Episode 037 - The Most Underrated
Couple in Rodeo

Four-Time Bullfighter’s Only Bullfighting Champion Weston Rutkowski and his wife, Avery, sit down with us to share their love story for Valentine’s Day. Also, who will be the “2024 Kick Your Boots Up Celebrity Meet-Cutie”? Listen to find out now!

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Podcast Transcript

Avery Rutkowski: When you completely indulge yourself into something like that, it's it becomes who you are indeed saying that yeah, but you're completely engulfed and so it was hard to come out and not have something to like get motivated for and work for.

Taylor McAdams: Hey, everybody, thank you for listening to the Kick Your Boots up podcast. I'm your host, Taylor McAdams. This week's guests. That's right. There's two of them. They're in studio and they're actually here for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. We were happy enough to get some time with them. And without further ado, I’ve just got to introduce them as a couple because Happy Valentine's Day you guys it's Valentine's we're here to talk about loving couples and more specifically rodeo couples, the road Rutkowski couples at that we have Weston and Avery. It's so good to have you guys here. Thank you for taking a small time out of your day while you're busy to be here.

Avery Rutkowski: Thanks for having us. 

Weston Rutkowski: Thank you for having us.

Taylor McAdams: This is actually our first interview together. So this will be fun. This is going to be so fun. And I'm gonna put you in the hot seat. We're gonna play some games. It's gonna be exciting. By the end of this, you’ll be questioning your marriage. No, I'm just kidding. Totally kidding. Let's that's so cool about you guys. And we have this in common is you guys are newlyweds. You guys got to experience getting married during the offseason right before NFR before it picked up. And so before we get to know a little bit about you, what's it like being a married life? How's I feel like that's what everyone asks you. How's married life? What's how's it going?

Avery Rutkowski: It's been great. It's, it seems like it wasn't that long ago. But we're finally at the year mark- it. 

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah, it's flown by I mean, like you said, you know, with with us rodeo and stuff, we're constantly going. So it's really hasn't been any misstep. It's just been, life has been flashing before our eyes. It's, it's an awesome feeling, especially all the things we get to do together. 

Taylor McAdams: And together is is the key because we were just talking a little bit off camera about how traveling as business professionals is harder when you have to leave the other one at home. But you guys have worked out a sick deal where you get to travel together. And you get to both be entrepreneurs and bosses in your own ways in your own arenas, let's say. So tell us a little bit about that. Then your love story. How did you guys come together? And how did you guys know this is a loaded question. I know but it's more specifically towards you. How did you know she was the one? How did you know you're gonna propose all of it? Maybe you could tell us your meat Cute how you guys met? And then how you decided that was gonna work out?

Avery Rutkowski: We have two different stories. He has one story of how we met and I have a different. 

Taylor McAdams: We want to hear your perspective. First story, 

Avery Rutkowski: The true story. The real story. We actually met in 2015 at the Hooey party during the NFR.

Taylor McAdams: Do you remember this girl?

Weston Rutkowski: Oh, I remember it. Okay, okay. She's not wrong. But there was another instance that she does not remember.

Avery Rutkowski: I never….

Taylor McAdams: Tell me about that night though. Because I know you remember. I know you remember meeting him saying hi all that. I

Avery Rutkowski: I actually went to talk to a group of friends who had never seen him and he jumped in front of them and was like, Hi, I'm Weston, nice to meet you.

Taylor McAdams:  Good for you. 

Avery Rutkowski: Yeah, he was very assertive. Um, but I I thought he was cute. But I I did not. I knew he was like the Bachelor of rodeo, okay. And so I was not about it for a very long time. 

Taylor McAdams: Was it the beard? That was the turnoff?

Avery Rutkowski: It was the flirtiness he had that little charm and flirtiness to him. That I was like “I bet he uses that on…” 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah.

Avery Rutkowski: A lot of people. Yes. So I played it safe. um, and we were just really good friends for years. And then he messaged me, 

Weston Rutkowski: She finally gave in.

Avery Rutkowski: I gave him, Yeah, and then finally gave you an after three years,

Taylor McAdams: Three years. Weston! 

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah, it took a while. 

Taylor McAdams: Wow, you were determined 

Weston Rutkowski: Very much, so! So yeah. So the story she doesn't remember.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, let’s hear it.

Weston Rutkowski: I had actually met her. I didn't meet her. But I saw her at this place called Renaissance Festival down in Tomball. College Station area before it went to the finals that year in 15. So we were out there hanging out Sunday. funday was pile of us. And I saw her walk up and I was like, “Who is that?” So I started asking all my buddies blah, blah, and didn't see her again. went to Vegas and at the Hooey party, I saw her.

Taylor McAdams: So you took your chance. That's why you jumped out.

Weston Rutkowski: She was out there talking. I was like, nope, not happening. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay, so be honest. And I've got to know did you immediately once you found out her name was Avery Greene, and you stalked her on social media? Did you find her and follower? 

Weston Rutkowski: Um, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, new age, of course, you're gonna pull out all the stops, know the tricks. But yeah, I saw her in Vegas. And I was like, I don’t. Doesn't matter who she's talking to. I'm just gonna figure this out real quick.

Taylor McAdams:  Well, good for you. I think it worked out pretty well.

Weston Rutkowski: Eventually.  

Taylor McAdams: Eventually. Yeah.

Avery Rutkowski: I mean, I had always liked him.  

Taylor McAdams: But you had to get past the whole like, he's trying to flirt with everyone, whatever,

Avery Rutkowski: It was the wrong season then anyway. 

Taylor McAdams: That's true. And you are so that is such a good point. Avery. That is like you could be so ready in your mind. You could be thinking like he was ready. He thought he was ready to meet his next wife or whatever. And you were like, on a whole nother level doing different things and then vice versa. There probably was a time within those three years where you probably got busy with rodeo and weren't as ready and same for you. So it's just yeah, the the timing of it all was Yeah, got on it. It was-

Avery Rutkowski: It worked out the way God wanted it to be for sure.

Taylor McAdams: Divine. for sure. 

Weston Rutkowski: Very Much So.

Taylor McAdams: Definitely. So then I've got to ask. I remember you guys specifically and I don't know if this was like, right after you got engaged or when you got engaged, but you took a big trip with a bunch of the rodeo clowns, right? That's when you got engaged. 

Weston Rutkowski: That's when we got engaged, yeah.

Taylor McAdams: Okay so, tell us about that. Yeah, so I was supposed to, I wanted to do it on a different trip. But, Avery is very, um-

Avery Rutkowski:  I don't like surprises. 

Weston Rutkowski: No hates them. Hates them. And she actually found her text between me and her mom. 

Taylor McAdams: Noooo.

Weston Rutkowski: I was trying to plan it to do it on a different family trip. It's supposed to be like some girls trip or whatever. And I was gonna fly down there and do it and id on’t remember if it was Cabo ot-

Avery Rutkowski: Cabo. Yeah, 

Weston Rutkowski: Somewhere like that. Well, she figured it out. And you know, can't do that now. So we had already had this other trip booked. We do it every year, a bunch of us. Rodeo families all go, we were going to Key West. And I was like, well, that's a no brainer. I mean, all my buddies are gonna be there. Now. I just got to figure out how to get families there. 

Taylor McAdams: Ooh yeah.

Weston Rutkowski: So started working on that and was able to pull it off how I did that. Let's second third day. I was the second day we were there.

Avery Rutkowski: Our families hid. Yeah, they flew. 

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah, They flew in a couple of days before us. I was like, no matter. We went out on the town, like no matter what y'all can not come out. Don't be seen. Yeah. Well, I believe he is. We're late in the night and I look up on the balcony. And there's her mom and dad. I'm like, Oh, my God. Oh, 

Avery Rutkowski: It’s a good thing. I don't pay attention to my surroundings. Because 

Weston Rutkowski: She’ll pay attention to texts between me and her mom, but she won’t pay attention to what's around the corner. 

Taylor McAdams: She's got her priority straight. Let me tell you.

Weston Rutkowski: They're actually their partyin with us and I was like this sounds like, you got to wait 24 hours. So it was able to pull it off. Thank goodness. But yeah, it was a fun weekend. But

Avery Rutkowski: I had no idea it was coming. Because I told him I was like, whenever it happens, if it happens, I for sure, want your mom there. My mom, there are families there. Good for you. And so they went on that trip, and he walked me out on the beach. It was on the rocks. And you can hear in the video of the people recording. They're making fun of me because it took me probably five minutes to see it.

Weston Rutkowski: It spells it out on the rocks. Will you marry me?

Avery Rutkowski: I was just oblivious.

Weston Rutkowski: And she’s just wlakin’ down the beach. 

Avery Rutkowski: Yeah and they were like She seriously does not see it still. And he had to like point it out.

Taylor McAdams: You're like No, no, it's not my mom's not here. Jackie’s not here.

Avery Rutkowski: No, I did because I haven't seen them. And so then her proposed they all came out and I was like, Oh, this is perfect and amazing.

Taylor McAdams: And beautiful. And all the things. But that was probably the easiest “Yes” you probably ever said ever. 

Avery Rutkowski: Ever. Absolutely. Yeah. 

Taylor McAdams: Okay. Absolutely. Yeah, that's good. Did you ever think, at one point in time, that she was going to say no?

Weston Rutkowski: No, I don't think I ever got that. It was more so just trying to get her done with pageants, so I could ask.

Taylor McAdams: That's right. Okay, so I'm so glad you brought that up. Because you were a beauty queen. Still are my eyes. The Beauty Queen.

Avery Rutkowski: Same to you. 

Taylor McAdams: Oh, thank you. And actually, I didn't say this. In the beginning. We actually got to me when we were little girls. I was oh gosh, I don't know it was 2012. So Middle School awkward years we got to have a retreat back in the day in Florida. Little teen retreat, shout out to our rodeo queen days but you and on to then do beauty pageants. And that was a whole nother world, I'm sure. And then on top of that same concept as a rodeo queen. You're not supposed to have a boyfriend. They have to be in the shadows beauty queen, same thing. But you guys were serious. You guys were soulmates. So was it hard for you then to kind of stay in the shadows and not be announced as the boyfriend? And all of that was that hard?  

Weston Rutkowski: I mean, yes and no, because the answer is like no, she's up there competing and being a competitor. You know what that mindset is? And I know how bad I am come fight week or big events like I'm awful to be around. So when it comes when it was that well, that's like I just understood, it's like, this is what she's got to do now, essentially, you know, over time, I'm like, Yeah, I want to ask, but you know, that's when it's their dream, you're gonna support it, no, no matter what. So there's a time when it was gonna happen. It wasn't ever if it was going to happen. It was just like, okay, when is she? When is she done? So then we can do this. Where, you know, people are asking us all the time. When are you going to ask when you got like, it's not the same story is like, it's not if I'm gonna ask is, if I asked her dreams over like, it's not Mrs. USA. It's Miss USA. That's

Taylor McAdams: That’s right. And you had tried three times two times. It was your you were gonna do it.

Avery Rutkowski: I had pretty much made a career out of it.

Taylor McAdams: It was your life, and you were gonna win, and truly, I thought you were gonna win, and it came so close. But with that, though, was it hard for you to accept kind of like he said, because I have now gone to counseling, and I'm past this too. But it was hard to accept at one point that you're like, Okay, well, it's over your dreams over. Luckily, you had this beautiful dream to you know, run away to or whatever. But But was it hard for you? Was it challenging to accept that?

Avery Rutkowski: So the last year that I competed, I made the decision before competing win or lose is going to be is it like, bless his heart. He waited to three years. And he was like, Okay, well, we're going to do this last year and then I'm Yeah, I want to get married and start our lives live and I was ready to. So when I competed I knew going into it no matter what happens. This will be the last one. So coming out of it. it like you said like you, when you completely indulge yourself into something like that it's it becomes who 

Taylor McAdams: You’re identity.

Avery Rutkowski: To say that yeah, but it's just you're completely engulfed until it was hard to come out and not have something to like get motivated for and work for have that competitive mindset. But I just really dove into my job and other dreams, and those have taken off in it. It's worked out great because now we travel, and our lives are one in the same we’re- We work together live together everything so it panned out the way it was supposed to. But yeah, it was hard coming out of it.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah and I think you've handled it so well with class and grace and and it is hard if you don't have especially if you are like us we were doing it when we were little girls if you don't have something next to look forward to it is kind of like a Okay, well who is Avery Greene? Who is Taylor like what are we doing and you were able to pour yourself into kind of simultaneously while competing your cosmetic line which tell us a little bit about that because I can't help but stop looking at your skin it's so beautiful. And you do airbrush by Avery so that probably stemmed it right where you were getting to do the application applying it and then you realize you needed some good product right?

Avery Rutkowski: So I've done makeup for years under airbrush by Avery and about seven years ago it's kind of an extra cosmetics the dream started. I knew I wanted to do a cosmetic line but it's a lot of financial obligations in time. It was just a lot and then that season of life I wasn't ready but it was I got ideas together and kind of a plan. And then probably the last two years really is when Westonn and I sat down I'm like okay, if we're ever going to do this, 

Taylor McAdams: It's now

Avery Rutkowski: It's now and I just got done with pageants so it was the perfect time for me to chase your dreams 

Taylor McAdams: Definitely.

Avery Rutkowski: So I knew kind of the niche I wanted to start with and we dove headfirst

Taylor McAdams: Well what does AXA mean then? I'm just curious.  

Avery Rutkowski: So everyone asked that it's funny because some people just say AXA, some people say totally fine everyone. No, they never know. But I wanted to stay true to Airbrush by Avery and stick to that on my sentimental person 

Taylor McAdams: Yes 

Avery Rutkowski: but that's where I started in a by

Taylor McAdams: A by A.  I get it now 

Avery Rutkowski: turned in AXA.Yeah.

Taylor McAdams: Wow that is so cool to have that that story too. And then now a brand you've built an entire brand there's lip gloss told me about all of the different things really quick there's a lot of a little lemon listeners out there that would love to hear about it. 

Avery Rutkowski: So I. Right now we're so very small and new, but it's just lip products.  Oh okay! 

Avery Rutkowski: Lip liners, lip gloss lipstick. But from doing makeup for so long. I really knew like what colors people aimed for and the ingredients I wanted, and just the quality of the product that worked. And so, starting there, but I definitely want to add more more categories and more products just over time.

Taylor McAdams: Oh. yeah. And we were kind of joking after after the off-camera earlier that like, yes, it's only lips right now but you've kind of product seeded some testing on some bullfighters you have the perfect market Tell me about that.

Avery Rutkowski: They are the picky ones for sure. 

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah, we’re not indecicive.

Avery Rutkowski: Yeah, but you all have different decisions very much

Taylor McAdams: Different taste. Yeah. Yeah.

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah. So basically, I mean, with her having a cosmetic line. I think it was Tuck’s idea or something he's like you should come out with the bullfighter line because you know all my best friends fight bulls and all her friends are married to him you know and so forth and Tuck’sidea and we got to kick her out she actually got some samples for us and handing them out to us but none of us liked any of em, so.

Avery Rutkowski: Different things, some of them wanted Jumbos some of them wanted small. They want a different colors.

Taylor McAdams: Softer. Some want creamy, now.

Avery Rutkowski: It’s going to take some time to really narrow down what is a good fit. 

Taylor McAdams: You know what I think is queens. We got a bad rap because it was like queens are picky queens, but I think bullfighters here.

Avery Rutkowski: Oh, 100% They are the hard ones. 

Taylor McAdams: We do- we do we do love them. We have a few on our team, and we have an episode with Dusty too. So that's gonna be a good one too. But I'm kind of going back to you guys as a whole. I think your guys's story is unique because you mentioned earlier you live together work together. All of it. It's all in it's hard to mix that it's like I love my husband, but I'm so thankful that we don't work together right now because especially being newlyweds, you learn a lot about each other really fast. And you guys traveling, you learn a lot. So how do you balance that? Is there a time because I know you guys do a lot with Bull Fighter’s Only, HOOEY, all have it. Is there ever a time when you guys have a tiff, and you're like, Okay, I need to take a second. I still love this guy. I still love this girl. Let me get some better words. How do you guys handle that?

Avery Rutkowski: We really don't fight to be honest.

Taylor McAdams:  Beautiful.

Weston Rutkowski:  Yeah, I mean, it's pretty rare. I mean, we're not we're not saying that we don't, but it's pretty rare that we do and yeah, the reality of it is it's because we're mad at something else. 

Taylor McAdams:  Oh, good. You’re together. 

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah. It's like it has nothing to do with us. It's like whether it be work or whatever. That's what it is. And it's like, Alright, whatever. I'll go do Whatever for 15-20 minutes and we'll come back and, like, I'm not mad at you. This is what it is. And I mean, that's pretty much the base of our foundation of being able to work live and also, you know, be married is just knowing the difference of what's your relationship and what's business?

Avery Rutkowski: Yeah, I think honestly are the one we don't fight. But our biggest problem with that, like doing everything together is we're very similar in the fact that we have the same mindset when we do something. We're 100% in and like very passionate about it. And so for me working for bullfighters only and different industries, we get so-

Weston Rutkowski:  It’s harder to shut off.

Avery Rutkowski: Yeah, we just are like straight work mode. And so like, we don't do the date nights always, or we don't like take quality time, and we have to sit down and work. Okay. We are really great coworkers right now let's be husband and wife. Like we need a night of us time.

Weston Rutkowski: Away from this.

Taylor McAdams: Let's just even watch a movie just hold hands like just touching each other. Is helpful.

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah, the little stuff that you know, as far as just being a guy you don't really pay attention to but you get so wrapped up and and go, go go go. And then when you your wife is also your coworker. It's like she's geared just like I am, Imean she works more hours than I do. So it's hard to shut off sometimes. And we both have to just check each other and like, Alright, no more work.

Avery Rutkowski: Let's be husband and wife today. 

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, that's so relatable, my husband will say you're in work mode, you won't get out of work mode. It's you get it, you totally get it. It's like when you go to these events, for fun, you go to an after party at dinner or the Hooey party for fun. It's still you see all of your co-workers, your peers, it's a great networking opportunity. And it is hard to to switch the mindsets. And then even when you're actually at the event, you do a lot but you're also on the mics. You're talking to people. Lots of coordination there. So more power to you guys. So you guys are like the power couple. I've definitely got to say yeah, I would say the most underrated rodeo power couple everyone needs to know about you guys. Yes. And hopefully, through the podcast, they'll get to know more about your story. And a little bit more about you guys that maybe the world doesn't get to see is the Valentine's side. So like the lovey dovey that we mentioned and we have a fun game for Valentine's Day coming up but I do want to ask you really quick who does the Valentine's gift shopping? Do you buy each other something, do you do a gift together? What do you do? 

Avery Rutkowski: So

Weston Rutkowski: I’m pretty bad about it? 

Avery Rutkowski: We don't do gifts.

Weston Rutkowski: We you know know our rules, no gifts, and which I'm not saying I've never bought our gift because I do, but we are all about trips, vacations experiences because I mean yeah whatever I'm sure she would love a purse, but she's gonna remember going to Colorado.

Avery Rutkowski: If I want it, I can go get it.

Weston Rutkowski: She's got her own job she got our own money, so we're always just like, what do you want I don't want anything where do you want to go.

Taylor McAdams: Ooh, there’s always somewhere

Avery Rutkowski: yeah birthdays Christmases we we take a trip instead of gifts. 

Weston Rutkowski: Yeah, so some people might get four or five six gifts throughout the year we're gonna take four or five trips throughout the year when we have a weekend off. I mean what we went to Mexico four times last year three times.

Taylor McAdams: Heck yes

Avery Rutkowski: One too many times.

Weston Rutkowski: We went a pile! But you know that's just I mean, gifts come and go experiences don't

Taylor McAdams: And it's more opportunity to get out of the work mode for you guys to get in there. That's probably like Oh no, you're out of the country and you don't have access to cell service darn.

Weston Rutkowski: Every now and again-

Avery Rutkowski: Can finally switch off.

Avery Rutkowski: Yeah. Sometimes I'll talk her into going onto a bullfighting trip that turns into vacation. But-

Avery Rutkowski: Rare.

Taylor McAdams: Very how to work it you got to figure out how to make it work and that's truly what I love about you guys. I think I've actually never gotten to meet you but hearing about you through Avery. Whenever like I guess two years ago at this California Rodeo Salinas. Not only is that a very good rodeo for you successful rodeo for you, but like seeing her. I actually think you weren't engaged yet. That was the fun part. I think it was that they had just happened next or something.

Avery Rutkowski: Yes because that was two Salinas’ ago.

Weston Rutkowski: Yes, because that was when it was back in September. 

Taylor McAdams: Yes. And it had just happened, I think, somewhere anyways. Yeah, it was just so cool. To hear her perspective of you. I think you guys are the perfect example of how to love each other and then outwardly express your love for each other to others, too. So- 

Avery Rutkowski: Thank you. 

Taylor McAdams:  You're welcome. Well, that's all the time we have right now. But we're going to take a quick break and when we come back we have a fun game, so stay tuned. Commercial Voice: For 145 years, Justin has crafted boots tailored for life in the dirt accompanying your every step with reliability and quality. Whether in the arena lights or long days on the job. Our boots are an integral part of your team. With a storied history, our boots echo through generations connecting the past and present, and ensuring the same quality that we built our name on. Find your boots at Justin boots.com  

Taylor McAdams: Hey everybody, welcome back. We are so excited to get this Valentine's Day started with a game and I'm just gonna go right into it and explain the rules. These two have not heard about the game they don't know what we're about to do. So this is going to be exciting. We're gonna get there raw and real actions and reactions to these questions and answers. So the game is going to be called “Celebrity Meet Cuties” because It's a 2024 you “meet cute” but we have cuties, so their reward system or honor system is going to be whoever gets the answer correct. I'm going to give you a cutie and whoever has the most cuties at the end is the cuties of the day. But you guys are gonna be competing against each other so this is going to be a lot of fun in between your relationship and stuff. So how the game will work is I'm going to read off a celebrity meet cute and you will give your best answers as to how you think the celebrity couple met. So for instance, I'm going to name a meet cute and you'll have multiple choice. So listen carefully. Are you guys ready?

Weston Rutkowski:  I’m just glad it's multiple-choice.

Taylor McAdams: I know Yeah. You don't have to pull celebrity name couples out of your out of your hat that would be that would probably be really mean to me meet up me to do that to you guys.

Avery Rutkowski: Weston doesn't know any-

Weston Rutkowski: I don't know any.

Avery Rutkowski: Everyone on the radio is Taylor Swift.

Weston Rutkowski: They all sound the same.

Taylor McAdams: Yes. Okay. So Avery, this is gonna be your game! You so you so got this. Okay, so what actor and actress met on a movie set while one of them was still married? Was it A. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds? Person? Oh yeah, you could like raise your hand whatever. I'm gonna read them and then you can go first debuted Hobbit ladies first. Okay, so a Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. See Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Avery, you first.

Avery Rutkowski: Well, I was thinking it was Brad and Angelina. 

Taylor McAdams: That's another one. That is that's when we left off because it was so easy. You got it. So okay, so I'll say it one more time. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Prince Harry and Megan Markel, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

Avery Rutkowski: Ah, man, I'm gonna say Ashton and Mila.

Taylor McAdams: Okay, what's yours?

Weston Rutkowski: Man… I was gonna say B, or C. Probably C.

Taylor McAdams: Okay. Neither one. it was a Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Yes. I think Ryan Reynolds was married. So you will have to fact check the who he was married to because I don't actually remember but Ryan Reynolds was married when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds met.

Avery Rutkowski: I love Blake Lively, she’s one of my favorites. 

Taylor McAdams:  I know. I know. I do too. Okay, number two. Which celebrity couple were pin pals when they were kids? Was it a Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford, Mumford and Sons B. A-Rod and JLo C. Chrissy Tegan, Tegan and John Legend.  Pen pals when they were kids. 

Weston Rutkowski: C.

Avery Rutkowski: A.

Taylor McAdams: Avery was right! Here's your cutie. Very good, very good. That's a little dramatic on the applause. But yes, it was a Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford. Thank you good. Okay, number three, what celebrity couple did not meet on a blind date. So there's so many celebrities that have met on blind dates probably because it's like here your agent set me up with your Agent, I don’t know. Okay. Which couple did not meet on a blind date? Was it a Megan Markel and Prince Harry B, Beyonce and Jay Z, or see Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher? 

Avery Rutkowski: A.

Weston Rutkowski: C.

Taylor McAdams:  Okay, okay, so A and C? 

Avery Rutkowski: Neither 

Taylor McAdams: Neither. It was B. Beyonce and J Z did not meet on a blind date. So Megan Markel, and Prince Harry and Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher did me on blind dates. The more you know.

Avery Rutkowski: I need to read more People Magazine.

Weston Rutkowski: I just know he’s a hockey player or something like that.

Taylor McAdams: Yeah, so you're like, Okay, I know him. He's not Taylor Swift. That sounds.

Weston Rutkowski: I’m Terrible at this game.

Taylor McAdams: Hey, that's okay. We only have a few more to go plus a bonus. So Okay, number four. What celebrity couple met over a stolen cheeseburger. So there was a stolen cheeseburger who would you guess? Okay, a Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson B. Harrison Ford and Carissa Flockhart C. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Avery Rutkowski: Katy and Orlando seem like down to Earth enough to be eating it. Somewhere that would have cheeseburgers, I'm gonna say C.

Taylor McAdams:  Okay.

Weston Rutkowski: I'll just say B because I don't have a clue.

Taylor McAdams: Well, we do have a winner there. Avery. You get another cutie! Yes, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom definitely I don't remember the story but Katy Perry stole Orlando Bloom's cheeseburger.

Avery Rutkowski: Sounds familiar. 

Taylor McAdams: Now you know.

Weston Rutkowski: Was it a burger backstage? Or was it like Sonic or something? 

Taylor McAdams: Actually, I think it whenever we were writing these we thought of this as a team and I think it was In and Out Burger. So it's like even like a fast food place.

Avery Rutkowski: So that's random. I usually feel you're still your food.

Taylor McAdams: That does make sense. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Which celebrity couple met when one of them was last in the parking lot? Was it A. David Beckham and Victoria B. Alex Rodriguez Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez or C. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Avery Rutkowski: I love JLo, so I don't think she gets lost. 

Weston Rutkowski: I'm just gonna say A-Rod because that's all I know.

Taylor McAdams: Okay.  

Avery Rutkowski: So, you're saying B. Okay. What was a? 

Taylor McAdams: Okay, A was David Beckham and Victoria B was A Rod and JLo C was Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Avery Rutkowski: I'm gonna say C.  

Taylor McAdams: C? Okay, so we do have a winner. And it was actually Weston. It was a rod that got lost in a parking lot. So JLo, Of course, you're right, would never get lost in the parking lot, but for a rod did when he was probably just trying to find Jennifer Lopez, who knows. No,

Avery Rutkowski: That’s his celebrity crush. He’d a probably found her.

Weston Rutkowski: I found her.

Taylor McAdams: He found his own JLo honestly. 

Avery Rutkowski: I’ll take it! I love her!

Taylor McAdams: Yes. Okay. Which celebrity couple met 30 years before they got together? So obviously, they're older. Okay. Was it A. Reba McEntire and Rex Lynn B. Bill and Hillary Clinton, or C. George and Norma straight

Avery Rutkowski: C.

Weston Rutkowski: George Strait,  

Taylor McAdams: George Strait, that's you guys are gonna say, Okay. Ah, it was actually Reba and they met like, years ago, 30 years ago on a set or something and then had different lives.

Weston Rutkowski: I didn’t know, Reba was married. 

Taylor McAdams: Well, she's their couples they're dating. Yeah, that's good. Okay, final question. And I was hoping this would be the tiebreaker, but so far we have a clear winner. Okay, so this final question is, Which celebrity couple connected by performing in the same stadium performing can be used loosely. Okay. Was it Ciara and Russell Wilson? Was it Tim McGraw and Faith Hill or Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Weston Rutkowski: Russell Wilson

Avery Rutkowski: No it’s C!

Taylor McAdams: You do know that it's C.

Avery Rutkowski: I know football!

Taylor McAdams: Avery’s the cutie of the day!

Avery Rutkowski: I finally beat him at something! Thank you for this glorious moment! 

Taylor McAdams: He might be a Four-Time bullfighting champion but your one-time Kick Your Boots Up podcast “Meet Cutie” champion. So.

Weston Rutkowski: If I lost one, that's okay, I'll let her have this one!

Taylor McAdams: You know you guys have been such troopers being on here. I want to wish you the best Happy Valentine's Day and then also the best 2024. And one thing that we do on Kick Your Boots Up before you go is give the best piece of advice. So Weston, we'll start with you. What's your best piece of advice for anyone that wants to get started in bullfighting? Or is maybe going through a rut in bullfighting,

Weston Rutkowski: Bullfighting. And it's, it's a rollercoaster of a ride, just accept it and learn it the fact that you're going to be the highest of highs and the lows of lows and never let the lows get you down too much and never let the highs change who you are. So find your fundamentals. Find your basics and find a support group that will call you out when you're wrong, but also build you up when you're doing things right.

Taylor McAdams: That's so good, the support group and Avery for you. What's your best piece of advice to any Boss Babes out there that's just trying to make it through their finances, everything that you explain all the hard stuff that you've gone through to get a business up and going.

Avery Rutkowski: Find a dream and chase after it no matter what battles are trivial moments you have, just keep going because God's got a plan and if you stick with it, he'll lead you to where you need to be.

Taylor McAdams: I couldn't agree more to both of you guys. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for being on the show. I wish you the best this year. And if you guys liked this episode, please feel free to like, subscribe, share with your friends, comment below and tell us what you guys want to hear or see you next time. If you have questions for Weston or Avery, you're more than welcome to comment below. We'll send those questions to them. Also, you can find them on their social media and let me pull it up here so I don't ruin it. Okay at Western Rakowski is his and Avery has a few so if you're gonna find Avery you can find Avery on social media as AveryGreene_ underscore or at airbrushed by Avery or at underscore AXA cosmetics underscore so reach out to any of her brands reach out to her specifically they'd love to help you out and these two people are as tried and true as they get. So what they what you see is what you get. They're great people and we're just so thankful they were on the Kick Your Boots Up podcast. So thank you everyone for listening. Have a great day and we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.

Avery Rutkowski: Happy Valentine's Day.

Weston Rutkowski: Happy Valentine's

Taylor McAdams: Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for joining us on Kick Your Boots Up. I'm your host Taylor McAdams and we can't wait to share the next story of the West. Until then feel free to like subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on social media at Justin boots to keep up with our next episode. And we'll see you the next time you kick your boots up.