Cody Webster

Professional Bullfighter

Cody Webster Cody Webster

Standard of the west: cody webster

Champion bullfighter Cody Webster embodies the Standard of the West by keeping bull riders safe after they leave the bucking chutes. His relentless dedication to this centuries-old tradition has led him to be considered one of the greatest bullfighters of our time.

Coming from a family of bull riders and barrel racers, Cody grew up in the rodeo community. As a young child, he would study the movements of the bullfighters and could be found practicing on a dummy in the front yard or the family's mean billy goat. Each year, Cody dressed up as a rodeo clown for Halloween. He never doubted that bullfighting was his calling.

At only ten years of age, Cody arrived at the doorstep of Professional Bull Riders (PBR) legend Frank Newsom, eager to learn how to bullfight. Frank trained Cody for years, sharing lessons of the cowboy way inside and outside of the arena. The mentorship led to Cody becoming the youngest bullfighter to earn the esteemed role of protecting cowboys at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR).

"It doesn't matter if it's a hundred and fourteen degrees or if it's snowing outside, you figure it out and get it done."

Today, Cody honors the traditions of the bullfighters who paved the way for him by painting his face and wearing the baggies. He also understands the weight of his profession. It's life or death, which requires constant mental and physical fortitude. His success can be attributed to his fearless demeanor when standing up against 1,400-2,200 pound animals.

Cody and his wife Ashley live the Western lifestyle daily while managing a successful cattle operation. There they breed commercial cattle for beef production and fighting cattle for Cody's Bull School. This school is his way of giving back to the industry by bringing young bullfighters along and teaching his techniques that led him to earn PRCA Bullfighter of the Year in 2020 and 2021.

Cody appreciates the individual competition yet collective camaraderie one can only find in the rodeo arena. His unique commitment to the well-being of the riders and bulls alike displays how he maintains standards in the sport that would make the earliest cowboys proud.

Cody lives in constant pursuit of excellence while still honoring the traditions of the bullfighters who came before him. Cody Webster is the Standard of the West.

"Success can be just as simple as being thankful that you woke up this morning."