Episode 049 - How Molly & Gidget Dress Nashville's Elite

Join us on this exciting episode of the Kick Your Boots Up Podcast as we sit down with the talented TK Trask, the creative mind behind Molly & Gidget. Known for her bold and unapologetic designs that light up red carpets and center stages, TK has made waves in the fashion world with her work featured on runways, at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville stages, Miss Rodeo America, Whiskey Jam, CMA Fest, worn by Universal Music Group Nashville’s Catie Offerman on tour with George Strait, and more!

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Podcast Transcript

Taylor McAdams: Hey everybody and thanks for listening to another episode of the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. This episode this week is extra special because we get to go down memory lane and talk about all the things rodeo queening but also the future summer's coming up and we're it's it's festival season and concert season, and we're going to talk about styling a concert outfit. So stay tuned, you won't want to miss out this is going to be absolutely epic. And to get right into it. TK Trask from Nashville originally South Dakota has a really cool story to tell is the owner and founder and lead designer at Molly and Gidget, and Molly and Gidget is unique because it's in Nashville, right in the heart of country music. I mean, there's lots happening all the time. I know this girl is hard to peg down herself. She's got it all going on. But she's she's one of the incredible women that you want to get to know because her story is truly incredible. She doesn't she has the kind of attitude that has no backdown and doesn't take no for an answer. And she's in the ultimate definition of boss babe. And so that's why I'm so excited to have her on the podcast to talk about her story. But I do need to talk about just the like the specifics of the outfits and the stuff that she gets to do. So she Molly and Gigi It was created exclusively for red carpet center stage and for the unapologetically bold as she says. So people that are willing to push the envelope a little bit with their fashion style and just go and take on all sorts of stages across the world. I mean, she's been everywhere. You've seen her not only on the Miss Rodeo America stage on Miss Rodeo America, the girl who just recently won and we love Emma Cameron, but also she's been on fashion show runways the Grand Ole Opry Nashville stages on tour with George Strait thanks to Katie Opperman. I personally have taken a recent interest actually not recent, it's been a few years but runaway June is one of the bands that I like because they toured with Carrie Underwood. And so she gets to help style for Natalie Stovall. And truly, it's just so fun to have Tara here and to learn some of her wisdom. So Tara, after all of that, thank you so much for being on the podcast.

TK TRASK: Thank you. Oh my gosh, I feel like I need you to like remind me of all the things I've done every day. So we need to do this like daily now. Oh,

Taylor McAdams: I couldn't agree more. I know this is like the best opportunity ever. Whatever you need. I will be there. I'm there to cheer you on.

TK TRASK: Love it. Love it.

Taylor McAdams: I wanted to get started with I kind of follow this this same trend on each episode, we get to know about the person before we really talk about everything that they do. So I guess for us to get started. Tell us about your background, how you grew up, and then eventually we'll connect the dots of how fashion became a part of you. So how did you grow up?

TK TRASK:  Well, I grew up in Wall, South Dakota and if you are familiar with Wall Drug, the Free ice water store, you will know where I grew up. So I mean, there's billboards all over the United States, you know, you can't really miss it, especially if you're driving on i 90. But that's where I grew up. That was my hometown. I was lucky enough to be a ranch kid and a town kid. So during the school year, we would live in town My mom was a teacher so that you know was really easy, but then during the summer months, we would go out and live about 30 miles from wall and a town called Creighton and we would live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. So riding horses, gathering cattle branding, all of those things that is the usual for a ranch kid I was able to be a part of for so many years, which I'm so blessed to my dad's a was a quarter horse rancher and had Charlotte cattle and things like that. So as we grew up though, they wanted to really downsize so my dad moved his operation closer to wall so I was able to then we live in town and still enjoy all of the things that ranch kids get to do. So I really grew up you know a little bit country a little bit rock and roll and that's how my mom always you know, described it. And you know, I did four h I was active in FFA, very active in National High School Rodeo Association. So many things that agriculture represents and I'm so grateful because it has definitely kept me humble throughout my life and has you know, that Western influence has always been a part of my designs as well so.

Taylor McAdams: and TKI love that because you said you're a little bit of country a little bit of rock and roll and I feel like that's your style is shines through even if your client or customer isn't exactly the most country or doesn't want to be or whatever. I still feel like you always get to have some friends you get to throw that little extra flair. And that really that speaks to me too. Because rodeo queening that goes hand in hand, a little bit of country a little bit of rock and roll you kind of have to be involved in all of it. And so, yeah, there's just so many things that I could ask you there but but tell everyone out there listening, how you and I got connected and that honestly I was just actually talking off camera to the one at one of the producers for the podcast and it was just saying like you came in In for it my life at such an opportune moment is such a needed time of all I was in the the stages of like, Oh, I just lost Miss Rodeo America first runner up, you know, say what you want about it, but in my mind I was the first loser. And you and I can relate to that sense of like we're very competitive very again, not taking no for an answer, right and, and so that was like a I don't wanna say like rock bottom for me. But you definitely came in at the most opportune time. And you were just like, listen to this. You're not alone. Welcome to the first runner up club. There's a bunch of us out there, we're still doing things. And I think you are there several out there. But you were one of the women that are a perfect example of not to win everything and you don't have to you know, you're what you thought was your goal isn't retired than your goal because that was just like a stepping stone to get there. So I guess I want to say thank you, officially Oh, everyone for that. But then also I want to talk about, like your rodeo queening career too, because we're not going to talk about a tear because even I feel old now. But if you were awake you Yes, yes. You were one of the greats that I grew up looking up to, you know, like I heard your name I saw you on the stage. There were so many women very few. I say so many very few that I truly wanted to be like an act like and replicate. And I think for you, it shined through that you didn't it didn't matter like you, you were gonna make your own clothes. If you had that you were not going to make up an excuse as to why you couldn't do something. And so do you remember anything in particular from your rodeo Queen days?

TK TRASK: Oh my gosh, I remember so many things. It's kind of one of those things that still haunt me in my dreams at night. It's it's so and I don't know if that happens with you too. You still have these pageant experiences in your dreams. But um, you know, I look back on what really helped me get into my rodeo Queen career was Lani Johnston Egan's. She was Miss national high school rodeo Queen back in 1995. And she was the first truly rodeo queen that took the time to just say hello, I was nine years old at the time, I had just did my first rodeo Queen contests. And she signed my her, you know, sign an autograph, and she just got crowned and just made me feel like a million dollars. And so when I started then to really get into rodeo queening than the South Dakota high school rodeo Queen title was the one that I just I wanted to have for sure on my resume. And lucky enough for me, I'm the first girl in fact, still I believe the only girl in South Dakota high school rodeo history that held the title three years in a row. So I really Yeah, I really overcame. And I really, you know, did a lot with that. And ironically enough, Lonnie was the sponsorship announcer all three years when I competed, so I got to know her again, on a personal level, of course, I'm older, you know, and so we got to really talk about a lot of things, but the fact that she, you know, initially just signed an autograph, ask me about myself just made me feel like I could do anything after that. And then seeing her years later, and just having her give me advice about my career, you know, helped me prepare for being Mr. Go to South Dakota and going on to Miss Rodeo America. Those are the ladies that you will never forget. And to this day, I will be forever grateful for her words of wisdom. And you know, all the things that she helped me do that then in return, she always said, make sure you pass those, those moments and those you know, I am you know, words of wisdom and all of that makes sure you pass it on to the next generations. And she goes You never owe me anything but to pay it forward. And so that's what I really tried to do during you know, my queen career and even after so, I really feel like that's how we got connected. And just when it you know, we all put our hearts and souls into being a rodeo queen. It's not an easy thing to do. No. And, and two, it has, you know, a definite end and what I wanted every girl you know, leaving the Mesmero to America Pageant that didn't wear the crown because we all go there. We all want to be that. Yes, there is there's a plan A obviously but always make sure you have a plan B because your life doesn't end at the end of Miss Rodeo America. It just begins and there's so many things that you can go on and do. And you are one of those people that are showing that and showing the girls that you know finished first second top 10 You know do maybe didn't even place that your how you finish at any pageant doesn't mean that's you know the end end of your career, however you want to see it or the your life you can go on and, and do bigger things and, and you know, live out different dreams. I think that's the most exciting thing about life, you know?

Taylor McAdams: Well, thank you for your kind words again, I need you around everyday hype me up. So nice. I mean, I learned from you and I learned from a lot of rodeo queens that you were acquainted with as well, because that's part of it. And I will say it was really hard at the beginning to want to give it back and to want to pay it forward. Because you're it's really confusing. But yeah, there's growth with that and you learn. I mean, truly, you can probably attest to your own personal story like you would not be where you are today. How would you have won but same for me, I would not be where I'm at today had I won because of the different opportunities that came along that year, that I would have been too busy being Miss Rodeo America. And same for you. Exactly, exactly. I can't help but think though, through all of the bobby pins on the hairspray and all the sparkles and the rhinestone that when we stop art, we still love that at some point in time you fell in love with designing your own wardrobe and getting say in what you got to wear and I can't help but think maybe that's how you ended up where you are today. Is that kind of the say? 

TK TRASK: Absolutely, absolutely. I always, I think a lot of people have heard me say this. But I used my study halls in high school, to not necessarily do my homework, but to either write my speeches or write speeches in general, or design, whether it was my rodeo Queen clothing, or just designing, just drawing in general. That was always my favorite parts of being a rodeo queen was I designed all of my outfits, I never, not once didn't ever have a hand in any of them. Which I'm pretty proud of, I guess to say, to say the least, you shouldn't be so I knew that that was always something that I wanted to continue. Because it was you know, it made it mine. It made it my style. I was you know, not trying to necessarily copy anybody else. I was just I was my own designer, which was great. And I can I could you know, experiment with different things. And, and I will say that when I gave up being Mr. to South Dakota, I was like, oh, man, I'm not gonna be able to design anymore. And I think that is what honestly, it was honestly, that led me to what my calling Digitas today and it was, you know, I went from college. I always knew in college, I wanted to at least open a clothing store. boutiques were not as big as back then as they were today. So I would you know, I went to these two boutiques in South Dakota that were you couldn't find any of the clothes anywhere else. And so I love that because it was such my style. And I would show up to different places and people would always be like, Oh, where'd you get that and I'm just like, oh, you know, Shangri La Oh, or the other boutique and Mitchell. And it was it was always so fun. And I knew that that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be able to give that same experience to other girls. So I did I launched Molly and Gidget in 2011 as a boutique and then went with that for a while I guess until I went to grad school. I was also an intern at Country Music Television. And they were also called me fancy which, which is funny. People are like, oh is it like fancy as in Reba? Or is it fancy? Like you're a fancy dresser? Yeah. What's the like? Last? Exactly. I always laughed at that because it was one of those things that I would like, well, I took it as the positive not the negative, but you know, but they always you know, made me like just come always complimented on my style. I was very, you know, cowgirl, I always wear boots. And it stood out from the rest and so they always told me that I needed to have a boutique or my own fashion line. So that really like I 100% after that that was 2010 I was like I'm going to do this. And so I launched to an online an online boutique is what Molly and get started out as so I did that but as I you know, started my career and worked with you know, different types of brands and things like that it was harder to maintain Molly and Gidget as a boutique just because inventory going to market it just it was too it was too much. And so I kind of started to take a little bit of a step back. I kept it going as much as I could. But it wasn't until I was at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame that I was 100% Sure. I was going to launch it as a brand and as a fashion design. You know label because I I went to Vegas every year and this was before Vegas was what it is now. But I created two pieces and one was A bronze fringe skirt that I wore actually onstage, you know, to present the, I think it was the photogenic award that the National Cowgirl Museum gave to a sorority America every year. I can't remember. Okay, but I always I wore it on stage. And then the second piece was the infamous gold fringe jacket. So this was 2016 when I did that, and everybody like, where did you get this? You know, and I'm just like, I designed it. These are my own designs and so exciting and I knew that moving forward, that's what Malinda it was going to be it was going to be the things that you can't find everywhere else I'm just the unique looks and that are all up in my head. And so two years later, I launched Molly and Gidget as a full fledged fashion label and, and over the years it became now what it is today, uh, center stage and red carpet and I love I love the fact that I can evolve throughout the years you know, it's been well over 10 years since I you know, Molly, Gidget came to be so yeah, it's just kind of a crazy story on how it all came about. But I attribute it all back to you know, sitting in, in study hall designing, designing my rodeo queening outfits.

Taylor McAdams: So isn't that crazy? I remember a memory I have a one of my best friends and I were sitting down studying same concept and she was like Taylor, if you would just spend half the time that you spent on Rodeo Queen stuff studying for school, you might actually be a straight A student. So that's so relatable. I can't believe I hadn't ever heard that story before. Because yes, I totally get that. And I think it's cool to to have that the name Molly and Gidget. It's your dog. Was it your dogs? 

TK TRASK: Yes, it was our two toy poodles. Molly, it who came first and she was very much a diva is what we always called her. And then Gidget came along later, and she was just this free spirit. So when I you know came up with the concept of Malian ujet I really wanted it to be and this was the tagline back then was, were a rockin or we're old Hollywood diva meets a rock and roll, cowgirl. So I wanted to combine Yeah, kind of those two different personalities. And those two, you know, different styles. And it's funny, because I look back at it now. And it's still kind of the same. You know, that's still seen through in my designs, for sure. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, yeah. And it's like once a queen always clean, you've got the fringe, you've got the Rock and Roll spirit. So yeah, definitely. And I think what's cool for you is, is you've over time, obviously evolved it from the boutique, but now it's on to bigger, bigger and better stages. Let's say you've done some pretty cool things. But I think it's so cool that you still take the time to design for like your specific friends, South Dakota girls for like NFR and things like that. So what do you think has been like the hardest part about like building the character and keeping the same relationships, but also trying to grow your business and become more of an elite brand to talk about that part of it?

TK TRASK: Oh, my gosh, you know, there's been a lot of times that where I've had to, you know, set some boundaries of what I can and cannot do. And you know, as much as I want to be everything to everybody. I mean, that's kind of the rodeo queen is still in me a little bit. It's, it's, it doesn't serve me or the brand well to just to be that way. So I've had to really hone in on okay, this is what Malian gives it is this is what we stand for. This is the type of styles I do. This is you know, the extracurricular activities that you know, we participate in, specifically women's empowerment movement and sustainable fashion movements, as well as like some mental health movements as well. So I always want to make sure that it whether you're a friend, or you know, our celebrity client, or you know, whoever you are, I always want to make sure that you fit well with the brand. Because Christian Siriano said it best that the people who wear your brand are a direct refract reflection of who your brand is. And so it's it's vital for me to make sure that the girls, you know, understand what Molly's budget stands for, what our style is, and then make sure that the designs they you know were there are reflective of not only my brand, but their personality and it's you know, a perfect collaboration essentially. So Oh

Taylor McAdams: yeah. And I think the perfect representation of this was Emma Cameron's. Oh, actually her every all the outfits that you did I think he did three or four.

TK TRASK: I think it did like Yeah, I think so. Maybe maybe even more than that.

Taylor McAdams: Maybe more than I'm even counting but I can't help but go keep going back to the vest because As I remember you posting the day that she worked, which by the way, you finally got to post it, you know, you've been waiting. I mean, first of all, explain to everyone what you did. I'm gonna say spoiler alert. She thought she said why not wear a vest backwards and some people would have thought it was so crazy but Emma, it was a perfect example because you even wrote and this is what I thought was so cool and and this represents you and your brand of like, you're not going to work with just anyone you're going to work with the the winners, the ones that are really pushing the limits and all that and you wrote Miss Rodeo America 2024 on her appearance bag. And yes, somewhat Some people probably thought that was bold, but I was like, That is bold in the best way. Like that's when you know, you know and so talk about the whole experience designing the vest that was just so cool.

TK TRASK: Yes. Oh, yes. So you know, I will say Molly and Gidget, you know what we are is edgy, bold, iconic and stylish which just consists of Western and sparkle and feathers and you know, elements that really make the outfit unique and stand out. So when I talked with them at how M and I actually got associated as I judged her the year she won the national high school rodeo Queen Contest, which you know very well and and so I followed her throughout her entire year as the national high school rodeo queen and you know, just was so proud of everything she had done and was just thoroughly impressed with you know who she was and and when she won Miss Rodeo New Mexico I was like, Oh, if you need anything you let me know because at that point I was you know, I was already in Nashville I had done another gals you know, fashion, fashion show and and wrangler outfit for Miss Rodeo America. So I was I was a little unsure if I ever wanted to do it again. I'll put it that way. Yes. But Emma was just that person that I was like, 100%. She embodies everything Molly and gage it is. And she actually reached out to me after she while she was in Vegas watching that year and she goes, Okay, I have some ideas, but I want you to do my fashion show. And as we went throughout the year, she kind of added a few more things. Oh, I want you to do you know my horsemanship interview. Oh, I want you to do this. And it was the last one that she we had talked about was was the Wrangler outfit with the vest. And she calls me and I'll never forget it. She's like, I don't it's, you know, this year, we get a vest. I don't know what to do with it. That's pretty hard telling her on the phone. I said, Don't worry, I got this. And so she sent me a picture of the vest and I was like, Oh, this is gonna be this is gonna be difficult. You know, this is gonna be tricky because it is it's a very much it was a boxy. Yeah, you know, not even Taylor. Exactly. Just very boxy. How she How did she put it? She was like, oh, it's one of the timers are like the, the flavor is best set you see in the arena. Oh my gosh. Okay. So I kind of started to really think about like, Okay, what could we possibly do? And I'm always one to, as I said, just kind of alter things as I wear them. So I will wait. I have, you know, different jig, excuse me different jackets that I will flip backwards and I'll wear it backwards and have the back open on it, you know, just for something a little different and edgy. And so that's when I was like, I bet that vest would look incredible backwards. And I started looking through different expose and I remember seeing a nudies shirt that he actually wore nudie Cohen. Wow. And it was very like, the front of the shirt was very boxy. It was very just like, it looked like it was a backwards vest. And so I was like that's it. That's how we're going to do it. We're going to flip it backwards. I want her to put like another denim shirt underneath of it. Make this really old cowgirl kind of vibe put some like Gaucho pants with it kind of make her look like you know one of the old time cowgirls Thank you national Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame for that and so working there and and that that's how it all came to be but as I was kind of placing things on it or you know thinking through it, she's like, well it has to represent our state. And I'm like oh my gosh, how perfect is it that Turquoise is your Yeah, your state stone. Oh, perfect, you know, so I got all of these turquoise squash blossoms and I started to just kind of mold it onto the vest and play with it and I remember telling Emma you know, I go I think a backwards vest is ideal and she she She trusted me through Throughout this whole entire process, because she goes, I can't see it, you know, and I even drew up a design for her. But she's, she's, you know, she's still like, I can't see it, but I can trust you. And I finally got it all put together. That was the first one that actually I finished. Just because I was so excited to do it, it was going to be just completely unique. And so that was the first one I sent off to her. And then once she got it, she was like, Oh, my gosh, I get it now. I totally get it. And it just was one of those pieces that, you know, creatively, she gave me enough time to really think through it. She gave me all the right elements. And the fact that I knew her so well, at that point that I knew that she could pull this off and do well with it. So well, you

Taylor McAdams: just set me up perfectly for the next thing I was curious about in your business, because you do with your creative process. It comes and goes I'm sure just like anything that's creative. And you kind of almost have to study your clients. So what what is your creative process? How do you like let's say you're going to design something for some big A Lister, and you need it ready for like a red carpet or whatever do you do you pull from their style of who they are? Do you try to do something different talk us through your process, their styling, and the creative process.

TK TRASK: It’s so funny because it does it ebbs and flows ebbs and flows, you can't force anything, or at least in my opinion, you can't force anything, you have to allow it to come as it will. And a lot of the different stars, you know, celebrities around here, you either work with them directly, or you have to work with their stylist. So if you work with them directly, that's better because you can get to know them, they get to know you, they, you know will tell you Oh, I like this, or this is what I'm thinking and then I can put my own spin on it. And you know, it's a great collaboration. But when you're working with their stylist, it's it gets a little you know, you get that middleman in there. So it's a little bit more difficult and it takes a little bit longer. The stylists will have you know a lot of like mood boards and things they'll send you. But when it comes to working directly with the artists, they like to you know, tell you okay, this is what I want. This is what I'm hoping for different things like that. So, um, it's yeah, it's just it's it's different no matter who you work with. But with rodeo queens, it's really easy because you get to work with them directly. And I love when the client like Emma, for example, or Natalie Stovall, she's also like this. I'm Jen Wayne, she's another one, they'll just say, This is what I want. I trust you, you know, this is what we need you to I want something Yeah, yeah, I want to dress or, you know, I get really hot and I don't want to wear sleeves. So what can you do, but that's, you know, kind of still edgy and flowy. So they, they kind of give me a direction, and then I just run with it. So, um, I will always have, you know, an arsenal of designs that I constantly either, you know, draw, or I, you know, have my own mood boards or inspiration. So, when I am kind of struggling on a creative, creative opportunity, that's when I will go back into there and see if there's anything that I can pull. Otherwise, I literally have to shut everything off. And just focus on okay, what who is this person? And what is something that's just going to make them stand out because at the end of the day, Molly and Gigi it, it's made for the girls who want to stand out, it's the girls who turn heads. It's the girls who don't look like everybody else and don't want to look like everybody else. So I've really, I don't study trends. I don't study, you know, who's wearing what and in fact, if a girl comes to me and says, and this is this has happened more than once. I want to look like Carrie Underwood. I love Carrie Underwood is outfit. Can you do this outfit? I Carrie Underwood has great style. Her stylist is next to none. Um, and she's one of those people that I'm like, Yes, Carrie Underwood is fabulous. But let's just look at you know, what's the body? Or what's the main thing that you like that she's wearing? Is it a top? Is it a t shirt? Is it a you know, a jacket? Is it denim? Is it leather, you know, from there, we can take that base. And then I always say let's create it for you and make you a fashion icon not an you know, a Carrie Underwood replica because there's only one Carrie Underwood. Not everybody can be Carrie Underwood. So I really encourage all of my clients that you know, just trust me on this and let's make you the next big Carrie Underwood are the next, you know, the next big fashion icon. So yeah, the it's a process and it's different with everybody. But I really try to make sure that it's, you know, still true to my brand and true to whoever's wearing it. So

Taylor McAdams: I love that you brought Carrie Underwood up because I followed her for the longest time thinking I wanted her legs. And her trainer one time and she was like, Yeah, you can have everything in moderation. Like, my husband gets doughnuts, you can have a bite of his donut. And that was when I was lost. I was like, how do you just have one bite of a donut? You? You thought he was so I'm so glad you brought that up. Because I totally understand what you're meaning especially like, in a world that in I mean, country music in general is such a niche at times. And when when people get so stuck on trends and trying to fit in you lose sight of who you are and what you represent. Yes. So that's so cool. That's what I love about you, obviously. But thank you. No, no, of course I can't help. But remember, and I this is gonna go into my next question of like, how you handled things. CMA, CMA fest last year, we were trying to meet up but you had like a, I don't want to say a mishap a styling emergency, let's say. So sometimes that's going to happen. And you learned that when you and I both understand like, sometimes those jeans just ain't fit and sweetheart. And that's like story of my life. Like, I cannot tell you how many times I've had to have like backup outfits and all that. So how do you handle that? I guess the stress of it is that even the stress? I don't even know what I'm asking like, how do you handle that? When something like when plan A doesn't work? How do you make Plan B work? Tell us talk to us about the behind the scenes there, the stuff that we don't? Well,

TK TRASK: it's so funny, because it goes back to, you know, being a rodeo Queen again, because you do have to be ready for the unexpected. And that's one thing that you know, we just being in rodeo and in the western industry and agriculture in general, you have to be ready for whatever life throws at you. And it can be highs and lows, and you just kind of have to ebb and flow and just be able to adjust accordingly. pivot and pivot Well, that's what I always say. And it's just, you know, it takes practice a little bit. But as I said, I I've fallen into it so easily. Because it because of, you know, my rodeo Queen career and yeah, having a backup plan and just knowing okay, if jeans split or a top zipper breaks, or, you know, what is the next backup that we can do? Or what can I do to you know, either so somebody's in or, you just, I'm always ready, I have actually like a little toolkit that I take everywhere with me that has everything in it that I could, you know, possibly use seeing the CMAS this year, when I worked with Jordan Davis's wife, you know, we did so many fittings and there was still little mishaps that were right up into the last minute that her stylist and I were, you know, sewing her in and making sure all of these, you know, it's just it comes with practice. And it comes with just knowing that, you know, fashion happens and stuff happens all the time. And you just Just be prepared for absolutely anything and make sure you have you know, a little toolkit ready to go. It's kind of like you know, your get stuck in a winter storm and this is going to show my South Dakota roots right here. You can stuck in a winter storm on on a highway. You know, having that preparedness kit is vital. And that's how I guess how I also look at it as being you know, a fashion designer, you have to also have everything ready to go you know, at any time for that so

Taylor McAdams: Well you handle it all well, especially because the finished product, you'd have no idea anytime anything ever happens and that's like what what makes you so good at your job, but Well, thank you. We're gonna take a quick break. And when we come back, we're gonna learn about how to style and what to look for in concert festival outfits. So everyone stay tuned and we'll be right back.

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Taylor McAdams: Hey everybody, and welcome back. Thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. If you like what you've heard so far, please feel free to like, subscribe, share it with your friends. Tell everyone about TK go follow her now. We have so much more in store for you. And by the time this podcast episode will have come out it's summertime. We're looking ahead to concerts we're trying to find not only where we're going to spend all of our concert dollars but what outfits we're going to spend on so TK talk us through how you recommend working with you as a designer in that level, getting the exclusive stuff but then also maybe going into like our local boot barn or calendars or wherever we can find any inspo even Hot Topic If that's what you want for a talk, talk to us about all of that how do we find this the signature pieces? How do we build the outfits? All of it?

TK TRASK: Okay, oh, this is such a loaded question and like you know, it's it's no it's great because this is where I get really jazzed up so listeners are probably gonna be like oh my god, she's girls like super jazzed up about festival you know, season and summer season. And it's just because specifically festival fashion Can you can wear so you can just really let your you know your your personality shine and really kind of just go with loud and big outfits and things like that, which I absolutely love obviously. Um, but I always say that when it comes to you know, festival fashion or staged concert looks, however you want to kind of embody it, you want to have one standout piece, one center piece, and you want to build your outfit around that that's, that's my, my, I guess my first piece of advice is to just find that one piece that you know, whether it's a fringe jacket or whether it's a denim jumpsuit, or you know, if you want to build it around a vintage, you know, t shirt, any whatever that is to you put it put that first and then from there you can throw in basics or however you want it to look I'm always one that I like the jackets or I like a really flashy top or you know and then from there I usually layer like a basic white t ink or black tank with some you know, some shredded shorts or however I always you know, kind of make it more basic so then you're not so then you can spend more money on that signature that that centerpiece and then you know save the rest of your budget for something less um you know, when it comes to like fashion designer like myself a custom piece you obviously are going to be spending a little bit more money because it's going to be one of a kind it's going to be customed to you it's going to just you know have your signature on it and then you know or if you want to go down let's just say like the boot barn route or something to that effect just find that one piece that's that standout piece and and then as I said Build your build the rest with basics or you know kind of a more solid ground

Taylor McAdams: I couldn't agree more with and I with you and then I love hearing that too. And I remember specifically I don't remember if you were this or if someone you styled or this but it was a Guns and Roses t shirt. Vintage t shirt. Yes. Yeah. But then it also had maybe you added your custom whether that was like these friends shoulder pads or it's the the diamonds of Dixie.

TK TRASK: Yep. Diamond Dixie girls. Yeah, okay, okay. Yeah, I remember they had a old- Thank you. They had a song come out, called Guns and Roses, I believe is what it was called. And so she came to me before that concert was like, I want to wear a Guns and Roses t shirt. And I said, Okay, well, I don't want it because I also once again remember Carrie Underwood wearing your guns and roses t shirt. So I'm like, How can we make it yours and something really unique. So I took a vintage t shirt that I found let's just say it on eBay. I believe it was eBay and I got it in no time and I started once again started looking at it okay, how can I make this unique to Gabriella? Gabriella is very she likes the rhinestone, she likes French she likes. You know, when she She's like the she doesn't have to play a guitar. She she can just move. So her movement I wanted the shirt to have some movement to it. So when I put it all together, I had you know some shoulder shoulder pads that I am now had some fringe and some rhinestones on it that I put on it. And then the rest of the shirt I just distressed it I put some leather long fringe pieces all over it and then rhinestone that with pearls and it was very much her so when I like looked at it I'm like yes it's a guns and Rose roses t shirt, but this is Gabriella Guns and Roses T shirts. So, um, you know, having that that spin on it that again, that personal style, so you're not copying or looking like somebody else is so vital. And especially with festival fashion. Again, just you can have so much fun and you can really let your personality show and, and, you know, I think that's what's great about it. So-

Taylor McAdams: Oh, definitely. And I've got to say you're exactly right. It's so cool to hear your perspective on that outfit because even the have photos, can they capture the fringe flowing with the wind and had you have not realized what kind of performer she was or taking the time to care? I don't think you would have, you would have missed something major. And she would have just gone out in a normal t shirt like everyone else. And so I commend you there. That's super cool. Thank you, thank you, thank you, like really good too, about staying on top of your game state, you know, you're always a step ahead. That sort of just seems even if even if you feel like you're like, oh, by the time the whoever gets onto the red carpet gets onto the stage, they look like a million dollars they look finished, which is great for your brand. And so incorporating that back into like the festival as an attendee goer that's going to like let's say, CMA fest that's coming up. Or by the time this podcast will come out. I don't know if it's already happened or not. But either way, let's just pretend that we're gonna go to there or something. What do you think is like the number one or top five things we should take with us? Like, you're gonna go back to Rodeo Queen days of like, do you think obviously, rodeo Queens was always like, bobby pins and hairspray? What do you want to take with us to the festival?

TK TRASK: Well, having been to CMA Fest, and also having been to Coachella, I can tell you that less is more. Okay, just because it is, you know, with Coachella, you're out in the desert, and you're, you know, it's it can be 100 degrees. And then by the end of the night, it's, you know, 50 degrees. So, yeah, yep. So you have to, you know, when thinking about your outfit, too, you need to plan accordingly. If you need to bring, like a bunch of things I know, at Coachella, you could, you know, rent a locker and then shove a sweatshirt in there, whatever, which is, you know, something to think about. But if you're just going and, you know, you don't want to, you don't want to take a lot, because to a lot of these places, you can't have like your big bags, your backpacks, your you know, big purses, things like that. So I always say, you know, make sure you have like some face mist, because that helps you stay cool and also keeps your you know, your skin dewy and hydrated. And, and that will also help with you know, you don't want to wear a bunch of makeup and things to, you know, to do to these concerts and stuff because by the end of the day, everybody's looking the same melted. Yeah, just keep your skin fresh and hydrated. I think that that's the number one because that right there is your base to the rest of your outfit. So making sure you have that safety pins would be number two, having just a couple of safety pins, art, because you never know when like a button will fall off, or, you know, something happened, you know, just wardrobe malfunctions. So I always make sure I like I pin a safety pin to like my little purses or something like that, and then have a couple of them just kind of hanging off. So it kind of looks like fringe.

Taylor McAdams: So the style but also functional. 

TK TRASK: Exactly. So you have that in your, you know, in your arsenal. Number three, I would say have some of those, you know those, I guess those inserts that you can put in your shoes. Because and don't wear shoes you can't walk in or can't stand in for more than an hour. Like that's so vital. cowboy boots, shout out to Justin boots for this. I love wearing cowboy boots to festivals, they're comfortable, I can stand in them all day, thank god walk in. And you know, you guys have something that's great, like the J flex because they have that nice little cushioning and um, and then you don't have to worry about padding. But if you don't, if you don't, if you are unfortunate and don't have any Justin boots knows exactly make sure you have the inserts to that. And then number five, I would say you know make have, once again I would do something with your outfit where you can have layers. So whether that's like having a base like a tank top as a base and then wrapping a longer Sleeve Shirt around your waist. Or like at Coachella, I wore the one day I wore kind of a sequined top with feathers on it. And it was black I was wearing all black that day probably not the greatest but I was actually quite cool because the top was more see through and breathable. I think just constantly going around and you know, to all these different stages that you know, wherever you are, you're going to want to be able you're going to be walking you're going to be sweating. So having things that are breathable, like me unfortunately this might be TMI, but I tend to sweat out in the summertime so I like to have you know things that don't show that and but yet breathable and I can still be cool and things like that. So those would be my top five recommendations for when attending festivals. Wow,

Taylor McAdams: TK thank you for breaking it down. I'm like actually taking mental notes in my head. I'm like, okay, that's actually really Smart, you know, making sure of everything because you're right. I mean, most of the time you have to have like a clear bag or you barely even have enough pockets for your phone. So make something that you can like do and use and wow, all of it. Thank you for being a wealth of knowledge. And

TK TRASK: you have we have to learn you learn the hard way by going to these enough that you know, I'm just like, well, here you go. This is what I've learned. Yeah, please take it from me, please. 

Taylor McAdams: Yes. No, I love that so much in the facemist is so key. You're so right. I didn't even think about that. But even being in Nashville, working the events not even trying to be cute or go for fun. Yep, I remember thinking like wow, even though it's Nashville and you would think It's so humid. I wish I did have like this extra little. So I'm like, okay, adding the setting spray to my list.

TK TRASK: Yep, do that. 

Taylor McAdams: Do that. Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day. I know you have a lot going on. You just announced the time of filming. Obviously, by the time the podcast is out, we're already well on our way, but you just announced that your books are closed for styling for CMA Fest. So that's exciting. I know you have a lot of big projects, and your future's so bright, and I am just so honored to get to breathe your air at this point in time through the zoom through the camera so Oh, thank you for your time. Thank you for being awesome and for like you said in the very beginning to pouring into others and continuing it for other generations whatever that is rodeo queening, music industry fashion in general. Thank you for paving the way and not in like doing it unwaveringly not settling for anything and posting your your motivational quotes sometimes just talking off camera like when trying to train for running things like sometimes I just read one of your quotes and I'm like yes let's go I can do this.

TK TRASK: So same is same and it's so important to you to surround yourself with positive people and that's one thing you know, I'm so blessed with is that my inner circle and my core people like like yourself, you guys just lift me up when I feel feel down and being able to consume that on social media is so vital. So I mean, I hope everybody listening finds those people that that lift them up and keep them positive and keep them moving forward because we need more of that we need more love in this world and and thank you for being that one to me. 

Taylor McAdams: Well, yes, I think we help each other out more than we need to know it. Really. Yes, thank you. We do need that we do need each other lifting each other up. And speaking of that, she is really good about posting like I said motivational quotes or boss babe things or even just some projects and sneak peeks. I love this sneak peeks give her a follow go ahead and over at Instagram Molly and gadget Do you have a Facebook to Facebook?

TK TRASK: Yes. Yep, just mollyandgidget. Yep. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay. And then also Her website is super cool. I know from time to time, she'll get to do some like sample sales, which you're gonna want to get in on because that's like a rare find. So if you want- her website is www dot Molly and Gidget dot com. You can ask questions, follow her, follow along all through festival concert season, and follow for the award shows I'm here. I will say TK for your social media. I'm here after every award show, ready for your recaps of like your favorites or maybe even not, not dislikes and like the way of like tearing them down. But like, what would you change your things like that? I'm all for it. So we need more. We need more red carpet content, award shows Grammys, we need all of that. So thank you. And if you guys would like to go follow along, do that as well. As always, we're so thankful that you are listening to the Kick Your Boots Boots up podcast. I've said it a million times, and I'll say it a million more until you do it. Like Subscribe, tell your friends about this podcast. And also feel free to comment below and tell us who you want to see on the podcast. We're so excited that you're listening and we look forward to seeing you the next time you kick your boots. Thanks for joining us on Kick Your Boots Up. I'm your host, Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then, feel free to like, subscribe, and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.