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Since our founding in 1879, we've sought to capture the spirit of the Western frontier by crafting strong and stylish boots that meet the Standard of The West. Our square toe boots stand as a modern symbol of endurance and Western style. In every stitch and every swatch of leather, our boots embody the indomitable will, the grace, and the steadfast integrity of those who walked the West before us. With premium materials and the finest of leathers, each square toe boot blends the strong nature of the frontier with the comfort and style demanded by the modern Westerner.

Whether you're shopping for men's square toe boots or women's square-toe boots, we have a wide variety of styles for every cowboy and cowgirl.

Square Toe Cowboy Boots

Like the West itself, our square toe boots combine rugged durability and subtle sophistication, making them suitable for a day of work or a night of fun. Crafted for comfort, with additional toe room that speaks to both necessity and luxury, these boots are perfect for those on their feet for long periods. Each of our square toe boots, from pull-ons and lace-ups to slip-ons and more uphold the Standard of the West, cementing their place as a wardrobe staple for any soul bold enough to wear them.

Black Square Toe Boots

Our black square toe boots combine traditional craftsmanship and modern tastes. These boots stand out for their distinctive square-toe design, offering a contemporary look while ensuring a comfort-focused fit. Crafted from the richest black leather, they are as durable as they are sleek, a nod to those who wish to make an entrance or exude quiet confidence. Built to last, they offer unwavering support for both a long day's work or leisurely days off. If you value both living in the moment and timeless appeal, Justin’s black square-toe boots promise quality, comfort, and unwavering style.

Square Toe vs. Round Toe Boots

When deciding between square and round toe cowboy boots, preference and function dictate the best fit. The square toe offers a modern style, its broad toe offering comfort and stability, making it a suitable choice for everything from ranch work to hitting the dance floor. The round toe with its snug fit and timeless silhouette designed for riding will never go out of style. Each toe shape caters to different needs and situations. Whether you choose round or square toe boots, Justin is here to help you take each step with confidence and style. The choice is yours!