a new stadium and all of that, that was right around COVID. It was like the stadiums open and the world is closed, you know. So for you, you had like the best, you could have sat around and said, this sucks and gone the negative way. But instead, you chose to cowgirl up and you chose the positive route. And if there was not an opportunity before you made the opportunity to be the podcast. So to talk about that to like the mental aspect of doing all the things that you do and creating the opportunities that you've been able to create through the Rangers.

Hannah Wing: Yeah, absolutely. So I credit a lot of it to Travis Dillon, who's our Senior VP of Marketing. So for example, for the podcast, he was the first one that said, you know, I would like to consider you as a co-host for my former show, straight up Texas podcast. So the first season I was co-hosting, it was with Jared Sandler who is on our broadcast team. And he's wonderful and like a big brother to me. So that was kind of my first taste of hosting a podcast, the previous season, it was more just playing into our straight-up Texas campaign. And so I was doing everything behind the scenes of figuring out how to start a podcast. And so I think, from a mentality side for the podcast, and for influencer marketing, a lot of it was just kind of no pun intended, but winging it and learning from it and seeing what happens because there are so many different ways to do it. And I think the digital world, especially in social media is just evolving and growing so much, especially in sports and kind of where things are trending. And so from a mentality standpoint, I think it was just kind of letting go of the traditional ideas of what I thought my career would turn into, and just kind of being open to new things that ultimately led me to what I'm doing now. And I'm so grateful for that.

Taylor McAdams: And you're doing it amazingly like you are, you're fun to follow because you're just yourself, whether you're on the camera or not. And I love I respect that so much, because there's a lot of people out there that do it differently. And I really, really appreciate that. 

Hannah Wing: Thank you. 

Taylor McAdams: And then one thing with that is whatever you started six years ago, there probably there were influencers, but it was not what it is, 

Hannah Wing: Oh my Gosh,

Taylor McAdams: There was podcasting. But it was not what it is today. So talk about like the best advice that you could give yourself six years ago had you have known what you've learned now, maybe go back and give yourself some advice or share memories of like, yeah, this was a humble memory. I didn't learn, I learned that you had to take the lens cap off the camera. I don't know something. What was the story that you man,

Hannah Wing: I think, ooh, probably early on, would be I guess, speaking back to my college self, I would say take a marketing class just to at least have like general understandings of things. Because when the social media team transitioned to the marketing side, I felt like there were so many decks I was going through and things that people were talking about all of these marketing terms, and I was like, what does that even mean? And so Exactly. So I think I would tell College, Hannah to not stress out so much because you'd get a job and figure it out. But I think taking those marketing classes would have been really beneficial, even if it was just something basic. And then I think as far as honestly, advice I would have given myself in year one would be to start working with a talent coach. So I have a talent coach that I work with. She's incredible. She's helped me grow and evolve so much. And I started working with her. I believe it was in 2021. So I wish I would have told little Hannah, baby Hannah and 2018 to start working with a talent coach earlier on with my time at the Rangers just because she's really helped sharpen and hone my interviewing skills specifically for sports, where I think a lot of my background was traditional news and anchoring and things like that from college. And so I think she's helped me tremendously in so many ways, and I think that would definitely be my first piece of advice. And then I also think on the influencer side, that I should have started taking my own social media a little bit more seriously. Earlier on with the team. I actually knew nothing about influencer marketing, like we just talked about it cuz I followed maybe one or two people in the Dallas area at the time. And, again, like you mentioned, everything has evolved so much. And so I think that I would have taken the time to put more energy into my own social media as that was kind of building up when I first started. But that's ultimately how I learned everything was by doing little brand new affiliate deals to learn about influencer marketing and agreements and communication and things like that. So I think maybe taking that a little bit more seriously on my own page earlier on, because now it's turned into so many incredible brand deals and opportunities. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah, that's such solid advice, you guys, because I mean, truly, I remember being in your exact same spot. I don't know how many, probably around the same time in college, and just being like, what the world is all of this. And luckily, I got, I don't want to say I got smart. But for myself, I got smart and figured out really quickly that I didn't want to do like the whole news journalism and just kind of went the marketing and communications route. And so most people would think like, oh, PR, but like, just like you've done at the Rangers, it doesn't matter where you're at, there's going to be a job for you, you just how you work it and, and then to it feels I want to say this, it feels so vain, getting social media for yourself, having someone take pictures of you, all the stuff, but at the end of the day, like that's how you market yourself.

Hannah Wing: Exactly. 

Taylor McAdams: That's how you bring value to your brand. And you know, so on and so forth. So I love that. I also want to talk like family for a little bit. Because before we talk about the Rangers in the partnership, I'm slide loved getting to know you. So yeah, I can't help but go back to what you said about your grandpa and your dad. That's so cool. I'm so glad you brought that up, by the way, because I looked you up on an article and I was like, what I have so many questions. That is so cool. And a lot of people don't realize how tall you are. 

Hannah Wing: Yeah, I get that all the time people that ballpark because usually I'm on camera by myself. So it's just like my camera guy and myself. So people don't really see me next to people that often. Yeah, and that's the number one thing that people always say when I walk around, they're like, I had no idea how tall you are. 

Taylor McAdams: How tall are you? 

Hannah Wing: 5’ 11” and three quarters. So not officially six foot but I guess I always have some sort of like a heel on or something. So we can just say six foot. But when I was in middle school, I was always so tall, like the tallest kid in my class. And so it was when Yao Ming was really big. So everyone called me Yao Wing, because I was like two heads taller than everyone else. And I like hated it at the time. But now I think it's so funny.

Taylor McAdams: I think it's awesome. And that's, that's the thing about middle school you think everything in middle school that somebody picks at you about you think is like an insecurity or whatever, then you become adult and you're like, hey, that's what sets me apart. That's the coolest. 

Hannah Wing: Exactly. And like who's laughing now I have a World Series ring and I'm living my dream. So yeah,

Taylor McAdams: so we get from there. No, I love what you said earlier by the way we get you probably say that

Hannah Wing: All the time, even though I'm technically married now like my last name is different. But like I'm still Hannah Wing.

Taylor McAdams: know? Yeah, yeah. No, and that's fun to to be able to follow you personally kind of go into the influencer thing follow you personally and get to see you and your husband. I know by the time this episode airs. I think it will be a long time by now. But um, you when we're recording, you guys just went on a vacation. Yes. So fun. Tell us about it. Where do you go?

Hannah Wing: We went to Cabo for our one year wedding anniversary, and it's flown by so quickly. We got married in May of 2023. So it just so worked out that the all star game this year is in Arlington so we usually would have traveled probably in taking the trip during the all-star break but this year, it's going to be so busy. So it worked out that right around our anniversary, that team was on the road so we took some time off and went down to Cabo we stayed at the Thompson or the cave down there which was a beautiful hotel. It was incredible like we just laid by the pool we ended up actually seeing some friends down there because it was Memorial Day. But we just had an amazing time spending just quality time the two of us and trying to not check emails and things like that but it was really great just being by the beach my happy place and laying by the pool and just relaxing and just spending time together. 

Taylor McAdams: And it's so cool since you're from California that was probably like a little piece of home right like the little Yeah, no, I love that. And I will say you're doing an awesome job at the influencing thing because I'm also going to the beach nowhere near as cool as Cabo. We're going to Galveston so I still thought but I noticed your little slides your dupe slide yeah you linked from Amazon and I was like oh my gosh, okay, I have to wear this. 

Hannah Wing: Oh, I love those. Those are my favorite shoes. I'm so excited to wear them all summer through the Hermez dupes, I was like I'm not gonna spend $800 on sandals but I'll find one that looks like it. 

Taylor McAdams: So exactly, No, exactly. I love it. And then kind of twofold for this so whenever you are trying to plan outfits for you're really for anything for an appearance for your job day to day. Is there something any fashion advice that you have for girls out there that I don't know they're trying to piece together outfits or like build I know like right now it's a big thing on Tik Tik to like, get like, I don't know I forget the number like 7013 natural items and then you can like rebuild and rewire and rework to make like 75 outfits. I don't know. It's fun, something like that. So what's your best fashion advice when you're getting ready for work and then also personal since you are such a fashionista!

Hannah Wing: Thank you. So gosh, I mean, my husband always makes jokes that are closed It's overflowing. And it's my fault because I just have so many things in it. But I would say definitely for those that want to get into the sports industry or being on camera for your careers, I would definitely say get a membership with I mean, I partner with Fashion Pass, and they're amazing with the Fashion Pass or Rent the Runway, because like, especially in baseball, I mean, we have 81 home games plus exhibitions, plus potential postseason games. And so that's a lot of games to dress for. And I try not to wear the same thing twice because sometimes we have season ticket holders that come to every single game. And I don't want them to be like, Oh, you wore that yesterday, because so I think definitely getting some sort of a membership where you can always kind of funnel in some new things. That's definitely a life hack both on and off the field. And I also love wearing cowboy boots. I think even though I am from Southern California, I think it's a really fun, kind of my little favorite game day accessory, if you will, I love planning outfits around them and things like that. So I would say cowboy boots and some sort of like a fashion rental company to always have new things in. And then Amazon Prime is also my lifesaver. So I made a little storefront finally so I can share all my favorite stuff. But yeah, Amazon is my best friend, especially that Prime shipping. It's a game-changer.

Taylor McAdams: It really is. And as we're speaking right now, I have a wedding this weekend that I haven't even shopped for, we'll be fine. So yeah, Amazon is gonna have a total total opportunity there. So it's been so good getting to know you, we're gonna take a quick break. But when we come back, you guys, we're gonna get to talk about Justin and the Texas Rangers and everything we've partnered up to do. So stay tuned, we'll be right back. Hey, guys, it's all star week. And I don't know if you've heard and if you haven't, I'm excited to tell you that Justin has partnered with the Texas Rangers, the 2023 world champions to become the official booed of the Texas Rangers. We've got a lot going on for all star week. But the next time you're here for a home Rangers game, be sure to stop by the big red Justin boots to enter for your chance to win a free pair of Justin boots. And if you aren't able to make it to the ballpark, that's okay. We'd still like to save you some money, please visit our website www dot Justin boots.com and enter code KYB you 15 at checkout to receive 15% off your next purchase. That's code KY bu 15. Hey, all thanks for listening. We're still in studio with the one and only Hannah Wing from the Texas Rangers. You know her you love her. We've now gotten to know even more about her. So now it's time to kind of transition just a little bit into the Texas Rangers and what you actually get to do and our partnership here. So I don't know if you guys have heard if you haven't heard you're living under a rock, you need to get out more. We are Justin is now the Official Boot of the Texas Rangers. And that has been something that is really cool. It's a national, natural and organic partnership. And so tell us from your perspective what it's like to have a brand support you guys to become I know you have it all the time, you know, official whatever official beverage official, but for being the official boot also being a Texas company. Just tell us about your perspective there. 

Hannah Wing: Yeah, I think it's a lot of fun. I know that the Rangers and Justin have partnered since 2020. And there are so many different ways, obviously my podcast which I'm sure will dive into Rangers Deep in the Heart presented by Justin, one of my favorite end-game activations that we have is the Justin give him the boot. So it's whenever they quite literally boot the opposing pitcher, this graphic comes on and everyone just dies laughing. And I think it's my husband's favorite too. But I look forward to it every single time that happens. And it's also a chance for Rangers fans to win free Justin Boots. So who doesn't need more boots in Texas. And so I love the way that it's two very Texas brands coming together. And it's been fun watching how the partnership has evolved. And I know that now there are like actual like life size, massive Justin Boots around the ballpark for photo ops and things like that, which is really fun. So yeah, it's been awesome to work with you guys on the podcast side. And I know the team also loves the partnership as a whole. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, that was such a good answer. I love that. And those boots are fun, like, we've just carted one around for all of our events. And it's been crazy. All the amount of things that people say about him like how can I get in there? Has anyone tried to get in there? Who's who the most recent one we got was whose foot does this fit? And we were like Shaq is the biggest one we know and even he isn't that like come on people you know, it's just it's just fun. It's a good talking point for sure. So I'm glad you brought that up. Yeah. And then from your perspective with baseball i I'm gonna be honest, I did not grow up in a baseball family. My husband is the baseball guy he I think the highest he ever got was coaching in college or whatever but loves loves baseball loves it and so for me though being like a dad a good girl dad you know he he would always turn the baseball on and the sisters and I we would always fall asleep. So that was like our like, 

Hannah Wing:  And that was before the pitch clock too. So the games are like four or five hours long so I don't blame you. It happens

Taylor McAdams: ya know, but with that I have become a Texas Rangers fan specifically through working here at Justin. I started almost two years ago and yeah, seeing the different opportunities that are available. It's really cool but then from like, I guess to get some insight There's perspective for you. Let's pretend we're there at a normal game day home game. You obviously have to be there way earlier than everyone else. Talk to us through your schedule. What's it like at a Rangers game from your perspective? Because the fans, we all know our perspective, it's awesome. We get all the things. But for you, what do you do start to finish? 

Hannah Wing: Great question. So I actually get asked this all the time, and every day is a little bit different, but also follows a similar structure. So let's say it's a Wednesday seven o'clock game. So night game, I'll usually get in around like 1010 30, sometimes 11. During the day, I'll make sure I am working on podcast outlines or just at my desk doing influencer emails, I'm essentially a one-woman agency on the influencer side. So, handling everything for our campaigns for that homestand, making sure everything's all set for partners that are coming that night to the game. Again, just getting everything for our college brand ambassadors together, just a lot of desk work and things like that. Sometimes we'll do podcast shoots, I usually have one podcast shoot, per homestand, for the most part, because that's obviously in the players or home. So usually knocking out a podcast recording. I'll also do I have a segment on Rangers Insider now where it's a player sit-down, which was really fun. So we'll also record that during batting practice. So I'm usually at my desk, kind of doing different odds and ends, meetings, things like that, usually from 10, up until around two, and that's when I get ready. So people think that I have the full hair and makeup team, but I actually do it at my desk. And all the guys that work with me look around like I'm crazy because I'm curling my hair, I have dry shampoo, and I have full glam at my desk. So I'll do that. And then I'll go change because usually, I don't wear to the office what I'm wearing to the game that night, so it can be a little bit more comfortable. And then around 2:45 sometimes three 3:30 clubhouse will open up. So I'll go down on the Rangers clubhouse. If I have to schedule any interviews with players, I'll try and do that. Then again, just keeping up that rapport with them checking in seeing how they're doing if I have any actual baseball questions or things from them, that I need to ask, I'll go ahead and do that. And then Rangers manager Bruce Bochy does his media availability. So if I have a question for him for a podcast episode or an insider interview, I'll talk to him then. Then it's batting practice. And then at 5:15. Usually, we'll do our pre-production meeting. So I'll go up to our control room, which is so cool. And looks like NASA's headquarters, all these buttons and screens. And we'll do our pre-production meeting. So it's myself, obviously, the in-game host, our camera crew, our ballpark entertainment team, graphics, everyone that's a part of our game day productions in that meeting. So we'll run through and have a rundown of what's happening during that night's game, we go inning by inning, pregame, everything we need to go through to make sure that we're all set, I'll go up for what we like to call family dinner. So we obviously all spend so much time together. And I feel like I see my co-workers, sometimes more than my own husband during we all have family dinner. So it's a group of like 10 of us will go out there every night and have dinner together. And sometimes, it gets pretty unhinged, but it's a really funny group. And we're always laughing and having a good time. And sometimes I'll force us to go around and do peaks and valleys of our days and like talk about it and get really deep sometimes. And then my pregame hits usually start around 6:30. So I'll go down on the field for that. And then now we have a new area called the holster that we have up above the batter's eye. So that's where I do a majority of my in-game hits. And then sometimes I'm done around the fourth or fifth inning, and I'll go back home, sometimes I'll stay the full game, depending on what's happening. And then some games all stay even after the game is over. If we have an influencer event or an influencer suite or something like that happening at that time to that.

Taylor McAdams: I'm so glad you kind of shed light a little bit on your schedule, because a lot of people think we were talking about this off camera, a lot of people think that, Oh, you're just a pretty face, you come in with the glams-  glamsquad they get you ready, you go on, and they don't even see like, the hours and hours and hours of preparation that you took just to learn the stats that you have. That's one thing I want to really compliment you on. 

Hannah Wing:Thank you.

Taylor McAdams: Every interview I've seen of you, whether that'd be in the game during the game in host or in house. And then like even on your podcast, you can just tell about the questions that you have for these guys are very formulated very prepared. And that looks like you probably gain a lot of respect from them as well. So I'm sure so that, you know, knowing that, you know, they're I don't know how fast they could throw the ball or like all their stats that you know that you're so good at. They probably helps. But yeah, you spent so much time doing that. And I'm so glad that you told us a little bit about your story. And I can't help but ask you. I know I'm sure all of your friends have already like beat it like a dead horse on the National Championship win. You know World Championship fun. 

Hannah Wing:  Oh my Gosh

Taylor McAdams: Because it's my first time talking with you. I hope I bring it up on the podcast. Were you there at the game?

Hannah Wing: Yes. So I was fortunate enough to do all of the road trips for the postseason. So that was a ton of fun. Tampa, Baltimore, Houston, Arizona like we were all there for all The games, which was so fun, so they actually flew out the Rangers front office for the games in Arizona, which was really cool too. So I was there in a working capacity, but I'm really grateful that everyone else was able to be there as well to experience it and celebrate.

Taylor McAdams: That is so cool, Hannah. So what were your I guess what was like going through your mind? The second you knew that they won. I'm sure you had all kinds of emotions they’re your coworkers, essentially. But you have so much respect for them. You know them. You've obviously studied them for so long. So was it like your like, your brother's won something cool? Was that what it was like? 

Hannah Wing: You know what, it was so interesting because how it works in the postseason is if there's a potential clinch situation, no matter what the round is, you go down in the tunnel, usually in like the sixth or the seventh inning, and then MLB will line everyone up. And they're like, Okay, this phase of people gets to on the field first, and then these people get to go second. And so we were I think we were only up by one run at that point, because it would have been a fairly slow game, we were getting no-hit through several innings. Because Zac Gallon was just on one that day, we were all stressed out. So we had a perfect road record, obviously. So we're like, it just makes sense for us to do it here. So we're all waiting in the tunnel. And I remember just watching the screens because we couldn't see the field from where we work. So we were like in the actual tunnel. So I was watching the TV screen, and they actually panned to my husband and the crowd of all people for about 10 seconds. And it was like the most pivotal point in the game was like top a Mitch Carver’s up to bat bases are loaded. And they pan over to Pierce my husband who was like freaking out. And they were like visibly like they could tell that he was like nervous. So they like perfect shot. So he got more airtime than I did, which was kind of funny. So I saw that. And I was thrown off. I was like, What is he doing on TV? This is nuts. So his phone obviously started blowing up. And then we ended up winning the game. It was incredible. But I remember I was in the tunnel. And Lauren Gardner who's a host and a reporter with MLB Network, who I've looked up to for years, was like three people in front of me. And like by that point, we knew that we had it. And so she turned around and she was like congratulations. I just started tearing up and I was like, I can't cry. I can't cry off to go in the field and interview people. And it was really surreal. Like when she looked over at me and she was like, congratulations, like you guys did it. And I was like, the first time in franchise history. There was so much excitement I like get chills thinking about it. And then I went on the field to get a couple player interviews. And by that point, it was like you just grab whoever you can like there was no rhyme or reason. Like I found Evan Carter and Josh Young and they're great guys. I was like perfect. Like, they'll get great sound bites, I'll make it short and sweet. So they can celebrate. And honestly, I had all these questions in my head of what I was going to say. And I totally just blacked out. Like I don't even remember what I said or what I asked because there are so many emotions, and then their families came out. So I was trying to also help get little candid videos of them with their families. I mean, it was such a big deal for everybody. And so it was really special. And I remember Donnie Acker, our bench coach was like a big brother to me, was like over on the field, kind of like squatting down just like watching everything and like observing taking it all in. So I gave him a massive hug. And I don't think I fully got emotional until after I got out of the clubhouse. When I saw my husband and then I just started sobbing. I was like, Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it. But being in the clubhouse after the World Series win was so special. And I mean, there's champagne everywhere, like my eyes were burning, and but it was so much fun. I mean, there's truly nothing like it. And they said, Okay, you get one player in the clubhouse. Who do you want. And I said Austin Hedges, who was like to see morale guy, was the best. Okay, he was like drinking a beer during the interview. Like there's no unlike and he's a gem. So I was like, this is the exact person that I want. Because after the really rough loss against Houston, in game five that was at home on that Friday night. He basically said to the team, something along the lines of like this will make a great 30 for 30 one day. And that was like he really helps kind of shift the team's mentality from what I understand. And he's also just a hoot. Like, he's an awesome guy and just brings great vibes and we got him at the deadline or shortly after that. And so it just made sense that we had him and he was just a huge morale guy and was always super animated. So I was like, that's the guy that I want. So being in that clubhouse was awesome, for sure.

Taylor McAdams: Oh my gosh, and yeah, since you brought that up the whole champagne moment. Like, I didn't know what to expect it Tyler my husband who watches it every year knew was coming. You knew it was coming. Everyone knew was coming. But was it still just so cool being there and like, yeah, your eyes are burning, but just talk about that moment in particular because I remember they were going crazy. Like they were so happy. So happy. 

Hannah Wing: Yeah, it was awesome. I walked in, I think like dirt so Bochy gave his speech, obviously, yeah, and that was like a private moment with the team. So like, they let media in after that. Okay, and so they started spraying champagne all over the place. And I remember I got sprayed, like right in my eyes was unintentional. Like no one was doing it on purpose, but I couldn't see anything and I had to go interview Austin. And so I like found one of our Clubhouse attendants that had like a shirt on that was cotton because I had on some blazer dress. It was like not fit for cleaning your eyes off. And I was like, Do you want If I like dab the bottom of my eye with like, the under part of your shirt, and he's like, just wipe your face, I don't care. And I was like, I'm gonna get makeup all over your World Series Champion shirt like, I'm so sorry. He's like, just do what you have to do so really appreciate that because it was very chaotic, but it was so much fun. And yeah, I mean, nothing really prepares you for that. I think we obviously had champagne celebrations along the way. But I think that one felt extra special for sure. 

Taylor McAdams: That is so cool. And I've got to ask, Was it easy to wash out of your hair and stuff? 

Hannah Wing: Oh, no. It's felt like champagne for like, weeks after it was so gross. My husband's like, what is that? We don't worry about it. It's fine. 

Taylor McAdams:  It's just now fermented champagne

Hannah Wing: It was a part of me. But it was great. I think my hair smelled like a champagne for a very long time throughout that whole month. But it was a lot of fun.

Taylor McAdams: You know what, that's a goal in life. If you can smell like champagne, you're living a life. Exactly.

Hannah Wing: I think I tagged Yeah, it was wearing a blazer dress from fashion pass. And I posted it and I tagged them. And then in the comment I was like at Fashion Pass sorry for all the champagne returns closed, because you have to send it back to them. And they like dry clean it. So I mean, not a bad complaint, obviously. But it was pretty fun.

Taylor McAdams: So fun. So fun. And I'm glad we've gotten to have this little moment with you to talk about it. That is so cool. And before we go, I can't help but talk about your podcast. It's so cool. Thank you. The guests that you get to have on are interesting. And one thing that I got to see is like when you brought, I forget who it was, but you brought his wife on. Yes. And I remember thinking like, that is so cool to get to have, they don't get to do a lot of things together as a couple. And so you're giving them an opportunity to not only get to be themselves, you know, and to a certain point, but like to be themselves in bringing their personal aspects. So what's it like for you then hosting a podcast? That just like gets to share their stories? What's that like for you?

Hannah Wing: It's amazing. I mean, I've truly never done anything like this before. I've never actually had my own podcast. And so when I was kind of envisioning what I wanted it to be, I was trying to think of something that's different, because there are so many great Rangers podcasts out there. And I was trying to think of a way to differentiate it just a little bit. And so I thought it'd be really fun to have the wives come on, because I think a lot of people don't understand the behind-the-scenes aspects of being a baseball family. And so it's really fun for them to obviously open up about how they met and their relationship stories. And, you know, we play the newlywed game so people can get to know both of them as people off the field as well. So my biggest goal for Rangers Deep in the Heart presented by Justin is to obviously give them a platform if they have a foundation they want to talk about or if there's something that is on their heart that they've never been asked about before that that's the place where they can do it. And so my number one goal after every recording is for them to always say, Oh, wow, that was so much fun, or I've never been asked that before. So trying to really find those personal and fun stories. And I think every episodes really had a theme so far. The Jankowski’s, for example, was a big theme on family because he talked about the adoption of their son Jet. We all were crying on the first episode. And they're just they were so open and they're just amazing people and then Josh young and talking about his faith and how the difficult time he's going through now with his injuries really tested that and how he leans on his faith. And then that's the one I watched Yeah. And then Cody Bradford and his wife Maddie and and Cody grew up and Aledo, so not too far from the ballpark and grew up a Rangers fan. So the hometown kid, and my next episode will be with Josh and Claire Smith, which was a total blast as well. And they're so sweet. So it's just fun to kind of get the players in a different mindset and different location. And you know, of course, we talk a little bit of baseball at the top of the show and current events and things that are happening, but I really just want our fan base to get to know them and their wives of course to off the field.

Taylor McAdams: Well, if you're listening to this podcast go on over after this. Yeah. And listen to Rangers Deep in the Heart hosted by Hannah, because truly that's like a perspective it was it was great for my husband and I both to watch it together. Because he's a baseball fan. He gets it he'll watch anything baseball. But for me, I was like, this is the wife's perspective. And a lot of people don't get to see how hard it is just like you mentioned. And I also think too, that Josh particularly like, opened up once his wife was there, he was able to be like, okay, yeah, I can talk more like I'm talking to a friend and not like there's a million cameras around me or whatever. So well done. Everything that you're doing with it. Thank you so much continue to thrive. And before we go, there's one question that I always ask my podcast guests, and it's what is the best piece of advice that you'd like to give to anyone that wants to enter into your career? So for you specifically, what is the best piece of advice that you could give to anyone that is getting ready to go on? I know, we've covered it through call, you know, right after college, but maybe even wanting to take the next step. I know, I know, You've done so good already with like your life coach and all that. But what's your other tidbit? What would you like to tell them?

Hannah Wing: I would say and this is something I actually tell everyone is to be willing to move anywhere. I think there's so many people that want to do a specific job for their hometown team, and they don't open their minds to anything else. And I think when I was applying to jobs all over the country, I was like well, I guess we'll see what state I end up in, and thank goodness it was here in Texas but yeah, I think especially in the world of sports, it's definitely big because there are so many teams and networks and opportunities. But I think it's also fairly small as well once you get in, so obviously not burning any bridges, but being open to moving truly anywhere and taking any opportunity. I always tell people that there's nothing wrong with ever working in the minor leagues, because that's a really great way to learn so many different skill sets and things like that. So I think not being set on one specific team or even sports. What am I trying to say, network or region or area, if you will, because I think there are so many great opportunities out there, especially in the digital space now. And so now we had the UFL. And we have indoor football, and we have rugby, and there's all these things, especially in the DFW area. So just being kind of open-minded to whatever it takes to get your foot in the door instead of wanting to do one specific thing for your favorite team.

Taylor McAdams: Well said, I love that piece of advice. That's so good. And that could kind of translate to really not necessarily any industry. But any job you have of like not don't be complacent, don't you know, don't just want to stay get get ready to move and grow. And so I love that. I love that so much. And we always got to give the guests a shout out on their social media. So tell us where we can find you on all the socials? What website whatever.

Hannah Wing: Awesome, so I'm probably the most active on Instagram. So my Instagram is at Hannah Wing. My Twitter is at Hannah underscore Wing, and then you can find my podcast Rangers Deep in the Heart. That rangers.com/podcast And it's also on the Rangers YouTube channel as well.

Taylor McAdams: Okay, very good. And yeah, there you have it. You guys. That's where you can listen to the podcast. That's where you can see Hannah, if you have any more follow-up questions that I didn't get to ask her that you want to know. slide into your DMS ask her questions, whatever you got, 

Hannah Wing: I'm always checking this out. I'll get back to you. 

Taylor McAdams:That's so good. And that's what I love about you truly like, You do seem like you're the real girl behind the video or whatever. So thank you. I love that. Thank you for your time today.

Hannah Wing: Thank you for having me. That was so fun,

Taylor McAdams: Of course. And I wish you the best of luck as we go into the next that as the season you know, unfolds. We'll see what happens and hopefully we'll get to have you back on the podcast in the end.

Hannah Wing: I would love that. Thank you so much.

Taylor McAdams: Thank you. Thanks for joining us on Kick Your Boots Up. I'm your host Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then, feel free to like subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.