Episode 048 - A Good Chat With Good Babes Shelby & Blaze

Shelby Lovelace, founder of The Good Babes Co., and Blaze Stewart, a Western Fashion Influencer, join us on the Kick Your Boots Up Podcast! Hear Shelby’s journey from an Animal Science grad to a thriving fashion entrepreneur spreading kindness. Discover their passions for funny farm stories, and empowering messages of confidence. Don't miss this inspiring chat with true Good Babes!

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Podcast Transcript

Taylor McAdams: Hello, everybody and thanks for listening to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast this week we have girl time finally two ladies in studio. This is going to be so awesome Shelby Lovelace and Blaze Stewart. Ladies, thank you for being here on The Kick Your Boots Up Podcast. 

Shelby Lovelace: Thanks so much for having us.

Blaze Stewart: Thank you.

Taylor McAdams: I love it when things like this workout when we finally get Boss Babes in the same room together to talk about life and everything in general. So speaking of that, let's just jump right on in with you tell us a little bit about yourself. You grew up all of it. 

Shelby Lovelace: So my name is Shelby Lovelace. I grew up on a 500-acre cattle ranch. We raise beef, we raise commercial cattle. And that's kind of what I did growing up. We weren't cows and stuff like that. Western industry has always been super special to me. I kind of left and went to the corporate world for a little bit. And it was able to come back and tie the Western industry into my business, the Good Babes Co. and then I get to work with amazing Western ladies. And they get to model the clothes. We get to tie horses into it. And it just has worked out. So awesome.

Taylor McAdams: I will see you there. And I am so in awe of like your business mind on top of it. Also, yes, you've stayed true to the Western industry and everything that you've done, but also the business side, you've you've got a really good thing to Good Babes. And I'll talk about that in a little bit. 

Shelby Lovelace: Thank you

Taylor McAdams: Of course and blaze for you. Tell us about how you grew up and kind of how were you got to influencing today? Yeah, definitely. So

Blaze Stewart: I grew up in Kansas. So I'm pretty excited to be living in Texas now. But I've kind of always been involved in agriculture in a way or the Western industry. I showed horses I rodeoed. Like we talked about, we go back to the rodeo queening days. 

Taylor McAdams: And we do have to talk about that on here for everyone. 

Blaze Stewart:  Yes, and I do attribute a lot of the qualities I have to that and what I learned through that. That was a great time. Like I said, I rodeoed and my mom had a boutique, which is how I kind of got into the fashion world I used to go to Dallas market with her WESA all of that. And I went to school in Oklahoma for a couple of years and then moved to Canyon Texas and went to WT and the same thing it's kind of come full circle and now I'm married to a rancher and so I get to live a lifestyle every single day.,

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, their ranch wife too!

Blaze Stewart: And I do want to back up to our rodeo Queen days because we were trying to figure out what timeframe that we would have met and I think when it started like 2008 may think so like Little Miss CPRA I think I was like nine years old I was living my best life-

Taylor McAdams: You didn't care about what anywhere in the world? 

Blaze Stewart: No like the most like all of the rhinestones that you can get all the glitter all of it.

Taylor McAdams: Yes and then it didn't matter to like at the end of the day if you just petting more on like specifically we were just like it's good. More makeup

Blaze Stewart: all of it like the whole nine yards. Yes. 

Taylor McAdams: And I think what's so cool about social media and how everything works out in the world and in the industry is how now we were just talking we get to sit here and have a conversation as Boss Babes still in the industry. Yes. And I think it's worth mentioning too that like we haven't really our schedules haven't aligned we haven't been at the same event if we have we've missed each other yes really gotten to catch up since like 2013 Whenever we liked it that's how each other in Kansas you know all this stuff. Yeah. So for you what has been like the hardest part I guess about moving on to this next chapter of being a ranch wife stepping out of like the young rodeo Queen stuff to like fashion influencing ranch wife life like like that.

Blaze Stewart: I think the hardest thing, not necessarily on the influencer side or the Western. But it's been a big learning curve for me working on the ranch. I mean, I grew up in agriculture, but it's different. It's different. I mean, we run commercial cows. impostor syndrome is so real in agriculture, I feel like especially for women. I'm one of the only girls that works there. But alongside my husband and sometimes like I feel silly asking questions or, or if I have an idea, you know, things like that. So that's been tough for me, but I also love it. And I loved kind of being able to tie that into my influencing and sharing that side for other girls that may be struggling with that too or want to get into it, but don't know how that's something that I kind of want to work on being better about sharing. Like I said, I love fashion and I like putting my spin on it Shelby and I were talking about that last night like everybody styles stuff in a different way. And I love seeing Yeah, I love seeing people's personalities through it and I just don't feel like you can style something wrong.

Taylor McAdams: No, I couldn't agree and it does shine through with you. I think that's why you have such a good loyal following too is like people you're so real both of you. Yeah. I mean you guys both are so real and transparent the world and I love one video in particular and this has been a while back. You had just gotten done. I don't think you were working cattle but you were doing something with your husband. Yeah now and then you're like get ready with me for a date night and you literally went from zero to glam and you know it was a long time but the video took us through a trip but I just love that so that's where you put your inspo from is and what do you do on days that you maybe don't look the best Do you still share Do you still What do

Blaze Stewart: you I do I get on my story no makeup ballcap I mean men's jeans. Sometimes the whole nine yards looks fantastic. was actually something Shelby and I worked together on is we did a ranch collection. And that was kind of the idea behind it was having clothes that you can go from wearing on the ranch to going to town and doing a date night date night. Because I feel like a lot of women struggle with that or like having the time or the energy to really do it. But like, I feel like look good, feel good, do good. And so like somedays, even on the ranch, like, I still want to dress cute. And yeah, Shelby really helped bring that vision to life. And that was really fun to work with her on. But I do I share, I try to keep it real and share everything on the fridge. 

Taylor McAdams: People appreciate that. Keep doing it. That's how you get a little ball. Absolutely. And speaking of that, you guys do get to work a lot together. But do we kind of talk more about that and what you're doing here? Let's talk about how you guys met because it was through good babes. Right? Yes.

Shelby Lovelace: So originally a fashion show for RFD-TV, Cowboy Channel in 2019. I randomly kind of met. And then of course, there's social media, which, to me is the positive side of social media of getting to meet all of these awesome women getting to work together and harnessing that to us in a good way. I think is amazing. So yeah, that's kind of how that worked out. And then now we shoot together almost once a month.

Taylor McAdams: I see that you guys are together. You're not shooting. You're just hanging out. Yes. You're doing the Airbnb thing. Yeah. So yeah, I think you've got gone to

Shelby Lovelace: the babe cave. Yes, yes. It was come full circle. It's awesome.

Blaze Stewart: I love hanging out and being around Shelby, she always has so many creative ideas. And she's such a fun person to be around. So I enjoy that a lot. I

Shelby Lovelace: I feel like Blaze is even more creative than me.

Taylor McAdams: Well, I will say you guys feed off each other very well. Even literally, you guys. I was just getting their lunch order like probably 30 minutes ago, and hearing them talk about like, oh, yeah, like this, like this specific intuition. I like this all green. And you're like, Yeah, I could go with this. And yeah, just hearing hearing that and feeling the energy of women together supporting each other. Absolutely. That's like so cool. And then the fact that you guys are both kind of influencers together, and then also Boss Babes as a whole. So kind of go on a little bit about why you guys are here and what you're doing with Justin without giving too many spoilers of course, of course.

Shelby Lovelace: So we're actually helping style and kind of art direct the Justin shoot coming up. And I wanted to bring Blaze here to help with the actual wanting to look realistic. We want it to be actual ranch-style stuff. To show that the working cowboy working cowgirl can wear it. And so I think both of our minds together with that has been awesome. And I can't wait to actually get to the shoot to put it all together. It's going to be great. 

Taylor McAdams: It really is. And the best part about it is before the shoot happens you're actually going up early to go rope.

Shelby Lovelace: Yeah, I know. I have Blaze- like Do you mind if I come a couple of days early? She was like actually, rope would love that. Come at sort some steers for him. I'm like, yeah, I would love that. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: Do you rope too, Blaze?

Blaze Stewart: I do. 

Shelby Lovelace: Yes, she breakaway ropes great. 

Blaze Stewart: She's giving me a lot of credit. But I breakaway rope. And I recently started heading this summer. So that's that's been another learning curve. So but I'm excited about it. I've always wanted to team rope. So that's pretty cool that I'm finally learning. 

Taylor McAdams: You're doing it. Yeah, you're helping each other and the one that has the question about that is like my biggest fear with it all is getting your thumbs caught. Do you guys ever have that fear?

Shelby Lovelace: No, I have to be honest. I don't really know how people get them stuck as often as they do. I mean, I mean, you don't really think about it when you're doing that's probably why it happens because it just like oh, well they want my thumb. Yeah, but no, I'm, I don't really think about it. I guess when you're in the moment that Yeah,

Blaze Stewart: and I might not rope fast enough to be in that position yet.

Taylor McAdams: Team Roping wise, I never left the dummy breakaway practice a few times. But yeah, dummy for me is yes. Yes. So when before we go dive deep into your guys's jobs and your lifestyles. I've got to ask when you guys aren't working. Okay, what do you guys do for fun obviously roping, fashion, shopping all of it, but tell us about your favorite foods. What are your favorite activity?

Shelby Lovelace: Okay, well yeah, Mexican food margaritas? Definitely we crossover on there for sure. Yeah, good steak.

Blaze Stewart: I mean you can't beat that. 

Taylor McAdams: Yep

Shelby Lovelace: yep. I like hamburger steak. is my favorite home cooked like brown gravy mashed potatoes. That's my favorite.

Taylor McAdams: Really? That's my go to come on. I do put a fried egg on top of it.

Taylor McAdams: Okay See I agree with you there I love that, but my husband, yeah will die on the Hill of that is disgusting. Eggs do not belong on there so I guess let us know if you like

Shelby Lovelace: Yeah, but yeah, I mean I feel like roping when I have extra time. That's what I do.

Blaze Stewart: Yeah, I that's pretty much our hobby. I mean, I like clothes and you know shopping occasionally, but I feel like we go from we're working on the ranch riding our horses working cows to Okay, let's go saddle the rope horses and go rope when we have time. And that's kind of the hobby I guess what we enjoy to do. I wish I had more time to do it. Honestly. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: It is that relaxing. Yeah. And I guess what we're hearing then is that you guys are gonna team up in 2024 and you're gonna like start traveling Our oldest team roping partner. We're both hunters

Shelby Lovelace: NFR and

Blaze Stewart: healer girlies. If you want to, if you want to

Shelby Lovelace: healer girls reach out to us, please.

Taylor McAdams: What do you think is the hardest part about becoming a healer than once you've already been on the hidden side? What do you think that the holdup there? I

Shelby Lovelace:  think the horse switch is the hardest. Yeah, I in my opinion for

Blaze Stewart: Shelby for me, I cannot rope the the heel dummy out like I cannot heal. I am awful at it. I will fully admit that. But I definitely horses. I mean, if you have a switch Ender, that's better. But

Shelby Lovelace: I think that's I'm trying to train my coat on both ends right now. And he's three. So of course you're in that like phase where he's just constantly doing whatever he wants to do. And then you try to switch in them. And it's like, okay, this is tough. But that's the hardest part. For me, I think.

Taylor McAdams: I think you guys are both really good at handling the mindset through that. How do you guys handle a bad day that whether it be in the Ropin or I don't even know and your businesses and your data a loss?

Shelby Lovelace: Okay, taking it minute by minute. That's like my go to like, let's take it one step at a time. And go from there. Yeah,

Taylor McAdams: That's good advice. Yeah, that's good. What about you? What are you

Blaze Stewart: staying calm? Realizing that it's one day and just having good faith? Yes. Definitely

Taylor McAdams: did out to both of those. That's so solid. And one thing too I've got to commend both of you guys on is keeping up with like, not only the fashion side of things, but like your body and healthy and lifestyle and all that. So like the one the first time I hope you remember this, or maybe I hope you don't remember. I don't know. The first time I met you. You were getting your makeup done. Yes, your photo shoot and I honestly was in awe because that was my first experience with you in person again, going back to like the social media thing. You keep up you feel like yeah, so anyways, I remember just like staring at you forever being like, okay, so what is your workout routine? Because your legs are Carrie Underwood. Yeah. And you're like, honestly, I just walked. So tell us about that. Tell us about you.

Shelby Lovelace: I like I am a huge advocate for incline walking. It's great for everything. And I mean, running is fantastic. But it does wear on your knees and incline walking and like almost anybody can do it. And you can buy one of the little desk treadmills that go into your desk and prop it up. I literally put a yoga mat underneath my incline or underneath the treadmill and make it an incline. So you didn't have to go to the gym. That's Yes.

Taylor McAdams: And then you just answer some emails. Yeah. Walk all day. Eight hours a day. No, no.

Shelby Lovelace: I'm not that good. But no incline walking. I love Yeah. Yeah,

Taylor McAdams: yep. And then same for you. What's your secret to staying healthy?  

Blaze Stewart: Well, Shelby's my inspiration. I'm so jealous. But I do really try to eat clean or cook clean for us. Especially with as busy as we are. I don't like loading up on junk food. I don't ever feel good. When I was in college. I did the power fit workouts and that really helped me. I don't really have the time for that anymore. In the summer when we're working cows, that's my workout.

Shelby Lovelace: Yeah, I was gonna say stuff like that. I mean, even just rope roping. Yeah, roping is a great workout.

Blaze Stewart: I definitely feel like in the winter, I need to do more though. I don't feel like I'm as active. I don't I always say I'm a fair weather cowgirl? Like, I don't really have a choice. But if I did, I would be a fair. Well, that girl.

Taylor McAdams: I feel I agree to that too. And that's what I love about Texas. I mean, you know, I'm an OB, I don't know if you're from Oklahoma. And that's like Oklahoma. It's always cold in the winter. But Texas, you'll have some random 75 degree days and you're like yeah, no, I love that. And we're almost out of time before we take a break. But but the one question I want to ask before we do that is where do you guys pull your fashion influence from where do you guys get gone? So for fashion,

Shelby Lovelace: if I went like the starter piece, I go to Pinterest. Okay, start a board. And then we put our own spin on it. Ooh, yes. I feel like that's kind of my go to

Blaze Stewart: and other girls too. Like, I mean, I I see other things. I'm like, I love that. But I could do this with it. And so like I make it you Yes. And so like, I definitely get inspiration from other people too. But Pinterest, all sorts of things. Yeah. So sometimes it just comes to me like, I'll be sitting there and I'll be like, oh my goodness, I should try this.

Shelby Lovelace: My best ideas are at like midnight laying in bed, and I have a notepad of style ideas. by

Taylor McAdams: your bed. Yeah, that's genius. You know, people have that for writing. I do a lot of writing. Same thing, right? Yes, exactly. It's 100% more, you know, yeah. Well, we're gonna take a quick break. But when we return, we're gonna have a lot in store for you guys for just talking about everything that they do in their lives and their personal and professional lives. So stay tuned. Don't leave us we'll be right back. Narrator: Some people find comfort and sitting still, but not you. You were born to explore, to seek out adventure. To live life to its fullest. You follow your own path and blaze your own trail. You understand? There's a whole world out there and nothing will keep you from experiencing. Discover the frontier collection from Justin Boots. We've outfitted the frontier for nearly 150 years. Find your friends here today at Justin boots.com

Taylor McAdams: We We are back in the Kick Your Boots Up Studio. Thank you guys for being here with Blaze and Shelby. And now we get to talk about the fun stuff, the things that have kind of made us where we are today. So for us, specifically Shelby, I want to talk about Good Babes code and BBT. And just really about how it all became about you and Danny, our partners. Yeah. So tell us about just how it all got started. Yeah, so

Shelby Lovelace: like I said, getting to tie the Western industry back into my businesses was kind of key. For me, that's always been my niche market, if you will. And I feel like I was kind of one of the first western boutiques like when it all kind of first took off. And I feel like staying true to that. And getting to tie back in the western industry has just been like number one for me. So then we kind of transferred it from we took like corporate cowgirl type feel with the Blazers and stuff. And then we were like, Let's put a button down underneath that we can take the blazer off and go straight to the arena and go rope, then put the blazer back on and go to dinner. So it's like an office to arena to dinner type is kind of how we marketed and corporate cowgirl has been like everyone loves that. Even if you're not cowgirl, you know? Yes. And Courtney Hoff does a great job of talking about that all the time. And the lady cowgirl? I love it. I love that. And I mean, it just gets the Western industry gives it such a classy, you know, look and feel to it. And that's kind of where I wanted to go with my brand. So well, I

Taylor McAdams: am so inspired by you as a business professional as well. I feel like you've just gone and approach the boutique side of things just so sound. So kind of talk about that. What are your struggles there? What successes I mean, you don't have to give away all your secrets. But no, but tell us a little bit about the inside stuff that people maybe don't see. Sure.

Shelby Lovelace: So we actually have this year of sat down. And you know, we plan out our sales goals. And then we break it down by collections that we're going to shoot and like our our drops and stuff that we have coming up. Excel is actually become my number one tool for everything new. I know I love Excel so much. That's kind of like my little boutique Bible type of thing. And that's how I organize everything by shoots all of it. So yeah, that's kind of been my go to for that. And I do focus on my numbers. And that is kind of the driver for everything is how much am I going to order? What am I going to order? Is what are my sales goals that I'm trying to hit? And then we kind of go from there. And

Taylor McAdams: I've got to ask to this this past year was your first year at the NFR Zoo? Yeah, it was great. It's Halloween

Shelby Lovelace: Christmas. Yeah, it was just it was really amazing to see the girls on social media that you talk to you all the time and then get to style them in person. That was my like, biggest takeaway from the NFR danger percent that

Taylor McAdams: they kind of fangirl over you kind of like I did, where they like, tell me about your life. Tell me about your workout.

Shelby Lovelace: I think everyone's just like we get to see you in person. Like yeah, I get to meet everybody in person talk to in person and getting to meet like, like I was saying, being a girl's girl. Like everybody that came up was just chit chatting. And then we start talking about horses. And you know, it was great.

Taylor McAdams: I literally made left with lots of friends there as summers lathering. Yeah, and this example. Yeah. Oh, here. Absolutely. So

Shelby Lovelace: yeah, that was probably the number one takeaway for me. And now we'll go back every year. We plan to have a bigger booth next year. That was kind of our I got pulled off the waitlist, like super last minute. Wow. So we got like a very small booth. But we made it work. And next year is going to be bigger and better. Yeah,

Taylor McAdams: that's right. You got your way in your foot in the door. Now you know what you can do? What you shouldn't do what you should do the ins and the outs. Yeah. And one thing too that I've got to know I'm curious about good babes code the name How did that come about? Obviously, you guys are too good girls, your window,

Shelby Lovelace: kind of like the girls girl feel that I was talking about like, telling people you love their outfit, helping someone at the grocery store. Now that's so random. But it's like helping other people being trying to be the best person that you can possibly do. Or be excuse me, like, do good. Be good, like Blaze was saying and when you honestly, when you have clothes on that you feel good in, you're going to reflect that in life. And that was kind of the driver behind like, yeah, we're just selling clothes. But we want to empower people. When you feel good in what you're in, you're going to do amazing things. So

Taylor McAdams: well said I love that. And what's the tie with BB T as well.

Shelby Lovelace: So blazer excuse me basics, blazers and trousers is what BB T stands for. Okay. And like I said, it's kind of stuff that you can take from the office to the arena. And that was kind of what we wanted to do. And really, there's not a huge selection of women's blazers that you can make look Western. And so that was kind of our tie behind that was trying to pull it into the Western industry a little bit more. So yeah,

Taylor McAdams: I'm bringing it especially with like the Ralph Lauren. Yeah, that's really good. Yes. Yeah, absolutely.

Shelby Lovelace: So it's been neat to see like, you know, rodeo Queens wearing the Blazers, FFA kids stock show, you know, all of that stuff. So it's been cool. No, it full circle.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, I can only imagine from your point of view. Yeah. Because it really for us seeing you. You know, you're succeeding in everyone. Yeah, going in afar looking for your things on demand. We get a different perspective. But from you. Yeah, you're probably just so humbled, right? Oh, absolutely.

Shelby Lovelace: Yes, and Like I think back when I was a little girl and like I was in the show arena or you know, seeing the judges wearing their fancy clothes right now I'm like, I get to put those clothes on people like that's so cool to me and

Taylor McAdams: your other reason I mean, indirectly You're the reason why they feel good why they're doing good that dad are performing their best,

Shelby Lovelace: but I hope Yes, yes. My hope no, that's definitely definitely the case for sure. Yeah, so that's been great. Ya

Taylor McAdams: know, I'm so happy for you and blaze with you influencing your style is iconic. You walk into a room and everyone just wants to look at you. They want to see reset. Yes, they want to see what you're wearing. They want to see how you styled it did. How did you do your hair today? Yeah. Tell us about like your your insights and outside of influencing how long have you been an influencer? Tell us about all of it. Yeah.

Blaze Stewart: So I think it started in 2017 2018. I went to Dallas market with my mom. And I had just kind of told her, you know, like, it would be so cool. If I could model. Obviously, I'm not a model girl. But

Taylor McAdams: I but let's just pause there. Your mom is a queen. I love her. She's my best friend MA Yes,

Blaze Stewart: she is my best friend. So I went with her. And she was like, you can do it. And I was like, okay, and I happened to walk into a booth there. It was the coyote cowgirl graphic T shirts at the time. And she was like, We want you to come to a photo shoot in Santa Fe. And I was like, yes, yeah, please, when and so after I got those photos back, I was kind of already sharing my style and my fashion on my Instagram. But you know, just my friends. Were following me. And after I started tagging people, more people would follow. And you know, they would ask, Well, how would you style this and things like that. And I was like, you know, I love this. I love styling people. Even still I have people message me be like, What should I wear to this? And I told

Shelby Lovelace: bleh she's gonna style me for NFR this year. I want that off of my plate. I'm like, can you send me I'll tell you, but she's telling me Yeah, which is so

Blaze Stewart: funny, because like, she'll be so amazing at styling people. But it is like some people would rather sell somebody else just like, you know, you'd rather do somebody else's makeup and things like that. And so that's been really fun sharing all of that. That's kind of how I got into the influencing. And it just kind of kept growing from there. I don't really truly know how it started. If it would have happened today in the era of TiC tock, I don't think I would have been able to do it. Honestly. I cannot do that I tried to make even the reels. And I'm like, This isn't me like this isn't. So I do share, like outfit ideas on that. But I just love taking different pieces of clothing, putting them together, being able to sell things differently. And so I truly don't know exactly how I got into it. But it's just kind of grown from there. I really appreciate

Taylor McAdams: your natural they say like if the boot fits well with it's like truly it just aligns with your life and everything that you do. And you've just owned it to like being one of the what I would consider like an original OG original gangster influencer. Yes. You're gonna hear before tick tock, you were there, you know, before the crazy even before the real. So who cares if you don't want to hop on that train or whatever. Because, I mean, there's so many influencers out there that look up to you that you might not even know it's something that like came to mind was like when people are asking you how to style things, and especially in the very beginning when they did for the first time. Yes, that like did you stop and think like, Well, why are people asking?

Blaze Stewart: Yes. Like, like, you want me to style you? And like kind of the idea of like, well, what if you don't feel comfortable in what I pick out for you? Or how do I even go about picking something out for you? I don't know you. And you know, I like I said earlier, I feel like people's personality truly shines through their outfits. And that's something I love about fashion is how diverse it is. And so that was really crazy to me, like, Are you sure you want me to pick out your outfit? Like sometimes I put things together even today and I'll walk in and ask my husband, I'm like, Is this okay? Is this too wild? And you're like, well, like you're wearing? I'm sure you can pull it off. And I'm like, okay, so true. So yeah, I don't know. It's just it is surreal sometimes. And I mean, I love it. I enjoy it. But yeah, and what

Taylor McAdams: do you think is like, Okay, so the rule for me is if I look in the mirror, and I feel like something is too much I'll either add more we take away you know, what's your like, go to rule if we could give you like a simple rule of thumb that you live by.

Blaze Stewart: Something I go by is that if I'm not really sure about an outfit adds more jewelry or accessories and it's probably going to come together even this morning, I put my jewelry on. And I had a few more like layering pieces. And last minute I put them on and I was like yep, this works. Yeah, like I just feel like playing around with it. Or sometimes I'll think I have an outfit together. And something's not right. And I can literally change a shirt or something under it. And I'm like, oh my goodness, I love this. Yes, or a pair of shoes. So just if you have an outfit idea if it doesn't come together the first moment you try it out and keep playing with it because you probably have something there. Yes.

Taylor McAdams: No, that's so true. So true. And by the time this episode airs, it's actually going to be like summertime so it's about to get really hot. So how would you guys style like let's say boots with jeans or boots with shorts? I mean, it's not always easy to do especially when it's so hot. Right?

Shelby Lovelace: I love the boots with shorts look and I think the buttoned down with the shorts and the boots.

Blaze Stewart: I just love that button up always yes. Okay.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, and

Shelby Lovelace: like the light linen material that I mean even throwing over a swimsuit, you know if you're going to the lake or going to the pool or something like that as well. have loved those looks. Yeah, yeah, I

Taylor McAdams: agree. I think you modeled something like that. I wanted to shoot it. I

Shelby Lovelace: did it the last year. And actually vest are huge right now. Oh, which I love because I feel like you can do a Western you can make it very classic. You can mark to the office over a white button down. It's true. And do the same thing with the shorts in the boots. Oh, yeah. Really cute. Absolutely.

Taylor McAdams: That's cool. Yeah. How about you? What do you think? I'm sure it's the same. Yeah, also

Blaze Stewart: pretty similar. I also for summertime, I love matching sets. I think they're so fun because you can make them Western. Like Shelby said, you can put them over a swimsuit and get a leg. I mean, there's so many different ways to style them. Boots and jewelry is a big thing. I mean, if it's hot, you don't own a lot of layers. You can still add jewelry and usually be okay.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, and then okay, so speaking of jewelry, do you guys always stick to turquoise? Do you move on to something? Because

Shelby Lovelace: we had this discussion this morning? We really did. blazes a big turquoise girl. I love it. And don't get me wrong. I love turquoise, but I am super drawn to gold jewelry. Like that's just kind of my go to warmers told me Yeah. And but it's like you can cross those over though, too. Yeah, that's awesome.

Blaze Stewart: Yeah, that's what we were talking about. I was telling her like, I kind of want to get some more gold in my collection. Because yeah, there's some days where I don't want the heavy. You know, all the turquoise pieces and things like that. I have some small like sterling silver ones. But I do I definitely think you can mix and match it and make it your own. Absolutely.

Taylor McAdams: I agree. And I want to commend you guys for being so kind it both in and out of your daily lives. Because I remember a specific situation at NFR. Like last year, a bunch of us girls were talking and there was an outfit that I had on that I was just like I didn't love it. But I was like you know what, it's comfortable with salutely We're doing it and there was someone I don't even remember now who it was they there was an influencer, they were like, No, that's what fashion is yes, you get to kind of make it comfortable and make it for you and make it. So thank you guys for doing your part to just encourage everyone out there. Since you guys do have the eyes on you, you know that it's okay to dress however you want as long as you own you

Shelby Lovelace: have to be comfortable in what you're wearing. Absolutely. You're comfortable. You're gonna feel better about yourself everything. So I think that's super important. That

Taylor McAdams: is so true. Yeah. And because we're almost out of time. Yeah, one thing that I do on the Kinky Boots a podcast is I asked everyone for their best piece of advice in their field. So for you specifically, please, I'll give you I can tell you're like yeah, okay, some time to think so I'll be I'll start with you. Okay, and what is your best piece of advice for anyone that wants to either start a business doesn't have boutique, be a boutique, it can be any business? Yeah. Or is like, wanting to take it to the next level? Sure.

Shelby Lovelace: Step by step. Like I said, before, I'm minute by minute day by day, and write down all of your ideas. You don't have to take those on right at that specific time, you can go back to them but start small like that is how I started my business. I have not wanted to get any investors or anything like that I've just kind of stuck to what I'm good at and what I want to do. So I would say start small and just build it from there. That's

Taylor McAdams: really good advice. And did you ever have any error follow up too? Did you ever have any like hard times where you thought like I don't know if I want to keep going

Shelby Lovelace: oh, I am so many times I've wanted to throw in the towel like so many times my husband's like, do you really want to go back into corporate? And I'm like no, I really don't. I love what I do. I'm just gonna tough it

Taylor McAdams: out. So it didn't read off and what has gotten you through what's been the one thing that you kind of hold on to that like worth it?

Shelby Lovelace: Honestly, what I'm passionate about, I think passion takes you through everything like yeah, you just if you're having a tough time go back to like your very original reason why you started and I think it'll push you through Wow,

Taylor McAdams: well said thank you there's I needed to hear that and I think that as well. Okay please for you what there's there's tons of girls out there that in you already know this that want to be an influencer but you can't just like wake up and decide I'm gonna be an influencer one day. And you've worked really, really hard and it's proven for you to work well. So what's your best piece of advice for anyone that wants to be an influencer?

Blaze Stewart: Well, first of all, don't be afraid to ask questions. I think that's something that they're so afraid to message or be like, Oh, they won't respond to me. That's, I ask as many questions as you can I still ask questions. And if

Shelby Lovelace: the first person doesn't answer Yeah, message. What else? Yeah. And also

Blaze Stewart: just figure out what you want to do and just stick with it because that's what's gonna make it unique to you. And you know, you'll find the people that want that and want to follow you for that and that's how you really create that authentic following that are our loyal like you said, that want you know, look forward to seeing whether it'd be your outfits or whether you're you know, horse trainer, whatever it may be, whatever your niche is just sticking to that and sharing that with people and being real through it, I think will help you really find your people I guess you could say yeah, so

Taylor McAdams:and like I said, I know I've said this a million times and I'm not just blowing smoke like a guy that you both of you have done such a good job of being real and letting people see that letting people see you for you. I know for you you'll do a lot of like walking walking with the dogs. Yes. Same with you, you know, riding horses or working with your husband and all this stuff. And I think people do need to see the good the bad, the ugly, the beautiful oily.

Shelby Lovelace: Yeah, and we're all human. Yeah. Even the celebrities like it doesn't matter who you are here human.

Taylor McAdams: We all put our boots on the same way. Yeah, well, this has been so fun. And I'm so sad that we don't have that much time but I do appreciate you guys taking the time

Shelby Lovelace: but for having us. It was fun. We love to chat. Anytime, right? Yeah, we

Taylor McAdams: might have to get you back on before in a foreign see we're here we can talk through some trends or some

Shelby Lovelace: folks. Yes, we do have a project that we're going to work on for NFR. So we can maybe drop to drop a few hints.

Taylor McAdams: Okay, well, your first come in. I'm excited for that. And yeah, we might have to get you back on to talk about that. Perfect. I'm sure you're for it. Well, thank you guys. If you guys would like to reach out to them have any more questions, this is your chance to plug yourself. So go ahead and give us your Instagram websites, all of it.

Shelby Lovelace: I actually still answer all of the messages at the good babes. CO so if you want to reach out to me there. Also my personal Instagram is Miss underscore Shelby Lynn. Yeah, I would say those are the two ways to reach out cool.

Blaze Stewart: Yeah. Instagram for me, mainly, like I said, I've tried the tick tock, I'm not very good with it. Blaze underscore s underscore 22 Or just bleh. Stewart. So I try to respond to all my messages. Yeah. Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: And they're very good about linking their outfits too. So if you like what you saw today, or if you want to check out their styles, you can go ahead and follow through there as well. And the good babes ko website is a great place. Yes. I will say I come in I get a text probably well, I don't know when you doesn't

Shelby Lovelace: work a week does it doesn't make you want to talk.

Taylor McAdams:I feel like I might have a girl gang or anything. Yeah, so I'm trying to fix all the things you'll get notified when there's sales you get early access,

Shelby Lovelace: which yes, you do. Yes, you do.

Taylor McAdams: I don't know if you know this or not anyone out there is watching Good babes goes really quick. And so if you get the extra like 20 minutes even like

Blaze Stewart: that helps you get an adrenaline rush. Like I get the text on my I gotta get on and get it. It's kind of  like like mud, mud Lowry or something. 

Taylor McAdams: Like, sold out. Yeah. 

Blaze Stewart: Yeah. 

Taylor McAdams: No, that's so good. Well, thank you again for being on. And I wish you both the best. And like you said, hopefully, we'll get to catch up with you later this year. 

Blaze Stewart: Yes. Thank you so much. 

Taylor McAdams: Thank you guys for listening. Don't forget to like, subscribe and share. If you have any questions for them that I didn't get to ask today, go ahead and reach out to them on their social platforms. We'll tag them below. And if you have any other questions, just reach out to the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for joining us on kick your boots up. I'm your host, Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then, feel free to like subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin Boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.