Episode 050 - Ireland Biltoft: The Western Influencer You Need To be Following

Join Western influencer Ireland Biltoft as she delves into mental health in rural America, recounts her wildest day as a vet tech, and shares uplifting words of encouragement. Plus, hear about her heartwarming encounters at the local hardware store. Tune in for an inspiring and authentic journey through Ireland’s experiences and insights.

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Podcast Transcript

Taylor McAdams: Hey everybody, and thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots up podcast. We say this week after week, we're so excited that you're here. There's just so many stories that you're about to learn. And I'm kind of welcoming you into the kicker boots up corner to enjoy a little bit of girl time this week. It's not very often that we get the beautiful Ireland built off in studio all the way from Nebraska. So we're so excited to have her here and we're excited to get to hear her story and I'm gonna learn a lot along the way. So why don't you guys come on in and without further ado, help me welcome Ireland to the podcast. Thanks for being here, Ireland. 

Ireland Biltoft: Thank you for having me.

Taylor McAdams: You're so welcome. And I am in awe of you. Honestly, I just all the things that you do, it's just so cool how you're a light to everyone around you. You you're a Christian and you're not ashamed of it. And you're you help lead everyone to the Lord and I love that. But what's cool about you is you're kind of well rounded as well, because one day you could have your hand in a cow powerpod palpating some cows heifers and then the next day you're looking cute for a photoshoot. You're coming into a podcast and then just all the way around. You're a photographer as well. Right? Is that what you do with Flatland? I gotta get those right. flatland I iMedia. Yes. So you own your own business?

Ireland Biltoft: I do marketing stuff. Yeah. 

Taylor McAdams: Wow, Ireland. That is so cool. So I guess my first question, then to start this interview off is like, tell us how you do it all. Because there's so many, I mean, myself included host listeners out there that they're doing it all? And they're they're kind of getting in a rut of like, oh, no, what's my purpose? Or like, how do I keep things straight? Even? And even moms out there that are struggling with that, you know, all the schedules and all that. Tell us how you do it all. How do you keep everything straight? How do you go from glam to not-so-glam and enjoy every second of it?

Ireland Biltoft: Yeah, so a big part for me. And how I get everything done that I want to get done is I have a very, very good support system. And without my people, I would not be able to do it. So that is very key. I guess keeping a planner is big for me, I like things to stay organized. But I am not me if I'm not busy. So I like to stay busy. I like to have something to do every single day, something to look forward to. And I think that right there kind of gives me purpose. Even if it isn't, you know, even if it isn't working cows or working on my photography and marketing stuff, I am living for the Lord. And that is what keeps me going every single day. So- 

Taylor McAdams: And I love that. That's so relatable. And it's it's easy to kind of like seclude yourself. I'm from Oklahoma, rural America as well. And there's times when you definitely are like my loan out on this island. But you're never alone, obviously. But that's so cool. And I love Earlier you said that your boyfriend is home taking care of things his sister is taking care of the you know, just when everything's happened to talk about your support system, then tell us about your their family that surrounds you, even co-workers, whatever, whoever Yeah,

Ireland Biltoft: so um, I don't have any co workers by myself, but I do consider like, the brands I work with, like Justin, for instance, I consider you guys, my co workers, you guys are a big support system for me, and helping me succeed with my own social media stuff. So I do consider, you know, you guys, my co workers, and also just like my followers and stuff, they help keep me going. They're very, very encouraging. And I love the nice DMS and messages that I get from them. But my parents and my three sisters are so supportive, and my grandparents and all my aunts and uncles and cousins, they're always so sweet and are always sure to check in and always leave a nice comment or something encouraging. And then yes, my boyfriend and his family are also so so incredibly supportive. And I appreciate them so much because they were not used to being around that by any means with the social media and coming down here to model and stuff like that. And they have just been so kind and understanding and really just came right into it with open arms for me. So yeah, I'm very appreciative of my people.

Taylor McAdams: And I can tell to like that's so, so good to have on especially on like a bad day or something to know that you can lean on your family, lean on your faith and lean lean on the people that follow you and look up to you and stuff. And I know I said this when we were doing our little soundcheck before, but I want to tell everyone out there I feel like I've become friends with our listeners and people that have started watching the kick up tssop podcast, you know, weekly, I feel like I'm their friend and see them on social media and I see their lives and they see mine and it feels like we're you know, close or whatever. But like maybe I've never even met them or once one time. So that's not the same for you influencing wise. Yeah, to be the same. Yes,

Ireland Biltoft: Yes, it totally is. And yeah, I was saying before that I've had people come up to me, and they're like, Hey, I follow you. And I'm like, Whoa.

Taylor McAdams: Do you have to tell the story on the podcast? Yes. You told me the story off-camera, but we want everyone to hear that. This was a cool moment. Yeah.

Ireland Biltoft: So I was actually in Ace Hardware. And I was just getting some stuff from my backyard. And I was in the checkout line, and there was another girl working there. And she asked me, she was like, Are you Ireland? And I was like, Yeah. And she's like, Oh, I follow you on Instagram or Tiktok, or whatever. I was like, Oh, my, that's so cool. What's your name, and her name was Elizabeth. And she was so kind and so sweet. And I'll just, I remember moments like that. Because I know, like, for me to go up to somebody and be like, Hey, I follow you, or I probably wouldn't be able to do that. So scary. So I really appreciated her. And it just makes me feel so much more connected to people. And like, I'm not talking to just nobody, you know, when I'm posting and whatnot, you know? So-

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, and you do such a good job of like being organic and relating to your followers too. And like hearing what they want to, like, when you're like, hey, what do you want me to do? And they're like, Hey, this is what I like about you or whatever. It's funny, though. I should have said this earlier, when you were telling the story. I just remembered. Ace Hardware must be a magical place, because that's where I first met my husband randomly. Oh, Ace Hardware. That's awesome. So I mean, yeah, it's like a place for kindness. I guess, if you're needing a boyfriend, or if you need a new best friend just hanging out in the aisles of Ace Hardware.

Ireland Biltoft: I've seen that trend on like, Tiktok, where girls are like, oh, I need to go find a new husband. I'm gonna go to the hardware store. Okay, so I didn't know that was a thing. But it was like a trend going around for a while. There might be truth to that. Yeah. That's so fun in your situation. And why? Yeah,

Taylor McAdams: No, definitely. And that was like random thing. I was just there for an event at a rodeo and stuff. So we don't ever really say, Oh, we met today's hardware. We're like, oh, we met at his hometown rodeo or whatever. But he's hardware well. Anyways, kind of going back to like what you were saying about your followers and stuff I had asked you like, oh, about your broadcast channels, I know that you're super active on those. That's kind of a cool element that influencers have been exposed to fairly recently, recently, I would say like probably a year, I don't really know when they came out. But for you, you can have two outlets that you get to not only like, three, your main feed and what everyone else gets to see. But then like your, your most intimate followers and subscribers, they get to go to your broadcast channel and tell us about what they can learn. Like,

Ireland Biltoft: Yeah, so I have a separate one for a Bible study. And that's basically just talking about our faith and how we have grown. I also put it in there. Like if you have prayer requests this week, leave them. And so I really liked that, because that gives me a way to really, really connect with my followers, I can pray for them. And that is huge to me. And then the other one is just like inspirational, like let's be better, and let's grow together. And I really liked that one, too. I've kind of been slacking on them a little bit, but I'm hoping to get better about it. But I also I really liked those because it's a way for me to connect, like you said with the most intimate followers that want to stay up on things with me. So I love that broadcast channel. feature that Instagram put out. But I also do like the questionnaire you can put them like on your stories and stuff. I really liked doing those. Because that gives me a way to connect as well. So

Taylor McAdams: and it really does like as a follower. I'm like, Oh, I got to talk to her even though really no, but like, it feels like I did. It feels like I and that's kind of weird to like going into this photo shoot that I saw you at yesterday. I was like I know her so much. But like I don't you know because we've never met was one of those like, I don't know, I probably was like weird fangirl for a second. No,

Ireland Biltoft: I'm saying yes, I I love the podcast, so well.

Taylor McAdams: Thank you for listening. Are you do you like listening to podcasts? Are you I guess girly?

Ireland Biltoft: I am. Okay. I listened to them when I go to the gym and then oh, the gym. Yeah, we

Taylor McAdams: could spend time talking about the lot of people love it. A lot of people hate it.

Ireland Biltoft: It's a love-hate relationship. I'm good about it for a while and then I'm bad about it. But I like to go the gym because it helps me with my mental health a lot.

Taylor McAdams: Even if you just get on a treadmill and walk for 30 minutes, right though, this morning. I'm not gonna lie this morning was a rough morning. And I didn't want to get out of bed. I did not want to get up. And finally I was like, You know what? I'm gonna go and stretch and maybe do some abs and then I that I got up and did it. So I didn't ever expect that.

Ireland Biltoft: Yes, it makes you feel so much better. I actually saw I'm reading a book. Don't ask me what the title is because I can't remember but I remember the author and her name is Jennie Allen. 

Taylor McAdams: Love her.

Ireland Biltoft: She I know she has the book get out of your head. Yeah. Oh, it's called Untangling Your Emotions is what it's called. Okay. And I'm reading it right now in my Bible study. We like read a chapter and then come back and talk about it. And yesterday I was reading a chapter and it talked about how exercise is correlated with relieving anxiety and depression and all of that stuff. So I really like to stay. Even if it's just like a, like you said, like a 30-minute walk or a 30 minute exercise on the treadmill. It helps so much. So,

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, it really does. And I actually just got exposed to Jimmy Allen, I guess like a year ago at a conference. Oh, gosh, I forget what the conference is called. Now. Same thing. I'm like, I went, but I don't remember the conference. And yeah, I remember some of the things that she said, I was like, wow, she speaks truth. Like she she knows the Bible. And I think that was inspiring to me. Because you see, like, influencers that are in the Christian industry, let's just say Sadie Roberts and love her. And she's so sound like she she knows the Bible frontwards and backwards, and that makes you almost like when you meet people like heard and Yellin You like want to pour yourself more into the word? Thank you know, but then you're like, No, I don't know, I need to know more. So that's really cool. And I think everything that you're doing through broadcast channel there, that's super cool to have like a Bible study that actually follows a chapter or, you know, does books or something, right. Yeah, that's all you have to join that one. That's cool. Yeah, yeah. So in the we're going to take a quick break. But when we come back, we're going to learn all about you and your vet tech days and everything that that entails. So you guys that are listening. Stay tuned, we're about to hear a lot more from Ireland.  Narrator: The best boots are built to go wherever you boots that are rugged and comfortable for all walks of life. From the saddle to the streets, and everywhere in between. The frontier collection by Justin is right there with designed to perform their best during the night out. So clock out, hit the town and cover more ground in the new favorite pair of Justin. Enjoy out of the box comfort and 12 different styles to outsole options. Find your Frontier at Justin boots.com.

Taylor McAdams: We're back with Ireland, Ireland. Again, thank you for being here. We had so much fun in the first segment. But now moving on to this segment. We want to get to know more about your time when you were a large animal that tech, the pros, the cons, The Good, the Bad, everything that you got to do there. So first of all, I guess explain for those everyone out there that hasn't followed along for a while or doesn't understand. Do you still do that personal? No. Okay, so when you did do that, talk about like your day to day life there because that was you were doing some crazy things that not every influencer gets to do every day.

Ireland Biltoft: Yeah. So um, as a large animal vet tech, I was also small. So I was like a mixed animal. So I did work with dogs. I was used to being large in only working with cattle because I had experience on a feedlot doing processing and doctoring and stuff. Oh, wait, that's so cool. So wow, I started off doing that. And then when I moved to the town I live in now I started off by being a vet tech. I wasn't licensed. So I was technically like a vet assistant. Okay system, but they called me a vet tech. And I really, really loved it, it was super, super fun. My day to day life was it depended on the day it was different every single day. And that's how it is with animals. So I would, you know, one day work was strictly just small, which would be you know, cats and dogs and whatnot. And then I would move to maybe doing cattle in the afternoon or whatever it was, we did a lot of preg checking when I worked there. Okay, so just administering medications and stuff like that. But ultimately, I love that job. Because of the small animal side, I would have loved to continue just being strictly large animal. And I still get to work with cows and whatnot, still just with my boyfriend at his job. So I'm very grateful for that, because I do miss it, you know, being out there and doing that stuff. But with Sorry, I'm kind of like, no going along here. But I love that job. Because small animals very very hard for me. I have dogs at home. So when I had to help put dogs down, it was very, very hard. I just couldn't, my heart just couldn't take it. You know, it was very hard mentally it was a very mentally draining job. But I and I don't want to scare people away from it because it's also very, very rewarding. So if you've got good head on your shoulders, and you're very mentally strong, man, I highly recommend it but yeah, it's just hard because I would imagine my dogs like oh my gosh, I can't do it. So man

Taylor McAdams: and even like you've grown up with it. So you've seen like there's a certain type of toughness that you kind of are like hardness I guess that you kind of build up when you're in that industry and you're seeing like for instance for me I started showing pigs when I was three years old but like obviously if we would have kept every single show pig and not process them and use them for nutrition you know that we would be I mean we would have pigs that were 100 years old almost at this point it feels like it's just not realistic and so you do you like in like showing and stuff you build up like this like bond with your animal and then you know like, okay at the end we're going to have to process you it's just the natural way of ag have been or whatever so I can only I can imagine like your, your like emotional battle sometimes of like, but this is a pet This is someone's you know. Yeah. But that that can be challenging but I guess, to stop thinking about the negative and the challenging part, what is like the funniest or the craziest memory you have? Like, did you ever? Were you ever preg checking a heifer and something funny happen or I think one point you got a black eye?

Ireland Biltoft: Yes, that's a good guy. And that was when I was working at the feedlot. I was processing and doctoring. And I was bringing cattle up in protest doing never bring up too much cattle, even if you think you can handle it, because you probably can't. And they'll get you know, a little antsy. So remember that. But yeah, I was bringing up too much cattle and I was shutting a gate. And there was just one that was getting a little antsy. And she came and hit the gate and hit me. And then she jumped up and down on me. And I was very, very lucky. I went to the doctor after that, and she's like, You are so lucky to be live. And like, I know, scary. It's very, very scary. But yeah, I had a black guy and I still got a little scar here from it. But

Taylor McAdams: how many years ago? Was that?

Ireland Biltoft:  How long ago? That was? Last March. So March 2023. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: Oh my gosh. So kind of still fresh. Yeah, I'm sure your face hurts. But sometimes, like when there's like certain pressure moving in, or actually no, no. Okay, well, that's even better. Yeah, you're like, yeah, the scar. And that's it very nicely.

Ireland Biltoft: But mainly, it's just my back. I still got kind of back problems. I go to the chiropractor for it. But yeah.

Taylor McAdams: Man, that's the thing to a lot of people don't think about when they put themselves in the same presence of a 1500 or heavier pound animal. The things that yeah, on a good day go great. But then like one wrong move or one wrong thing. Same thing, getting the gay or whatever, how just crazy. It can go really fast. Right? There's like, I'm, whatever you see, like old cowboys that have you know, they're like, crunched over back. You want to be like what happened? And then you live it and you realize that's what happened?

Ireland Biltoft:  Yeah, yeah. Yes. And I always tell people, you know, you can never be too safe. And you can never be too cautious. Because, you know, the reason why I got into the accident is because I wasn't cautious enough. Yeah. And, you know, it's like, oh, it's just a regular day. Yeah, I'm fine. I can move them up by myself. And I wasn't taking the safety precautions I should have. So I always advise people, you can never be too cautious about it. And yeah, I'm a lot more cautious now. And sometimes I get made fun of Ford. And they're like, oh, no, like, you're fine. Just go. Like, No, I know what happened last time. Thank you. Yeah, thank you. But no, thank you. Yeah, that's so real.

Taylor McAdams: I mean, when I loved what you said there about, like you, it's like you, you're you feel safe, you get your day to day or whatever. When I was rodeo queen, I there was one particular rodeo that everyone had a safe horse, we did a practice, actually, which is so unheard of most the time you don't get to practice, or at least ride the horse a little bit. Most of the time you're given a horse and you just gotta go full speed ahead or whatever. And this particular rodeo, they the night before, had like, hey, let's just have an open arena, you can come ride the horse around the one that you're getting paired with, it'll be fine. And I loved that. I was like, Yes, this is good. I had a horse named corndog loved him. Then I show up to the rodeo and he was uh, this is this is part of the story. That's important. He was Sorrell until like a red color. And so the next night I go up to the rodeo where like, everyone's excited we got our horses, we got our kinks worked out everything. And I walk up and somebody hands me a gray horse and I was like, this is not corndog I know that a bay I can maybe get confused, but this is not. Well, the owner had decided to take him team roping that night. And so he's like, Okay, this is your next best one. And he was like, I mean, he's he had been barely four or five, like, not very many days on him first rodeo probably, you know, one of those things that was like, and so I totally took that for granted of like, okay, well, I'm just gonna be competent anyway. Like, I know how to ride a horse, I can do this. And then sure enough, went into the arena. This was like, the one time I got bucked off in an arena in front of people had a flag. So you know, naturally your hands are tied up or whatever. And so I go in bucks and because I had a flag and didn't expect it, I immediately just like popped off. Okay, that's embarrassing. humbling. You had a humbling experience, you know, whatever, brush brush off, get back on, go and finish it. We're leaving. And I'm the dummy that still was like, Okay, I'm going to still send them forward instead of just like trotting out slowly or something. Got bucked off again, twice at the same time in one arena. So I totally get it of like you you do the same thing every day. You know, you don't you take it for granted. You make one little mistake and it it can change. Right. And so I feel like that same thing. They when I went to the chiropractor after that, they were like your body's like an inch and a half off. And I still feel that you sell it today. So I totally totally relate to you.

Ireland Biltoft: Yes, it's it's kind of traumatizing.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, it really is. Because you're like, one thing how stupid you know you want to be like, Thank you. You gotta you gotta be like, okay, it happened. Do you have anything else that was like funny if any memory? Maybe not even with large animals, maybe small?

Ireland Biltoft: I don't know. Well, um, that day, the same day, the same day I, I showed up. I guess it's not funny, but I sewed up my first prolapse, which was really, really cool. So

Taylor McAdams: I was just before or after the black eye?

Ireland Biltoft: It was before, okay. And no, my, my boss was like, You need to go home like, Oh, I'm gonna finish out the day. I'm gonna stand here in pain and sit here when you do home and I'm like, no. Yeah, so I actually didn't go to the doctor until the next day. So I showed up to work that next morning, and I was fine, like, fine. I guess like, my back was hurting my I was hurting. I couldn't really lift my arms because I was so sore. So like to run the shoe. Our handles were up here. And I was trying to lift and I just couldn't do it. So I told my boss was like, I think you need to go home and he was like, Yeah, I think you should go to the doctor. Like,

Taylor McAdams: Okay. Okay, which I got to know when a man that's in the industry tells you to go to the doctor, that must be really serious, because they do not go to No,

Ireland Biltoft: No, he was like, You need to go get checked out.

Taylor McAdams: Did that alarm you at that point? 

Ireland Biltoft: Were you like, Yes, I was a little worried. So like, when I went to bed that night, I was like, Oh my gosh, what if I have like a brain bleed? And I'm like dying and I'm gonna die. I sleep. But I get so anxious. And I work myself. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I went to the doctor, and she thought I had a plate shift in my back, but she couldn't. I mean, it didn't show on the X ray, but she kind of felt something. And that same exact spot is where I have problems still, when I go to the chiropractor, but yeah, I guess I'll just have a bad back the rest of my life.

Taylor McAdams: I know part of a story to tell. But was it worth it? Probably not.

Ireland Biltoft: I got a cool scar on my eye. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: But yeah, man, well, that's like, so humbling, right? Like, when you have something like that, you're in the humbling moment. You're like, okay, that's crazy. But then what's so crazy for that story is like what happened as a normal day, you had a really high high of like, Hey, I got to stop. So what my first prolapse which I guess not everyone would think that's cool, but like in your industry at the time, that's really cool, right? No, you're learning you're doing the things. So you're thinking like, yeah, I can do this. And then yeah, that's when you least expect it. Right? humbling. Right? Um, blink happens.

Ireland Biltoft: Sorry. Oh, no, no, no. Oh, you honestly forgot.

Taylor McAdams: Sorry about that. What I was gonna say though, is like growing up in rural America, I can relate to you probably a lot. What was it like for you growing up in Nebraska and having access to cattle, horses, and even like the feedlot job, what was that like?

Ireland Biltoft: So I actually didn't grow up in the industry. Oh, really. I didn't get into Edgar. I didn't get into agriculture until I was in high school. I joined o se. And then once I got to college is when I've started getting all of my experience. My after my first year of college is when I got my first job in agriculture. So but I did grow up. In a rural community. It was very small 1600 people and it was a farming community. So I was exposed to it, but it didn't necessarily understand the importance of it until later on. And then actually wasn't going to join FFA but my parents are like, You need to like join FFA be in it for a year and if you don't like it, then you can be done. ended up loving it. And I ended up being an officer for two years. Yes, high school. So yeah, but my uncle has a farm and my grandpa is a farm and ranch manager. And he also sells land so I got a lot of my experience through him post-high school. So.

Taylor McAdams: That’s awesome. And then I there's so much to talk about there. I bleed blue and gold FFA all the way grew up in FFA. So that's really cool to the common ground there. We Justin is a proud sponsor of Texas FFA. So we are very involved with everything that they do. What do you think was like the best takeaway from FFA? Because I'm sure even today you use some of the qualities I know for me, for example, interviews the way they taught you to public speak and do interviewing and all that like that is so beneficial. So what what is your FFA memories, the best thing that you've gotten from FFA?

Ireland Biltoft: I think state FFA my junior year. We competed in egg science. I think. I can't remember what we competed in but we we did a presentation and for me I was so so nervous to do a presentation in front of people in front of judges and in high school. You're always like 10 times more self conscious. I feel like yeah, so it was very intimidating, but it was also I took a way a lot from that. And especially as being an officer to just like learning how to connect with people and how to speak to people. I got really, really good at I feel like I got better at it.

Taylor McAdams: Oh 100% I didn't know you then but you are so natural now. And then even, that's such a good a good tie because like a lot of people that are in FFA end up in like politics because they they learn this system of like, this is how you gain a following this. So I would even say that that's brought brought you to influencing as well of like, you've learned how to connect with people in a way that they need to be connected with. 

Ireland Biltoft: Yes, yeah, exactly. That's why I was my senior year as the Sentinel. So meet people at the door. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, it's kind of like the hose. Yeah. Were you the Sentinel two years. You said you were officer for two years. 

Ireland Biltoft: I was secretary my first year and then oh, hey, so

Taylor McAdams: Secretary that when i Not gonna lie, didn't love that position the most? Because you had to do like the meeting notes.

Ireland Biltoft: Yes. Yes. I, that was not the best job for me. But Sentinel was like, Yeah, meet people at the door. I can post a smiley face. Yes, yeah. Did you ever show animals or anything? No, no, nope. So yeah, I didn't have anything with animals, livestock, I didn't start working cattle until it would have been 20. Fall of 2022 is when I wanted to start getting involved in it. So I started volunteering at a vet clinic and I only, so what I would do is I'd only go out with them when they were working cows. And that's how I gained my experience there. And then I got that feedlot job. And then the vet tech job again. And now I just kind of work cows with my boyfriend. And we're actually getting into horses. Now. We just bought two babies. So yeah, that's big. Yeah. And your story is so inspiring.

Taylor McAdams: I remember now I should have known that you hadn't had that background. Because I remember saying something on social about, like you have, you're really big on being inclusive in the industry, making sure that everyone has a seat at the table, making sure that everyone knows that they have a spot. And just because you didn't grow up in it doesn't mean there's not opportunity for that. And I love that I think the world needs more of that. Because I mean, I'm a first generation agriculturist first generation cow girl, and while my dad tried, he at least like got the land got the house set up for us and stuff. But I think like he would have loved that as well. But then I think even now, this might be a hot take for someone out there. But that's okay. Like in the Beyonce era, you know, everyone, everyone's saying like Beyonce is bringing so many people to Western. And a lot of people want to look at that as a bad thing. But I'm like, No, we have to have it. Who cares if their hats on backwards? Who cares if you know, they're not exactly doing the right thing? Like, they're, they're interested, they want to know, they want to grow. And I think that's really big that you do that, that you are so inclusive with everyone and you're like, basically like an open chat of like, Hey, if you have questions, let me know. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And I

Ireland Biltoft: I'm also I would say, first generation in agriculture. I mean, my grandpa did it, but my parents don't. And I guess I wouldn't say first generation in agriculture, more cowgirl riding horses, that type of decent lifestyle, cattle livestock, that it's just not in my family, really, my grandpa grew up on a dairy farm, but that's about the closest I got to stuff. So. Wow. Yeah. So I definitely always want to make people feel like they're not left out. Because I know how that feels. And I know what it was, like coming into the industry and not knowing anything. And it's very, very intimidating and very scary. And I've seen time and time again, where people are like going and getting made fun of or people or make fun of what I wear or that I'm interested in, you know, it just makes me sad that people you know, we were talking about before off off the screen basically that the Karen's and how people always have a comment and it's just so sad. And you know, I wish there would be more kindness in the world. Especially when people are interested in it's such a large industry that people are always needed. It's a dying industry, so people are always needed. So it just makes me sad that people aren't as inclusive, inclusive as they could be. So I always want to extend that open hand for people to you know, reach out and feel comfortable coming into everything so good for you.

Taylor McAdams: I've got to give you a huge kudos there that is I mean the world needs if you ever feel like you're not doing anything text me because the world needs lights like you that are like very much inclusive and yeah, I want to I want to talk about that for a little bit. I guess the Karen's if your name is Karen, I'm not actually talking about you, but like the people in the comments that are suddenly protected by their screen that are like, Oh, you're a barrel racer, you should have done this. You should have gone to the try the left barrel not the right barrel or I mean in any any event, any industry, the ones that are like Okay, yeah, if you've done it before, that's cool. And you're credible. DM me DM the person that you have a problem. You know, I don't know, I just don't I don't like that. People are like, Oh, my goodness, they're doing that wrong. They gotta stop or we can support them. And I don't know. That's just my TED Talk.

Ireland Biltoft: I'm, I'm right there with you. I just, I think people need to instead of being so criticizing, they can give advice, you know, replacing criticism with advice. Yeah. Because that's what's important. If you want to help somebody learn, or you feel like somebody's doing something wrong, then offer that out. Say, Hey, I can give you advice. I know it's not asked of, but I feel like I could help you out. Yeah, replacing that I think is really, really important. And something that we need to work on on social media. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, for sure. And I think COVID The year of COVID. 2020 has like really shown us that because like that year alone, I mean, everyone was we had to give so much grace for each other because you never knew where anyone was at. And I think that has like kind of continued on to now. 2024, you know, of like, okay, yeah, we've got to look at everything in a different perspective. We've got to give people grace, we've got to, and I'll be honest, like me being a first generation, cowgirl at one point in time, like I'll say, like high school. I was like, okay, yeah, that girl has a hat on backwards. Like, I'm not gonna go up and tell her that she has it on backwards, but I definitely am gonna be like, she's wearing her hat backwards or backwards or whatever. But even now, like maturing and you know, growing up and stuff, I'm like, who cares? You know, who cares? Like, yes. All if they like, want help. If they're, if I like see it at a country concert or something. I'm like, Oh, they want help. Okay, love your heart, you know, something like, thank goodness, that's never happened. I really hope that never happens. But if it were, you know, I would be the one that's like, Let's fill it out. But I also am not going to be like, hey,

Ireland Biltoft: Right. Yeah. Because I don't want anybody to do it to me. Yes. And that's something I kind of live by is treat others how you want to be treated and always be kind kill others with kindness. Because, you know, you never know what's gonna happen tomorrow. Yeah. And so it's so important to be remembered by being a kind person instead of, uh, not counting persons. So, yeah, well, that

Taylor McAdams: You're the perfect example of that the golden rule you follow that? For sure. You know, I cannot say enough good things about you. And I think everyone out there needs to follow you too. So what are your Instagrams TikTok’s. Tell us your social media websites. Yes. Share yourself so that everyone can find you. My

Ireland Biltoft: Instagram is Ireland Builtoft and then my Tik Tok is I Billy Three, I believe three. My Pinterest is Ireland-built as well. So Oh,

Taylor McAdams: Okay. I don't even look for you on Pinterest. Do you do like mood boards? Um, yes.

Ireland Biltoft: I tried to add my outfits on there. And then I also pin stuff so people can see what what my inspo is? I guess so.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, my gosh. And while we're speaking of Pinterest, I can't believe I didn't even bring this up. You're super good about um, farm to table recipes. Yes. Do you buy those on there? Or? No,

Ireland Biltoft: I need to yeah, I've kind of been slacking on those. Thank you for the reminder. I need to

Taylor McAdams: You know, nobody's holding you accountable. Nobody's saying oh my gosh, I'm missing another farm to table recipe that I like,

Ireland Biltoft: I love to cook, and I love to bake. So it was kind of just a little creative outlet for me to do because I love to do it. So it's like hey, why not record it? So yeah,

Taylor McAdams: Firstly, you're cooking dinner anyway. I mean, everybody eats, so that's awesome. I love that I love to cook too. So I'll have to start actually making recipes. Yeah, let's share recipes is yeah, that would be so fun. So fun. Do you have a website?

Ireland Biltoft: I don't know. Keep an eye out though for my marketing stuff. So I'm just kind of starting getting starting to get into my marketing stuff. Okay, so keep an eye out for that. Oh, yeah.

Taylor McAdams: No, we for will we for for real will. You guys heard it here. If you are interested in just finding a light in your life if you need someone that will give you encouragement if you are in the ag industry or not. If you're looking to to be in the in the ag industry, you're definitely going to want to follow Ireland. She has a lot of insight on the industry. And it sounds like she's learned it firsthand. You guys heard it here on the podcast. If you have any more questions for her, feel free to reach out to her. You can comment below as well. And as always, I'm going to encourage you to like subscribe, share this with your friends, and tell everyone about it. And if there's somebody that you'd like to see on the Kick Your Boots Up podcast, don't be afraid to reach out; you can DM us, DM us directly on social media or comment below on whatever platform you're listening to Spotify, YouTube, for sure you can comment so tell us what you think. Leave us a review. We'd love to hear it. And as always, we hope that you go out into the world and kick your boots up. Thanks for joining us on kick your boots up. I'm your host Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then feel free to like subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin Boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you Kick your boots up.