Episode 034 - Bonus Episode: Christmas Special Edition

Bonus Episode: The Kick Your Boots Up Podcast gets jolly for the holidays! Join the Justin Brands family as they spill the cocoa on their Christmas shopping tips & tricks and share family traditions. Host Taylor McAdams is here to play reindeer games and sprinkle festive fun your way!

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Podcast Transcript

Taylor McAdams: You're listening to the Kick Your Boots Up Podcast, where we swap stories of the West. Whether you're just waking up or getting in for the day, come on in and kick your boots up. Hello, everybody, and thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up Podcast. This week's episode is a special bonus addition, Christmas Spectacular if you will. If you're not watching, feel free to go on over to YouTube or our website so you can see the visual the visual of everything we have going on for Christmas cheer this year. Otherwise, thanks for listening, and hopefully, we can paint the picture for you as well as we can. In the meantime, feel free to like, subscribe, and comment below. Tell us everything you want to see in the future episodes. What you like, what you don't like, we can change everything. And without Without further ado, I feel like let's just go ahead and get started. So to the sitting to the left me is one of the very few guests that will have on the first ever Christmas edition spectacular for the Kick Your Boots Up Podcast. Shelby Tidwell is a Product Designer for Justin Brands. And Shelby, How long have you been at Jusin?

Shelbi Tidwell: Seven years now

Taylor McAdams: Okay, wow, that's there's so many stories. I'm sure I can't wait to dive into that. But in the meantime, let's meet these two ladies to the right of me. Your left of course starting on the inside is the icon at Justin Brands, Darla Fisher, Darla, you've been here how many years 

Darla Fisher: 34, 34 years going on. 35.

Taylor McAdams: That's incredible. You're an icon in the industry, like I said, and iconic at Justin. And really quick. I'm just gonna pause and tell everyone out there that's listening. And I grew up in the Miss Rodeo America circuit I grew up watching you on the Miss Rodeo America stage, presenting the award as the presenting sponsor for representing Justin for Miss Rodeo America. And so I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be here sitting next to you on this Christmas Spectacular edition. Thank you for just dedicating your time here on this workday. I really, really appreciate it. Thank you. and 34 years. That's a lot. We've got to definitely talk about a little bit about that more about that later. Sitting next to her is Taylor Morton. She's the public relations manager for Justin Brands. Taylor, you guys have a similar story. But how long have you been here?

Shelbi Tidwell: Seven years. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay, that's what I was thinking. Yeah, that was the exact same amount of time. Your friendship started with Justin, and we can talk about that in a little bit. But thank you also for being here. Spreading the Christmas cheer. This is gonna be so fun. And we've got to dive right in. So, Shelby, we're gonna go back to you. Tell us about your experience with Justin. I mean, seven years ago, did you ever believe that you would be designing boots for Justin?

Shelbi Tidwell: No. So it's crazy. Because I told my parents that they just told that that's what what I wanted to do. And I grew up and it's so crazy, because that's so so specific. You know, I want to be a cowboy boot designer, you know. So anyway, went to college, have a degree in fashion design, I needed an internship with my degree. So I interned here at Justin. And then after I interned, I got for three months, I graduated college, and then I got hired back on. And I've been here ever since. So I've come a long way I feel and you know, just excited to be here. And it's really excited to be able to keep up with you know, the 145 year old company and like, keep it going and keep making great product. And it's great. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah. And there's a lot of people out there that probably have so many questions in terms of how do you design boots, what goes into it? And I got to back up on what you said to you said Yeah, so specific. I want to design cowboy boots. Not a lot of people say that I'm thinking of my eight year old niece right now that says she wants to be a vet or you know, whatever. So tell us about that experience and how your parents really were like is Does she really want to design boots or what you know what I'm saying? I'm just specifically

Shelbi Tidwell: One Christmas actually so fits fits the theme here that we're talking about today. cowboy boots were always a big part of like my life just growing up my parents raised cattle my dad rodeoed and so birthdays Christmases, you know what have you like cowboy boots were like I just to go to get for my parents, we always needed them. So anyway, one Christmas, I had opened a boot box. And I was like, these are I don't like these. And I hate you know, you hate telling your parents something that they got you specifically thinking you would like that you don't like it? And but my mom could read it all over my face. And her words were You're so picky, you should just design your own. And so those words stuck with me, and it's just what I wanted to do. And I was like, Okay, I'll do that. And so here I am.

Taylor McAdams: Did you ever at one point wake up and realize like that your 12 year old dream was not only coming true, but then how hard you had to work to get there because I mean, you didn't just wake up one day and it made it happen. You had to go to college, you started studying fashion. Tell us about that your story there? Yeah,

Shelbi Tidwell: I just I mean, I've worked really hard to get to this point, you know, in my career in and everybody is like, oh, you know, it just all fell into place. Like in some ways. Yeah, I did. Like I just am so very fortunate that Justin was happened to be looking for an intern when I needed my internship. it because I was the first intern that they had had in product development. And so just the timing of everything. And I have always said that God made me specifically for this job. And I truly believe that and I'm just so thankful for it and the company and the people I've met along the way, and like who I get to work with, so it's great. Oh, yeah.

Taylor McAdams: And you mentioned the timing. I mean, truly, if one thing would have changed, you might not be sitting here today. Right. And I think that's the beauty of it. And then also along the same line, you get to have make decisions every single day, that if you make one change, you get to kind of move the needle on the fashion trends. Yeah. So talk about the trends a little bit. I mean, don't get too much into it, of course, but what are you working on? What do you see in the future? What do you want to see in the future, so everything

Shelbi Tidwell: That's like, vintage is new again. And I think it's so cool being being a part of a company that's been around since 1879, we're able to pull inspiration from our archives and make it modern, in be able to sell to our consumer today. And so vintage is everywhere. And it's you know, not just footwear, but like, and we see we're seeing in clothing, like even in like cars, and like, you know, they're bringing out old models to make them new again. So I think I don't think it's going anywhere. I think we'll continue to see that trend for a while. And so being a part of a company that's able to have, you know, we're able to pull all of that from it is just absolutely great. So.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah. And what do you think? What does the impact have on your job, or whenever you hear people talking about cowboy being cool, I feel like fashion recycles a lot. And back in the day country wasn't cool. And then it became cool. And then it wasn't again, and now country and cowboy is really cool right now. So what does that mean for your job?

Shelbi Tidwell: I mean, it's just really busy. We're making a lot of boots. And that's great. You know, that's what we want. And at the end of the day, what's best for the company? So cowboys, cool, and we're hoping it stays around for a while. Okay, honestly, I don't think it'll go anywhere. But, you know, it comes and goes, and it's waves, but we're definitely on the wave right now.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah. I mean, 145 years, nearly of just iconic boots. And I can't not leave you but without asking this question. What has been the most memorable pair of boots that you've designed customs? I know, you get to make custom boots all the time for famous people for yourself. Just talk about your favorite maybe your few favorites, cuz I don't think you can pick just one. Yeah,

Shelbi Tidwell: it's, it's hard to know, nail that down. But the one that specifically sticks out in my head is something I did for Garth Brooks. I put a lot of time and I put a lot of effort into this particular pair. Long story short, Garth is one of the only people to have seven diamond albums. So you hear about artists going like platinum, well, that surpasses, he surpasses platinum, it's diamond. And he has seven albums that are all that and so I was tasked to like, Hey, can you let's design something for Garth, in reflection of these seven diamond albums. So I printed all the album covers out and just like went to work sketched it out. You know, did everything that I needed to do on my designed and, and then send it off to our factory in El Paso, who is they're just amazing artisans. They handled and hand painted all the uppers. And the vamp that's the bottom of the boot is an American alligator. Just like top quality, beautiful, detailed. They're just apps. They're, they're amazing. And I just spent so much time and effort on that. And that just was what sticks out to me being one of my favorites.

Taylor McAdams: Oh yeah. and meaningful to I mean, you'll have that story with you for the rest of your life. So that is so cool. Thank you for sharing with us. And we'll come back to you Don't worry. There's lots to talk about in this Christmas edition. I want to I want to hear about all about your family, all about everything else. Another lady that we need to take some time and chat with is Darla Fisher. She's the senior Event Manager for Event Marketing. Darla, it's so good to have you and we mentioned earlier in your intro 34 years with the company that's incredible, I guess because there's so many there's so many stories to unpack and before I even dig into that tell us about how you got started and Justin and kind of what that what it was like whenever you first began a member of the team.

Darla Fisher: It was very different 34 years ago, long time ago. This room that we're setting in was part of the factory. So there was machinery and we were upstairs it was really loud, but it was it's very surreal especially now in our corporate world to remember you know how it was when we you know years ago here. It we did not have an marketing department. It was just an advertising department. And so it was fun to be on the ground floor and building up and building our sponsorships and you know, different people that we work with you I just see all that, you know, play out. It was neat to be able to hang around with Mr. Justin and hear the stories and just be part of that. It's a lot of great memories and just a great company to work for with a lot of history and heritage.

Taylor McAdams: And do you think it means more to you working for Justin, having had an opportunity to work alongside and learn from one of the titles?

Darla Fisher: Yeah, no doubt, absolutely. Just a lot of the great ones Mr. Dickinson, there's just so many that have are no longer with us. But the legacy that they have left, and that we're lucky enough to be stewards of it's, it's a privilege, and honestly, is a privilege.

Taylor McAdams: It is at what I wouldn't give I say that a lot that I was born in the wrong generation. But what I wouldn't give to go back and be a fly on the wall, and even just get to experience life of the factory being here. You know, everything happening in the the whereabouts and the happenings of Fort Worth. Yeah,

Darla Fisher: it was really cool. If somebody was, if you're having a boot made for somebody or your celebrity, whatever, you didn't know where it was, you could literally run downstairs to that department and ask how much longer on these boots. Amazing. Yeah, it was really neat to have that opportunity. Oh, yeah.

Taylor McAdams: And then I guess since it started out in advertising, eventually, somewhere along the way, you became involved in event marketing, and there's a lot of avenues there even still, to this day, you guys, your whole team handles so many different rodeos athletes. Talk to us a little bit about your job capacity there and how it's evolved even in the last ten years.

Darla Fisher: Yeah, it encompasses a lot started out pretty much just strictly rodeo sponsorships. And we sort of evolved into indoor seas, cowboys and cowgirls putting, putting a schedule together a team, if you will, of indoor seas, that is continued to grow and you know play out today. So I kind of laid the foundation back then and haven't you know, we're pretty much on target the way it used to be. It's just on a bigger scale. Now. More people, part of the team, more rodeos on the schedule, a lot of involvement with Justin sports medicine and adjusting cowboy crosses fund and just a lot of different avenues. We work with all of the marketing side, it's it's fun, how we all interact together and with events. And so I guess we were on an island by ourselves for so long. So adding to the marketing side of it, it's been, you know, really exciting to see it grow.

Taylor McAdams: And you know, I've only been with the company a little over a year, so I have no recollection, even the seven years that you guys go back the 34 that you do, and I can just tell a huge difference. It's so cool to have the serenity of the team there together getting to kind of see what all everyone's doing. And I know this is gonna sound kind of cheesy, but if you know me, I'm pretty cheesy right now. Taylor Swift is really big. Everyone's talking about Taylor Swift, especially going into Christmas. There's all kinds of fun things. So I can't help but think and tie that to the eras, the different eras of Justin. So kind of talk through what you've kind of seen the trends over over the years. I mean, not necessarily with cowboy boots, but also with your indoor sees. I remember, when I was a kid, they had autograph sheets and graphic design was very new. So just maybe talk us through some of the things that you've seen over time. I know that's kind of putting you in a hot seat, that's a loaded question. But tell us what your perspective of the eras are.

Darla Fisher: You know, it honestly, I don't know that it's changed that much the people have. But the same principles. And the funniest thing to me is the fashion part of it. You know, I look at pictures and go I did not wear that. But I did. So it, it's just the Cowboys back then the you know, timers and the tough humans and you know, just the way it's evolved and now to see them watching their kids, you know, do what they did. I've you know, there was a day when, you know, different rodeos. I was the young one out there. Now it's I'm seeing all the indoor season counterparts and people use cowgirls cowboys, and they've got their high schoolers and their kids in college with them. And it's like, wow, we should be that age. You know. It really puts it in perspective. It really but it's so cool to see all the generations that have come up through the ranks and just have such an appreciation of the Western lifestyle and all that's involved.

Taylor McAdams: Further. That's a really good point because Christmas is all about getting together with family. Lily and just sharing the warmth. And I love that element of not only Justin brands, but the industry as a whole, getting to have the generational impact. I mean, you're you hit the nail right on the head. Now we're getting to watch the REITs. I mean, that's a perfect example. That yeah, so, so cool. That's a very good point. Yeah. What do you think has been the number one booth that stuck out to you like I got asked, Did you ever wear the pink, full quill or the purple full Quill and that was a trend.

Darla Fisher: I did. But very, very little, honestly. And Shelby knows this. We've talked before, I think it's a 4760 style. Maybe, if, if I nailed that, I mean, hopefully I nailed that. It was a black lizard. And we had a chocolate lizard, narrow toe with a riding heel. And it was just very classic, solid black, a great chocolate brown. And I like the fact that the boots you wore those boots, they didn't wear you, you know, you can access her as with your outfit or jewelry, but they were just a staple. And I still have those boots. I have one of each pair and my closet. And they're a little more snug than they used to be. I make it work every once awhile, but I'm I'm real particular with them because they are lizard. So in their their old. So I would. Those are some of my favorites. I have a lot of I love them all. But I think those were my go twos. And occasionally I still get asked today about Do y'all remember? Did you make those? And I just want to jump in and go. Yes. Those are my favorite. Yeah. So

Shelbi Tidwell: yeah, well, we're seeing lizard coming back. So maybe I love it.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, sure.

Darla Fisher: updated version.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, that would be so cool. Even if it's different in some way. 2020, whatever version of it. Yeah, yeah. That sounds spectacular. Yeah. Well, thank you for your insight. I've learned so much. We'll come back to you. But I've got to move on to Taylor. Seven years and getting gaining a best friend along the way. Tell us about your first memories before it really you got to know Shelby before you were friends with Shelby, tell us about what it was like for you entering in Justin. And then the evolution of your seven year career now?

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, so I was born and raised in Fort Worth. And so my ties to Justin really are surrounded by Fort Worth, not necessarily the Western industry, I always kind of say that I grew up around it but not fully immersed in it. So you know, my parents, we didn't live on a ranch I grew up in the middle of Fort Worth, we didn't you know, I didn't grow up writing or anything like that. I went away for college. And those who know me know that I'm pretty type A and so I was coming up on graduation without a job and was kind of freaking out that, oh my gosh, I'm gonna be unemployed forever. And actually got to interview it just in the following week. Something that was really important to me was to have a fun job. And my parents were like, okay, tailor jobs aren't all going to be fun. But I knew I wanted a fun job. And I knew I wanted something in Fort Worth. And so I applied to a few different companies and got to interview with Justin and got the job that Thursday after I graduated and started the following Monday, and I've been here seven years since so it's been a really, really fun ride so far. Like you said, I mean, I get to work alongside people like Darla who have been here a long time and have a ton of industry knowledge and knowledge about Justin and history, which is just incredible. And having her and people like her here as a resource is that's just really, really cool. And a lot of companies don't have that. And then like you said, I mean, got my best friend out of this. So that's pretty fun too.

Taylor McAdams: And bringing your Fort Worth knowledge or love for Fort Worth that inspires me so much being a Texas transplant, if you will. Sorry about that y'all

Shelbi Tidwell: like to hear now that's

Taylor McAdams: got his back. It's really cool to see your passion for Fort Worth shine through and how organic it's lining up with Justin I mean talk about that aspect too. Because like the Justin family is big and Fort Worth.

Taylor Morton: Yeah, I mean, one thing I think that's really need about the Justin family is that and I've envied Darla so much that she actually got to know them and work with them. I think that is just the coolest thing in the world. But I mean, if you're in Fort Worth, and you look around, you'll see the Justin name plastered everywhere. Jane and John Justin there's hospitals there's they're around TCU they're around. Certainly the Will Rogers complex over there where the rodeo takes place. So I think there's just a lot of history. With the Justin family tied in with Fort Worth. A lot of people don't know that John Justin was actually the mayor of Fort Worth while he was running the boot company, which is so crazy to me. I know how busy our mayor is today and I just can't imagine doing that while you're running a boot company at the same time. It's wild. But I think that what is so neat about the Justin's is that they were so passionate about the city and they kind of put their money where their mouth is, and, you know, didn't just donate to XYZ, but they were in it. They were ingrained in it. They were involved. I mean, Mr. Justin got to ride in every rodeo, grand entry. Which I just think that that is the coolest thing. So, yeah, I mean, I think that they're an inspiration for me for sure. I mean, as passionate as I am, I think that they, I just hope that I'm, I'm doing something that they will be proud of. And I'm kind of continuing their legacy today in a way that I can. Oh, yeah. And we

Taylor McAdams: talked about the different roles with Darla, your roles have changed a lot throughout your seven years, you get to do crazy events one year, and then not the other. It's just fun and ever changing. That's part of PR your role there. So talk to us about some of the highlights you get to do with your career. I mean, there's so many people, so many girls, especially out there listening that want to sit in your exact same seat, so maybe don't give them some advice. We'll ask that at the end. But what what's your highlights of your seven years? Oh, goodness,

Taylor Morton: That’s a loaded question. You know, yeah, there's been a lot of really neat things we've gotten to do. Um, I think that, you know, one of the neatest things is that and people ask me, what do you love most about your job? Easily, it's my team, which is, again, just we have the best people working for us and that I can walk into this office and not have any idea what the day is gonna throw at me. I kind of like the chaos and I thrive in the chaos and I like we're getting to where a lot of different hats throughout the day. Some of the coolest things. I mean, I got to help whenever we launched our Rebbe by Justin brand. I mean, that was just that was a wild ride. And, you know, being so young, I was a year and at that point, and got to help, you know, bring a brand from start to finish that was really neat. We get to work alongside George Strait, which is pretty dang cool. And his band, which is great. What else I mean, Darla is kind of the mastermind, endorses and events and sponsorships. But I mean, there's just a ton of things that we get to do that, that are really neat. And in my opinion, life giving, I mean, you know, something else I kind of didn't mention is the GiveBack stuff that we get to do and I'm sure we'll talk about the Justin cowboy crisis Fund and the Justin sports medicine team here in a minute. But I'm, I'm really passionate. And I think most of our team is really passionate about giving back in any way that we can also. So any chance for us to, you know, kind of do that as a team is also just fun and get to coordinate that. So I know we did a habitat build the other day. And yeah, I have

Taylor McAdams: to tell a funny story about that. I unfortunately wasn't able to make it but the pictures that I got back from your Habitat for Humanity, our Director of Marketing dropped her phone in a bucket of paint a bucket of paint. Yep. And Taylor took her sweatshirt off. And they wrapped they cleaned up the phone. And I think for terminology, it works.

Taylor Morton: It works. We got it out, got the sweatshirt cleaned it off and it worked. So

Taylor McAdams: that's just funny to add, you know, just the fun memories. CMA Fest was one that I got todo with you. And that was fun to just like the the job that that you have is, like you said life giving, but also there's like a fun element to it. And I do want to second the thing that you said, Whenever you come into the office, you don't know what your day is going to entail. And I think that keeps it fun that keeps it energizing. 

Taylor Morton: Yeah, but I do always still, by the way, just going back to kind of what I first said, I do still tell my dad to this day. I'm like, I know you said Not all jobs are fun, but my job is pretty dang fine.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's your Yeah, how you told your parents about like, Yeah, I'm gonna be a boot designer did you're like, I'm gonna have a fun job. And you did. Yep. And along the same lines. I can't leave this without you guys talking about your relationship. And from my understanding the first year, you guys really didn't get to know each other different departments different. So tell us about your friendship and how it evolved. Because that's really cool, too. Because that's also rare. I don't know if many people out there realize this, but having a good work. Bestie is rare. So tell us about that? Well,

Shelbi Tidwell: when we first started, like our departments were so separated. Not that we didn't work together, but you just office in different spots, right? And so I really only knew that people I would see when I walked through this door just right here and then into my office, and then the people in my department. And that means same for Taylor, too. Honestly, I don't. I don't really even remember when we were just like any other Hey, I'm Taylor. Hi, I'm Shelby. It just kind of happened naturally. And just when you start, you know, obviously working together and we lived in the same complex for two years together. We've done a lot of different different just projects, like throughout the company together. And it's just kind of happened.

Taylor Morton: Yeah. And it's been I remember when we first got to be friends. It was Shelby and I did a career day together. Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. And we got asked by a local venture school to come in and talk about what we did. And it was hilarious because we I think they were like first or second graders. They were little. And so Sheldon are like, Oh, well, we'll bring leathers and of course the kids immediately are like, well, what is this? How do you get this so we're kind of like oh, by Maybe we should reframe this just a little bit, but for next time, but yeah, I think that's when you and I kind of first like, I guess hung out one on one and then just became fast friends. And I think we're both passionate about a lot of the same things. And you know, we both love to do anything nightlife. We got a lot of shows together and whatnot, too. So yeah, I think we just do a lot together. And then it's just kind of grown from there. Yeah. Yeah. And I

Taylor McAdams: love that like communication. It kind of goes along with across departments, because even though technically your event marketing, still ingrained, and marketing, you're technically product design, product development, and still ingrained in marketing in some way. I mean, we all touch it. We all touch it. Yeah, we're together. And this is a cheesy segue into my next question for you guys. It feels like a family here at Justin. But I'm curious to know about your guys's family traditions for Christmas, specifically what you guys did best memories. So I don't know who wants to start. But tell us what you got. I'm so curious to hear them.

Shelbi Tidwell: Well, I grew up I have an older sister. And so just like growing up, I think my favorite like memory is we would always sleep in the same bed together like Christmas Eve. Yes. And it was just like, the excitement, the joy to wake up on Christmas morning, and you're there with your sister. And which let's be honest, we didn't get any sleep, we were up like to hear that there was like snow on the roof. And we would go downstairs together. And it's like, you know, 5am or something. And my mom, she always just did such a great job of like, ingraining the spirit of Christmas into us and like still to this day. So that's probably one of my favorite, like, memories like, is with my sister and, you know, experiencing that excitement together on Christmas morning. And my parents were, you know, just as excited to and they always said to like, you see it through your kids eyes and like your excitement. Well, I'm to the point now where I see it through my niece and nephew. So like I know exactly what they're talking about now. And I just love that.

Taylor McAdams: Christmas magic, I guess if you will? Yeah. No, I love that. That's very similar to me. Yeah, I relate to that a lot. Yeah. How about over here? What do you guys, what are your traditions memories? 

Taylor Morton: Well, I mean, I'll say I am. I'm the youngest of three sisters. And we were all pretty spaced out. So Christmas, for me, especially Christmas morning was I don't want to say anticlimactic, because that's horrible. But, but it was usually just me and my parents because my sisters were off with their mom on Christmas Day. So Christmas Eve for us was kind of the big day. And Christmas Eve has always been really, really special to me. So normally, we'll do our entire family all together, which we're all here in Fort Worth. Fun fact, my family all lives about a mile away from each other, which is hilarious. We're about a three minute drive. So we're together a lot. But Christmas Eve, especially, you know, when we have our cousins and aunts and uncles and everybody all together, and then we would go to the late service at our church, which is the candlelight service, which has always just been so magical and just you know, and then you once the service is over, it's Christmas Day. And that's kind of neat to be able to experience that with your church family. And then you would go to sleep and Santa would be there the next morning. And I'm in the position now where Shelby is where I have four nieces and nephews who are little. And it's just really neat to pay that Christmas magic forward and get to make the magic happen for them. I just think that that is the coolest thing. So now we celebrate with my sisters and my parents and all the nieces and nephews and we'll go to now we do the kids service at our church at five which has a live nativity scene and there's donkeys and sheep and the whole nine yards and it's hilarious. Eat dinner which you know, people I know a lot of people do a big Christmas dinner our family keeps it really casual and gets Chick fil A usually with all the kids in the chaos, and then opens presents and our family my mom, dad and I will still go to the 11 o'clock service and then wake up and do I still get Santa. So that's always fine with my parents.

Taylor McAdams: Stop means absolutely, yeah, yeah. I love that. Beautiful.

Darla Fisher: And like talking about Santa. Even it my mature age. My mother will still put out Santa for us. Yeah, stalking. So traditions are really important. And it was always all the excitement on Christmas morning. We did Christmas Eve with family and then you go back to your house and we have Santa. And I tried to kind of carry that on with with my kids and you know, we eat a big breakfast and then then you do your present. Of course it looks a lot different as all adults as to when they were kids. Yeah, not quite as fun and chaotic stuff. Fun. And then family comes over later after we've done our presents and stockings. I'm a big stocking fan. A lot of good packages come very small. In a stock. That's right. Yes, you like my stocking. And it just, it's just fun to throughout the year, I make little notes. So I try to be very in the moment of what people want for Christmas, you know, because they'll say something and then it's like, what did they say? They I know there's something specific and so I just have my little note throughout the year and so just to try to make it a special day with family and and friends and it's the best time I hear you say

Taylor McAdams: it. Yeah, it is. And I love I love that I'm a year round Christmas Shopper as well. Yeah, always. Yeah, finding the the best next best thing. So yeah, I guess I can't help ask you guys I'm gonna start with you Darla, that time. Best shopping advice.

Darla Fisher: Start early!

Taylor McAdams: What’s early? January?

Darla Fisher: No, well, it depends on what you're buying something really big. It may be. But I have to be in Vegas for two weeks every year for National Finals Rodeo. So that cuts out a big chunk of your December, so many, many years ago. or so. I started. I just so I could be at peace while I'm there. My house is decorated, my tree is up, my presents are wrapped. So when I come home, I can enjoy those last few days before the holidays. And it just it's stuck. And I continue to do that. Because it just kind of gives you peace of mind that you don't have to be racing around with the rest of the world, the world and you know, buying an out there with all the husband's shopping on Christmas Eve day. Not saying that. That doesn't happen in my house. But But yeah, so I just I like to be intentional about the gifts I give. And I'm really picky with the way it's a different color scheme every year, whatever. Kind of have little themes. So, but I never get too far away from the traditional part of it. And so it's just, it just comes around faster and faster every year. So I'm a little I will say I'm a little bit behind this year. I'm disappointed in myself.

Taylor McAdams: It's November

Darla Fisher: next few weeks.

Taylor Morton: That's what Amazon's for. Yeah.

Darla Fisher: online shopper. Okay. I do not just don't do it.

Taylor McAdams:You prefer in person feeling touching? Trying? I

Darla Fisher: like to see it and and sometimes it's the the challenge of the hunt. If you're looking for some specific and it's kind of like rewarding, you know, found it. Yeah. So anyway,

Taylor McAdams: How about you, Taylor, what's your best shopping advice?

Taylor Morton: Well, I mean, I will actually say I'll ditto what Darla said because she taught me that I think the first year I went to Vegas, she was like be sure and get your Christmas stuff in order. And I have lived by that. I would say let's see. I mean I am I'm like Darla to and that I love giving gifts. So I like being really intentional about what I give. And I really liked that you said you listen throughout the year because so do I want to try and pick up on things that people like where you're not just last minute buying something to put a present under the tree. Yeah, so I'm and I'm also a really big experience giver. So I like I took my niece's to the Taylor Swift concert with my sisters. That was their big present for Christmas last year. We've done yeah, we were in the nosebleeds. But we were there. That's all that matters. I've done like the monster races for my nephew with Monster Truck races. For my nephews I like to do experience things that they'll remember and not just a gift, especially for the kids a toy that they'll you know, play with for a couple months and then probably lose or break or whatever. So yeah, I think trying to be really intentional and then trying to give experiences that they'll remember for a long time. Good anti move, and then when in doubt Amazon because I do for toys and whatnot. I get a lot from Amazon. That prime delivery.

Taylor McAdams: Ooh, yeah. And the prime days before they we just had some in October but the other prime days before leading up Black Friday. Do you guys ever wait for Black Friday for Amazon? Or early? I don't either. Yeah, I would

Shelbi Tidwell: almost rather spend the money to not have to deal with like Black Friday. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, I agree. Yeah, definitely. Okay, well, how about you? What's your best shopping advice?

Shelbi Tidwell: Honestly, I mean, say like, I'm very intentional gift giver. Like there has to be some thought and reasoning behind you know what I give. And then again with the experiences like and it doesn't have to be really anything that's like a man articulate like, I, my nanny one year I gave her like her and I tickets or I got her night tickets to go to like a little show at costume and Jana was like, cute little musical that we both and we enjoyed it so much. Just things like that, you know, like, I would rather spend time with somebody then like physically give them something that they obviously might not need gift gifts of like being with each other. That's probably like, my favorite thing. But kind of going back like my mom is very similar to Darla and like, each kid has their own wrapping paper. And I think that's so funny. And my mom was like, she's, she's the best but like, she'll wrap like my gifts. I'll have my own wrapping paper, and then my sister and I mean, so on and so on and so on. Right. And so it's just so funny how, and I honestly, I'll do the same thing when I you know, start having kids. And I just I think that's such a cute little touch. Yeah, just

Taylor McAdams: need a name tag. No, you know, everybody. Yeah, everyone has their set. Round of presents. Yeah, yeah, that that keeps it so fun. And I guess we've kind of all covered this organically. But I'm curious to know, our family members are probably watching so we don't have to exactly say what we're going to get them for Christmas this year. But who are the people that you shop for? What are some things that you're going to get him this year? Or will there be boots under the tree this year?

Shelbi Tidwell: There's always been some in the tree. I feel like that's a given. Especially when you design them, right? Yeah. Which my parents love that. Right? Like they they think it's so neat to like, wait, I

Taylor McAdams: just thought of something. If you buy them Christmas, or if you buy them boots for Christmas, you're getting them a handmade gift from you. I mean, not really need to make them.

Shelbi Tidwell: I designed this just for you right now, but I shot for my mom and dad. I have an older sister like I had mentioned, and then she's married and has two kids. So I you know, buy them stuff as well. Yeah, I have one grandparent alive. My nanny and so always her. And then you know, my friends, we always do a little something here at work. I've which I think is so fun. Yes. Just to kind of, you know, draw somebody's name, I think is what we usually do. And then just to like, specifically get, you know, a little something for that person. I think that's so fun just to get to know, somebody and like their likes, and you know, all that, which I love. But yeah, so just some immediate family friends, you know? Yeah, that's really cool. Over here,

Taylor McAdams: here to here you guys shopping

Taylor Morton: for Mine's probably closest to Shelby so I'll go ahead and go. Um, I also shot for my parents. I have grandparents on both sides still. So I have to get them something. My sisters and their husbands my four nieces and nephews, some friends work people. But then also, I mean, like I said, the majority of our family is here, which includes my dad's cousins and my mom's cousins. So we also will have separate family Christmases before you know weeks leading up to Christmas, which I usually miss because of Vegas but where we'll do a gift exchange or something there so have have gone away a little bit from getting everybody a present. Thank goodness, that would be a lot of people to buy for. And just do gift exchanges or something easy for those Christmases. So yeah,

Taylor McAdams: that's the way to do. It really is.

Darla Fisher: And if you're getting a gift from the Fisher House, it came from me. I do at all do you buy your own Christmas gifts from my husband? No, he that I'm the only one He's responsible for. But I've usually kind of slipped him several ideas. So yeah, I do all the the purchasing and wrapping and getting them ready. His family he's the baby of five so there's with all the nieces great nieces, great nephews are about 60 now, so we, when we do it's more of a exchange, you know, draw names or whatever because it it can get out of out of control. So but yeah, it's me I do the shopping. Mrs. Claus. Hi. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: I love that so much. And I'm glad that you guys took the time to tell us a little bit about your stories and your lives. And I thought today it would be a good opportunity to bring you guys into an the kick your boots up audience into my family's life a little bit. By doing some games Christmas Eve Christmas Day has always been full of game so we just love it. Normally, it's board games. There's only been a few Christmases here lately. Now that the kids are older that we've done some more fun Minute to Win It type stuff. So for those of you out there that are curious, we're going to take a break. We're gonna do a little bit of rearranging and we'll come right back with some fun entertaining minute to win games. We're going to bring on some new special guests. It's going to be exciting. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back. 

Taylor McAdams: Hey everybody welcome back. We are so excited to play these reindeer games with you. We have some Minute to Win It games that have been set up. That way these girls are ready to take on the world and win and overcome and get the bragging rights really there's no trophy. Anyways joining us back on the Kick Your Boots Up podcast is the product designer for Justin brand Shelby Kidwell we've got to know her her earlier. We're excited that she's the trooper and get to just put her boots on and and do it do this for the day. Thank you for cowgirl in up Shelby. And and a new guests we have on the podcast is the Corporate Brand Licensee Coordinator Tiffany Gillett Tiffany, you're a trooper as well. I want you to know you came highly recommended from the your your forte, you're not former employees. Wow. The glues around you here at the empty office. We're so excited to see your personality shine through. And maybe they might be your former employees once you're done with this game for nominating you. Just kidding. Anyways, to kick things off, we're going to start with the snowball skew. And how this is gonna go is each player will have one minute to scoop as many cotton balls as they can from one bowl to the other. I'm going to set my timer so ladies, can you find the spoon? Can you? I gotta say really quick to these ladies that would have been blindfolded, I promise they've not been kidnapped or hijacked or taken over by our competitors. They're just being blindfolded. And with that these beautiful blindfolds are actually a sneak peek into the future of what you'll get to see it. Justin with all of our licensees. We have some wild rags going on. Tiffany’s modeling them for us. Thank you. Thank you. So you'll have to keep keep in the know for that. Okay, so the ladies have found their spoons. And they have one minute so ladies, are you ready?

Shelby & Tiffany: Yes. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay, on your mark, get set, go Okay, wow. Yeah, we are having some, some amazing progress here in this snowball toss.

Shelby Tidwell: I feel like we are eating a bowl of cereal.


Taylor McAdams: I forgot to mention I put exactly 25 cotton balls in each of their bowls. So this is not going to be rigged in any way shape or form unless we want it to be. And so for going very well. You guys, I can't keep it together when I’m commentating. We have about 20 seconds left, and there are still some snowballs in the bowls. You guys, well done. Well done. I'm gonna go ahead and stop it right there. They both emptied their bowls, which is surprisingly shocking because wow. I mean, you're blindfolded. So, ladies, keep your blindfolds on. No need to take them off. I'm going to do a quick little count and see who the winner is. I think Shelby was the one that actually got the first let's just see I have in my right hand, Tiffany. So let's count. 10 1214 Tiffany got about 14 And that's pretty good. Considering what you guys just saw you guys. That's awesome. Okay. We have a winner with to, uh, two snowball lead,Shelby. Way to go! 16 snowballs in totall. Well done. Well done. That was such good fun.


Tiffany Gillett: Good Job, Shelby!

Shelbi Tidwell: Thanks, Tiffany.

Taylor McAdams: Like I mentioned in the podcast earlier, my family loves to play games during Christmas. So this just makes me so excited. And I'm gonna kind of preface this with our next game. I don't know if you guys know this or not, but your smellers have to be working. And so hopefully you can even use your nose underneath those wild rags. I don't know. This next game is called The Nose Nose. And what this consists of is each person will take a sniff to see if they can identify the item. The winner is determined by who gets the most smells correctly. So how this is going to work for all of you listening out there. I'm going to hold up an item and give them the chance to sniff it easily. And on the count of three. I'll ask them what they think it is. That way. They don't spoil it for the other one. So our first item I'm going to grab right now.

Shelby Tidwell:  I'm kind of scared 

Taylor McAdams: What are your feelings? What do you what are you feeling Tiff?

Tiffany Gillett: I don't see anything, I mean smell anything. Where's it?

Taylor McAdams: It hasn't started yet. Oh, how do you feel before we get started?

Tiffany Gillett: I feel great.

Taylor McAdams: Well then, let's just start with you. Here. Smell number one. You can't touch it.

Tiffany Gillett: Okay. Okay.

Taylor McAdams: I’m going to hold it up to your nose. Oh, yeah. For those of you out there that get to see okay, on the count of three girls, what is it 123 

Shelby Tidwell: Leather candle?

Tiffany Gillett: Leather conditioner.

Taylor McAdams: I don't know if I should give you guys the winner until the end. I think I'll keep it there. All right. So, moving on our next smell For those of you that can see, well, it will tell you what it is at the end. So Tiffany, we're gonna start with you again. Okay? Hold on, just hold on

Shelbi Tidwell: Again. My scarf is not helping me out

Taylor McAdams: You need another sniff? Give me to go to Shelby and come back. Yeah, she'll be your turn is the wild ride covering your nose? Now we're having some technical difficulties. Do you smell it?

Shelbi Tidwell: It smells good. But like I don't know what kind of object it is. I'm really struggling.

Taylor McAdams: Well, luckily, this is the last game you get to play. Okay, so just kind of hold it up here for you. Okay. Okay. Okay, hold this to your nose. Okay, on the count of three ladies. What is it 123 Cologne. We've got them stumped.

Shelbi Tidwell: Like laundry beads. Is it one of our Justin air fresheners

Taylor McAdams: but do you know the scent? That's okay.

Shelbi Tidwell: Well, it's not new boots. I think the first one was new was something metal.

Tiffany Gillett: New truck. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay, we're gonna move on to the next object. There's two more objects from our licensee and our apparel department. Well, again, we'll go to explain this for everyone watching what they are and what they're smelling. So Tiff . We're gonna start with you. We're gonna keep this trend. 

Tiffany Gillett: Oh, gosh. Okay.

Taylor McAdams: Shelby, your turn! Okay, you guys got a chance to smell, ladies. On the count of three. What is it? 123 

Tiffany Gillett: Dirty Socks.

Shelbi Tidwell: You said this was for my licensing department.

Taylor McAdams: Yes.

Shelbi Tidwell: Can I smell it again?

Taylor McAdams: Yes, I just smelled it for fun. 

Shelbi Tidwell: I don't know. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay. Give me your best go.

Shelbi Tidwell: Um, well, it's probably like some sort of like conditioning cream or

Taylor McAdams: Very good. That's a good that's a good deductive reasoning. Yes. We'll put that away. Is it though the final objects again? Got some explaining to do.

Shelbi Tidwell: Oh gosh.

Taylor McAdams: It's very strong. It's so strong. We had to set it outside for already smell it. Are you close to me? Okay, we're going to tip Oh, no, you're not

Tiffany Gillett: vinegar.

Taylor McAdams: That strong. Your smell. Okay, ladies, what is it on the count of 3123

Shelbi Tidwell: Vinegar something

Taylor McAdams: very good ladies. You can take your wild rags off now. Thank you for being a trooper. Okay, so I don't even know where to begin with you guys and aware sorry,

Shelbi Tidwell: Still adjusting to the light here.

Taylor McAdams: I I think I'm gonna begin with object number one. Yes, a lot of you got the leather candle you were super close. This is our premium leather three in one Auto Care Conditioner. This is actually fun fact sold it O'Reilly's! I don't know if you knew that. So you can totally get it. It actually smells really good. It is not the one that tip said.

Tiffany Gillett: No, that's the first one that you had a smell the smelled like leather.

Shelbi Tidwell: premium leather care. Three and one was my next answer.

Taylor McAdams: I'm sure it was Yeah. So really, neither one got this one. Right. So X. you said leather care? You do. Okay. Yeah. Okay. We'll give it we'll give Tif a half a point. Yeah, one. All right. One point. This was object number two, which you were correct. On an air freshener? Yeah. You said not new boots. You said new truck. So does that mean Tiffany gets half a point and you get a point. You get the point? What do we want to do? What flavor is what's new truck? Oh, so you were both right. But you kind of helped each other get it? Yeah, so team working weren't very good. And she said dirty socks. She was right.

Taylor McAdams: You did say dirty socks except for the fact that they were dipped in popcorn butter. So that is your smell, which I guess now that we're smelling it does kind of mimic like some BO Yes. Fun fact for everyone out there. And the final object was the Justin boxer briefs. We've never would have guessed that so we're soaked in again apple cider vinegar. Wow. So you both the vinegar I feel like that's a draw. I'm gonna I'm gonna have to add up some points but it was very, very even this round. Let's see You said leather care you both got this one. Tiffany you're the winner. Oh. However, overall we have one more game to break the tie because Shelby you won the snowball challenge. Tiffany, you won the Nose Nose. So for the final game on the Christmas episode of The Kick Your Boots Up podcast, we have a fun game in store and it does not involve math or anything like that. Because Lord knows I'm bad at it. What we have here are two tissue boxes. And this is the tissue-pulling contest. Okay, yeah, we had to give us a second to clear off the table there. The deal with the tissue-pulling contest is each player will be given one tissue box, and they must pull the tissues out as fast as they can. The one who empties the tissue box first wins. So this is no note. This is not timed. It's just speed and agility. We've got a test your spider spider senses, and it's also breaking the tie for the overall winner of the championship. So no pressure, but there's a lot on the line here. So on your mark, get set, 

Tiffany Gillett: Can we use both hands?

Taylor McAdams: Whatever you want to do, however you want to do it. Okay, on your mark, get set, go. Oh, we we have two different methods going on. Oh, no You guys, I have nowhere when it's yellow. That means it's ready to go to keep going keep going. Keep going. You got this I don't know what happened. It got

Shelbi Tidwell: It looks like it snowed.

Taylor McAdams: So we have the magical tissue boxes where when you get towards the end it tells you you're almost our last job. You guys are troopers. Thank you so much. You all here listening. Give us a second when we come back. We'll get to know Tiffany and Shelby a little bit better. Thanks for watching and joining us on The Kick Your Boots Up podcast. We'll be right back!

Taylor McAdams: Hey, everybody, thank you for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up Podcast if you've made it this far. You know this special edition episode has been so fun and good for the heart. We're so excited that Christmas is around the corner. And I'm especially thankful for these two ladies having some good fun with us getting to play some minute to win it games in the reindeer games portion. But we haven't really gotten to hear from you, Tiffany, because you were blindfolded when we first met you. That was crazy. Thank you so much for being willing to do that. And for everyone out there listening. They haven't gotten to hear your story. So tell us a little bit about you know how you got started with Justin brands. How many years have you been with Justin?

Tiffany Gillett: I've been with Justin for seven but I started with HH Brown working outdoor group. It'll be 20 years, December 15, 20 years on already 20 years total with hh Brown. Okay, and

Taylor McAdams: What has been your favorite part about the whole 20 years? Mmm

Tiffany Gillett: hmm. There's a lot, probably the people, yeah, probably the people, just the different, just the different people from the outdoor group from corporate from the Justin people. Just everybody's so different in, you know, the different parts of the country, you know, just working with, you know, the Justin people here and the outdoor, the outdoor group people up there. It's just the dynamics are so different. So it's been interesting to work with all the different types of people.

Taylor McAdams: I couldn't agree more. And I know I'm only a little over a year into this, but the people are definitely what makes the company go round. So that's I'm so glad you said that. Thank you for your insight there. And I got to ask you like these these reindeer reindeer games were so fun. At what point in time. Were you guys like this is so silly. I'm an adult doing this at my job. Yeah, very good. What was your I mean, what did you take away from all of this? What was your your go to at what moment? Did you think I'm going to lose or I'm going to win? What was your highlight of these games? I didn't realize

Shelbi Tidwell: how quick I was pulling out Kleenex. Yeah,

Taylor McAdams: maybe you can add that to your resume. I don't know how I did on the snowball. 

Shelbi Tidwell: I couldn't see it.

Taylor McAdams: You know, let's talk about that. That's a very good point. Somebody let's talk about that for a second because very early on. Shelby came up with the idea on the snowball scoop to just take a cotton ball and just start scooping into the dish which was It's amazing. And at one point Tiffany was like, tossing them further away. If you can see this will have to go back and we'll have to see the footage after. It was so fun. Again, this was a blast. Thank you ladies so much. 

Shelby & Tiffany: Thank you. 

Taylor McAdams: Join us shortly. We're going to take another break. And when we come back, we are going to be learning how to wrap Christmas presents in a beautiful way, complete with a bow with a step-by-step process from none other than Nancy Thomas. She's actually in our archives department here at Justin Brands. So we're keeping this family theme. It's going to be fun. You won't want to miss it. Stay tuned, we'll be back.

Taylor McAdams: Hey, you guys, you made it to this segment. We're so excited to have Nancy here. Thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. If you like what you're seeing so far, always remember, like, subscribe, and leave your comments below. We'd love to hear them. We read them. We love them. We use them to make every episode better. Today joining us on The Kick Your Boots Up podcast for her birthday. Happy birthday, Nancy! Nancy Thomas from the archives department here at Justin Brands. She is the heart of the company. For those of you who don't know about the archives department, it is our well kept best secret best kept secret; I would say there are all kinds of old designs, there's custom boots that we made for presidents. And Nancy gets to live in this office, I say that she gets to work live and work in this office. Pun intended. She she gets to just you know, just soak up everything that Justin has and stands for. And that's something that's so special and valuable. So Nancy, thank you again for being on here. Tell us really quick, what is the best part about your job getting to restore and keep up with the heritage of Justin?

Nancie Thomas: Just the history, the legacy of this company is wonderful. It's so much history of this company. It's so interesting to hear about and to Ray, we do have a book out there. The standard of the West, you can find out probably on Amazon, but it's a wonderful company to work for. And very, very interesting.

Taylor McAdams: I couldn't agree more. And I'm only a year into this. Nancy, your career at Justin has been how long? 

Nancie Thomas: 30 years

Taylor McAdams: 30 years and you didn't start on the archives? You were originally customer service or service? 

Nancie Thomas: That's correct. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay. Yeah. And if you guys don't know Nancy is loved by everyone here at the at the company. And believe it or not, she's come highly recommended as the best present rapper here. And that's why we're excited on this Christmas episode to learn how to rap presents. And what better way than to have Nancy show us. So Nancy, what's the first step? How do we start wrapping presents?

Nancie Thomas: Well, you select your paper, you select your ribbon, you feel your boxes with the treasure you're going to give away to someone

Taylor McAdams: which I believe this is for your granddaughter, right? 

Nancie Thomas: It is yeah

Taylor McAdams: Love that!

Nancie Thomas: You make sure when you roll the paper out that you have enough paper to cover the box and leave enough on the ends to turn up to cover the ends of the box. So we're going to pull this over, increase this box along this line,

Taylor McAdams: Which I think is super important because this is something I learned from you right now. Yes, I've never seen this been done before. Is creasing the edge of the box? Yes. And why do you think that is it just cause it, it looks more.

Nancie Thomas: It looks nicer and neater and kind of holds it together better

Taylor McAdams: Very good. Yeah,

Nancie Thomas: I see. To Tape man down well, so it doesn't come loose during the process. On the far side, you fold it over just a little bit to make it look a little more professional. If we can be there here. Bring it over.

Taylor McAdams: It's funny that you say all that about the tape. If you get a present for me, it's basically all tape and no paper.

Nancie Thomas: After you've done a few, you get the hang of it.

Taylor McAdams: How many presents do you think you've wrapped in your lifetime?

Nancie Thomas: Oh my goodness.

Taylor McAdams: That's a hard question- Millions?

Nancie Thomas: Yes.

Nancie Thomas: Yes, my children, my grandchildren, my friends, my family. I love Christmas. Okay, so we take this down. And you come to the end of it and you press it here and here. Here Wow. And what's looks like I could cut that a little bit but I'm gonna see if I can cheat just a little bit to safe so I'm gonna turn this over and we're going to roll the end of this paper F also to make it a little bit smoother.

Taylor McAdams: For those of you that can't see out there she just rolled it under to make it look like as a straight line. That's really cool. It's not just like a rigid cut line.

Nancie Thomas: I'll turn it on the other end so maybe they can see take this down very well.

Taylor McAdams: Again, more taste than paper. Yes really.

Nancie Thomas: Okay, we've got this and done. turn upside down as Asia do the level second and the paper gets thinner and thinner every year. I do bleed.

Taylor McAdams: I think you're right. I think paper companies wrapping paper companies are wanting us to buy more, right.

Nancie Thomas: Press it in the middle, turn this over, turn this up. Again, we're gonna turn it down on the very end here and our good friend the type to hold this in place.

Taylor McAdams: Nicely done, that makes sure that your kids can't get into it grandkids also, can't rip into it

Nancie Thomas: early risers are old enough to know literally.

Taylor McAdams: And again, I saw your final finishing touches right here, but you're making the edges look sharp

Nancie Thomas: Go around them locks again and crease it in place. And there's a wrapped present.

Taylor McAdams: But it gets better. Yes.

Nancie Thomas: Yes, we have to make a bow to secure the package.

Taylor McAdams: Let's bring it on over here. Okay.

Nancie Thomas: And to make this type of bow, you're going to grab your ribbon and make a little circle like this. And then just start going around and around and around. I don't ever mess your mind. I just keep wanting to feel like it's bad enough to make a pretty bow. Okay, so once we get that made up put it in the ends actually like this. We have the end here Oh, I see used

Taylor McAdams: a pipe cleaner to hold this together. And then

Nancie Thomas: you cut along they are notch in either and see how much to say out? Yes, either. And like that. Okay. And then once it's not knotted, we just start going from the inside of this, your loops pulling out. Side to side, not the same way. Wow. All it sorry, I have to use everything yes here kind of sticks together some time. You pull it and you twist it as you're pulling. Come over the first one you did. Now it can be other side. And we twist and pull. Pull and twist. Same thing all the way around. Wow.

Taylor McAdams: So many steps that go into such a beautiful

Nancie Thomas: so you've got half your bow fourth part here and that's what it's gonna look like. Once you pull both ends apart and twist it and turn it. It's gonna look like this.

Taylor McAdams: What a beautiful bow.

Nancie Thomas: And you can always go back and flush these out because you're going to kind of mess them up when you're pushing and pulling. Yeah, there's another type of bow that I actually like better. I like the cloth ribbon better.

Taylor McAdams: Oh, you're right, you can see that for those of you that are listening to describe the different bows. This one the first boat that you first started out has more of a almost like a silky texture. And this one is a ribbon and you can definitely see the difference. The silk is shiny and fun. But the the would you say cloth material

Nancie Thomas: is easier to analyze wired.

Taylor McAdams: It is wired and it's holding its shape so much better.

Nancie Thomas: I like that. So the same thing. This one is just a loop and cramp twist and loop I'll make a small one. So you can and you crimp it and you turn the ribbon

Taylor McAdams: and you could basically do that as little or as much yes as you possibly could

Nancie Thomas: Right. just as large as you want your bow is as small as small as you want. 

Taylor McAdams: And you know this, people use those all the time they use those for baby showers. Weddings. Yes. So just because it's Christmas doesn't mean we just have to have a Christmas go. 

Nancie Thomas: So you just keep twisting and cramping and pulling and then itself the middle of it. You can see the is the middle here.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, let me see that one. Yeah, you just

Nancie Thomas: Take it like this and make a small loop. You have your it'll have the inside or the middle of it. You can either tie it off with a piece of ribbon. Or you can use a pipe cleaner either one. Wow. So once you have that bow made I'll use this one to secure you cut a piece of ribbon making sure it's long enough to come completely around the package

Taylor McAdams: and just do a little tie

Nancie Thomas: this down and not

Taylor McAdams: okay, so too as if you're tying your shoe to knots.

Nancie Thomas: Check your bow. Sorry to say your hair bow because I use my dog Are my granddaughter's hairbows. Oh,

Taylor McAdams: I hear about I'm thinking cheerleaders.

Nancie Thomas: Yes. Am I putting you those, Nancy, that's so fun. Anyway, you pull it right through this loop here and grab the other end. secure this with a knot. You can either cut these tails off, or make it part of the package. Beautiful, we can also come back and fluff these up again.

Taylor McAdams: Make them a little bit more. Yeah, more visible.

Nancie Thomas: And there's you a nice Christmas package says How am I here?

Taylor McAdams: So, Nancy, thank you so much for

Nancie Thomas: And Tha’s a wrap! As they say!

Taylor McAdams: That's right. That's a wrap. That's a wrap on the wrapping. I love that. Thank you again for showing us how to do this. This has been so cool. This is going to be prominent and all of our young ladies lives to whenever we go to baby showers, and weddings, this is going to be the staple and now it's the secret that we can all share and teach others so thank you for enlightening us with that. And I've got to kick it back to our wonderful guests when we return we're going to take a quick break to reset but when we get back we're gonna have the wonderful guests, ladies and we're gonna close this thing out. Thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. 

Taylor McAdams: Wow so much fun was just had and the minute to win it games and Nancy wrapping presents. Well, I've just I never even knew that there were so many steps to go into a beautiful bow and that it can start out as a roll of ribbon and just beautifully become the bow that it is. Thank you Nancy with our archives department for showing us exactly how we need to be wrapping presents this year. That was such a fun segment and I cannot say thank you enough to you. I gotta give you a special birthday. Shout out Happy Birthday, Nancy. For those of you guys listening please be sure to comment below. Tell Nancy Happy Birthday. We want to celebrate with her as we get ready for the holiday season. And ladies, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for sharing your insight. This has been a fun episode and Shelby you're just fresh off of a win from the minute to win a game so now what does it feel like to be a winner?

Shelbi Tidwell: I'm just so you know blessed and honored to win. It feels great. Thanks for having me. Now

Taylor McAdams: if I would have known that you were gonna win we should have had you make a boot for yourself a trophy? Yeah,

Shelbi Tidwell: I have plenty. But get a lot of them where Taylor

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Darla Fisher: Thanks, Taylor. 

Taylor McAdams: Thank you. 

Taylor McAdams: Thanks for joining us on kick your boots up. I'm your host Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then feel free to like subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up